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Found 23 results

  1. T. Harris

    Mexican Cartel Exile, Tanoa UK

    Mexican Cartel Exile, Tanoa, UK, Custom, Gauss, Zombies, & More Server Includes the famous and elusive Gauus . Map designed around Frankie's Videos on Tanoa and endless things to do including missions and exploration active admins and a growing community
  2. Here is a gem of a terrain that I am surprised more people aren't running on their server. Koplic is a 73sq km terrain that uses all arma 3 assests. What that means is it doesn't need all in arma, or anything else running. It has a great balance of buildings, military, and forest areas making it an excellent terrain choice for exile. Also, tree's work, meaning you can build bases The terriain is not without problems however, and there are no bridges on the terrain by default. (this was easily solved by exiles ability to add in structures, I think I got most of the bridges) I also added in fuel feeds because the others didn't seem to be working quite right. This mission file is set up for vendors to have mas and tryk loot; you can remove them from the config.cpp if you would like. There are 3 blue safe zones with trader buildings and 1 red debug safe zone. Your normal exile_server_config.pbo for altis will work just fine as this map uses all arma 3 buildings an example server is temporary running this at The example server is running Koplic, MAS Weapons, MAS Vehicles, TRYK Uniforms 350% loot, 5x building (10 wood planks per 2 wood), and missions. Note, this is my testing server, so it can go down whenever I feel like it, or change maps, or have the db wiped, you get the idea. However, I really like this map, so if enough people are playing on it I will not wipe the db and run it like a normal server and get another server for testing stuff Just open this image with winrar for the mission.pbo file for Koplic. (the 2 'missions' that are running on the map image below are from a different server side mod)
  3. Hey Exiles, I have a real need for a custom map designer or team, to work together building the newest and in my view the best map for survival since Cherno. The Valley is where I live in real life. It's in way Northern Utah USA. See pics (and very soon will add video link of the actual ground) below. I have tried on several occasions to watch tutorials and such to create the map. I have never even had a visually correct model in the designing tools. If anyone has real experience or at the least a true understanding of how the maps are created, please connect with me and let's turn this place into the best map that Arma 3 exile has ever seen. PICTURE:
  4. |-| S o IN IN y |-|

    AeoniumGaming DayZ Redux

    AeoniumGaming DayZ We want to bring DayZ back to his roots with a custom version of Chernarus Redux -> New Citys, Trader, Headquarter, Nuke Zone, Millitary Bases & more. You can also complet alot of Missions on our Server : - Shipwrecks | AI Missions | Heli Crashes | Events | Capture Points FEATURES: Virtual Garage 64Bit Server Balanced Respect System NEW TRADER SYSTEM JSRS SOUNDMOD Advanced Rappelling Grinding Hacking Custom Spawnloadout Airdrop Revive BaseSpawn Towing Load Crate in Vehicle Lifting Deploy Vehicle Enhandced Movement Statsbar Custom ViewDistance Custom TerrainGrid settings Security App Vehicle HP Bar XM8 Handy App FAIR ADMINS ACTIVE ADMINS DISCORD: - ALL important News, Events, Rules, Changes, Announcements & MORE will you find on our Discord - Work together with the Team to improve the server - Send Player reports or Bugs to us a few player reviews can you find here: a few CUSTOM MAP SCREENSHOTS:
  5. |-| S o IN IN y |-|

    AeoniumGaming DayZ

  6. Good evening everyone. A bunch of people asked me how to get Exile on Chernarus or any other map running, so I decided to make a quick tutorial. To start you need to download All In Arma Terrain Pack, I suggest to use the lite version for your server. AiA Lite Armaholic Download 1. If you finished downloading it just paste it inside your Arma 3 Server folder. 2. Copy its bikey inside the "keys" folder inside your Server directory. If there isnt a key inside they the download use this one: AiA Bikey Your "keys" folder should look like this: 3. Get a Chernarus Missionfile. If you know how to, create one on your own and paste it inside your "mpmissions" folder in your server directory. If not use the one I created: exile.Chernarus.pbo. 4. Let the server load the mission file. Here for head to your config.cfg. By default it can be found inside your "@ExileServer" folder. Edit this part: class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Altis; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; };To this: class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Chernarus; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; };5. Set your servers start parameters. Where you define them depends on how you start your server. I suggest using FireDaemon to manage your lifecycle and scheduling. (costs $US49.00 but its definetly worth it) If you completely dont know how to start your server use a .bat with the following content: Following these steps should make your server run. This works for any other map than Chernarus. The only difference is that you'll need a mission file. If there arent any published on the forums you can ask me to make on for you. Have fun! Other usefull stuff: Hollow loot positions:
  7. manOwar_AFD

    AFD-Altis PVE

    This is it. AFD's Premiere PVE Experience. Engage in combat against NPCs in a cutthroat world as you rise up the ranks an make a name for yourself among the Exiles. A collaboration between AFD Gaming and Omega Force Gaming Communities. If you have any questions or would like to give us a try, please feel free to visit us at the following locations: Exile Server IP: Website: Teamspeak: Required Mods: Exile Mod Arma 3 CBA CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles AFD Gaming's PVE Exile Server includes the following: Dedicated Server with optimized scripting for Maximum Client and Server FPS! PVE Combat. Modified missions and AI actions not found on any other server. A 50,000 poptab starting bonus for new players. A wide range of Military-Style Vehicles, Weapons, and Gear available. Attack helicopters, IFVs, etc. Custom Loot Spawns marked on map, overall very high loot all over map. Custom Base Improvement catalog only found on AFD Gaming Servers. Purchase Concrete Mixers, Virtual Garage Slots, Defensive Turrets, Base Respawns, Teleportation Systems and more! Balanced Item and Vehicle Pricing. Player wages rewarded every ten minutes. Roaming and Headhunter NPCs. (AI are on ground, in vehicles and in the air) Virtual Garage. All world-spawn vehicles are persistent. Persistent Vehicle Repair and Ammunition with balanced ammo pricing. Players can receive Emails containing cool prizes. Bury bodies to gain additional respect. Many fixes and improvements for issues found in Vanilla Exile. Access your locker from your Base Laptop! MarXet Peer-to-peer Marketplace. (also accessed from laptop) Territory owners can safely pack up their own base without the need for an admin! Ability to loot garbage piles for items. Keep and install large mission crates in your base for storage "Money" exchange for potabs. (1 money = 500 tabs, safes can store 1500 monies and tabs and money are exchanged at the trader office) Growing and active PVE baseline and much MUCH more.
  8. DeadLifeGaming

    [DLG] Exile Chernarus

    Our server has a pretty fresh sever but already has so many options. We are open to suggestions and feedback. Come check us out to see what Chernarus has to offer. Server details below. On the server we have: -> 150 AI Roaming Air and Ground crews -> 50k Poptabs in bank for fresh players -> AI DayZ Heli Crashes, AI Loot Crates, and AI Missions. -> Custom Military buildings all over the Chernarus Map. -> Custom Loot tables for increased loot and less junk -> Halo Jumps, Status bar at the bottom, deployable bike/quad (free bike, Extension cord needed for quad) -> Cars at spawn points for easier movement around the map -> Tons of cars scattered all over the map -> Day & Night Cycle (Fast Night) (Vote Enabled) -> Virtual Garage -> Extended Base Mod -> Working on fresh content daily with more additions to map -> North American Server! -> Soon to have Cup Vehicles/Weapons
  9. Admiral EliteSuicide

    Call of Exile

    Dear Readers, With pleasure we present today our ArmA 3 Exile Altis Server: Call of Exile Altis in 2038, 20 years after the outbreak of the plague that has changed the whole country in a matter of seconds. "It will never be the same again." This quotation was taken from a video taken in 2019 in a snack near the port of Kavala and by God .. these people were right. Altis is largely destroyed, the survivors have escaped and those who have not made it are mutated and will never be the same again. However, some people seem to be immune to the disease. They have not mutated and have joined forces in groups that devastate the entire country and carry out guerrilla warfare with their military equipment. But which people are immune? A study has revealed that especially people who like to travel and exile do not want to be affected. Now we are on the lookout for adventurous, daring adventurers who are in danger and want to prove themselves on Altis. You are not afraid of the plague? Do you think you can take it against the bandits and even survive? Then come to Altis and fight! But if you think you'll be the only ones to deny this adventure, you're wrong. Many adventurers come to Altis to prove themselves there, because here on Altis is only one commandment: "Eat, or be eaten". Server Features: - Exile - Extended Base Mod - Custom Map - Custom Trader - Custom Bambi Gear - Custom Statsbar - Custom Loot - Exad - Virtual Garage - Hack - Grind - Deploy Quad - Deploy Bike - HALO Jumps - APOC Airdrops - Unit Scanner - BramA Recipes - Base Raid - Base Respawn - Advanced Tow - Avanced Vehicle System - Armored Vehicles - ReArm Vehicles - DMS Missions - Motorized Ai - PvP - Survival - Every Week a Event with big prices How to find us: - A3Launcher: [CoE] Exile Altis - IP: Required Mods: - Exile (Download) - Extended Base Mod (Download) Check for the newest Versions! Server Trailer: (Ryans Zombies no longer needed)
  10. obermaig

    2xW Exile PvP Chernarus Winter

    2xW Runner Gaming Group and [GER] Funreal Group announce the opening of the Arma 3 Exile PvP Server on Chernarus-Winter Map. The server functions are based on the many Exile-Reborn features and offer you the unique survival environment to play. Customized map in connection with more enterable buildings from the Open Chernarus project offers you a wide range of possibilities to defy the dangers of the environment. Customized survival recipes will help you heal the injuries and build your own fortified and secure shelter sites. The admins speak German, Russian and English and are trying to solve the problems and develop servers further, we hope you will have fun here! Current Server Features: - WY Snow Addon get wonderful Snow Effects and unique Snow Gear and Vehicle-Skins - Respawn at own Territory - Mountain bike crafting ( Box of Screws needed , in Bamby loadout included) - Custom crafting (see crafting Recipies) - Resting by Campfire give you healing, the CampFire can be ignited by Paper and Flares - 15000 Pop Tabs as welcome gift, the Locker Limit is incteased to 500 000 Pop Tabs - Metal Farming with a Sledge Hammer (see for Large Shipping Container) - Chopped Wood land directly into your Vehicle - Custom Map Locations (e.g. Veresnik Military Base, like DayzSA ) - Virtual garage, towing, IgiLoad and halo jump - Fully configurable StatusBar - Fast nights (only one Time at end every 4 hours before the Restart) And much more little tweaks and additions! Come see for yourself
  11. swizz_chris


    Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community, Wir von New Order Gaming möchten euch unseren Server etwas näher bringen und euch diesen kurz und knackig vorstellen, was dieser beinhaltet und in wie fern wir diesen weiter ausbauen möchten. NOGaming exestiert schon seit ca. 3 Jahren und ist eine kleine Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir haben uns entschlossen diesen Server zu erstellen um ein einmaliges Spielerlebnis sowie PvP-Erlebnis zu bieten, das ihr nicht so schnell vergessen werdet. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. Server Restarts: 01.00; 05.00; 09.00; 13.00; 17.00; 21.00 Server Features: Aktive Admins 25+ Dynamische AI Missions (ohne Attack Helicopter XD) Admin Events Snap Building Bike and Quad Deploy Extended Basemod Dynamic supply Crate spawn with AI defense Spec Ops Base Mission (Sector A ca. 60 AI) Custom Map Infistar AntiHack Zombies / Hordes Defibrillator & Anti Viral Agents (a cure is pricey during an Apocalypse ) Virtual Garage Safezone to Safezone Taxi Service Custom Vehicles Spawns Modable Statusbar Custom Map Locations CUP Terrains, Vehicles and Weapons Safe Hacking and Door Grinding und noch viel mehr... Wie kann ich auf spielen? Dazu müsst ihr einfach im A3Launcher probieren auf unserem Server zu Joinen, falls ihr nicht alle erforderlichen mods installiert habt, geduldet euch ein wenig bis der A3Launcher alle Mods heruntergeladen und installiert hat. (Man kann den Fortschritt im A3Launcher unter Mods verfolgen.) Vorraussetzung sind natürlich ARMA3 und das ihr den Exile sowie alle anderen erfroderlichen Mods mit hilfe des A3Launcher herunterlädt (zB. CUP Terrains, CUP core etc.) !! Manchmal muss der A3Launcher neu gestartet werden damit alle Mods richtig erkannt werden !! How can i play on We advice that you use the to download and install all the necessary Mods and add-on. !! Sometimes you will have to restart your A3launcher in order for the mods to be recognized properly !! If you should get the memory or divided by 0 errors just use this work around. 1. Connect as usual with the A3Launcher 2. When you see the Arma 3 logo press ESC 3. Go to Multiplayer > Quick Play > Direct Connect 4. Copy IP from A3Launcher with right mouse click on server 5. Paste IP Into Arma 3 direct connect 6. Press connect down on the right of the screen Here some videos of a YouTuber that is playing on our server..... Enjoy Server IP: Port: 2302
  12. blk_zoms_matr

    [NWO] No Way Out Exile Chernarus

    Welcome to [NWO] No Way Out Gaming's EXILE Chernarus "Why make yet another Exile server? Aren't there enough already?" "Yes, too many Exile servers that offer no challenge to play running with the same mods.. That is why we are going to develop something new and different." - NoX, NWO Server Owner MODS: VSM SMA RHS BloodLust CUP Chernarus Mission Enhanced Little Bird DS Houses Extended Base Mod Exile Extended Items NIarms Scripts: BasePaint Vehicle Paint Rappelling Towing Sling Revive Deploy bike Claim Vehicle ZCP Missions DMS Missions AI Occupation Safe-Hacking BALANCE We decided that everything on the server should be balanced. For example, the loot system has been configured so a bambi will not be able to pick up a M107 and LRPS find a tank and start the game with the best gear. We believe that should be earned. You will find the best spoils are in areas that offer the highest risk. MAP EDITS Chernarus lovers know that this map is big and can sometimes be a bit bland. We created literally thousands of map edits, here are a few. TRADERS Purposefully, gear available at the Exile traders is limited. However, a player to player market system (MarXet) is available to purchase and sell items/vehicles from other players if you can not find them elsewhere. TRANSPORTATION Chernarus is a big map. Persistent vehicles are spawned throughout the map and can be claimed. But make sure to hide it because it can be stolen by someone if they lockpick it with a knife. ENVIRONMENT REALISM During the night, without lights is supposed to be dark, not grey. Therefore, it is that way here. Keep a flashlight attachment handy and find some NVG's! SUMMARY This server is fun, and challenging. That's the goal we strive to keep. The server is owned by one person, not a large group of people who are only concerned with donators. Our Admin system is fool-proof, there is absolutely no Admin abuse because it is simply not possible. We invite you to come join us, you wont regret it. If you have questions or comments please visit us on Discord: CREDIT We owe many thanks to the Exile community and forums for the support and effort put in to keep this community active. If by reading this post you have seen work you have been part of creating we cant thank you enough for the time you have spent doing so. Thank you!
  13. EEZY-E

    Hectic Gaming

    We have just started our brand new community Hectic Gaming. We are planning on fully customizing Chernarus to really stand out from the rest of the Exile servers.
  14. Forsvinna

    IGG-EXILE-Chernarus High FPS

    Come checkout our completely Custom Chernarus Map With New custom traders and MAS Weapons + vehicles
  15. extr4


    EN Hello everyone, We are a french association focusing gaming/survival Equipped with a dedicated server, we host for the past 2 years some servers on games like Rust, Life is Feudal or ARK:Survival. We're happy to show you today our new Exile Mod Server : [FR/EU] - Tanoa|Exile Mod|ExileZ|Launcher A launcher allowing you to join the Server is available on our Website : Our staff is based on Admin/dev/modos which are actives and availables. A lot of Mods are loaded on the server. It's not recommended to join our server without our launcher help although it's still possible. Some changes have been applyied and you take the risk to avoid them. Hoping to see many of you. Good game everybody ! FR Bonjour à tous, Nous sommes une association française à tendance gaming/survival. Equipé d'un serveur dédié, nous hébergeons déjà depuis plus de 2 ans des serveurs de jeu tel que Rust, Life is Feudal ou ARK. Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter aujourd'hui notre nouveau serveur Exile mod: [FR/EU] - Tanoa|Exile Mod|ExileZ|Launcher Un launcher permettant de rejoindre notre serveur facilement est disponible sur notre site officiel : Notre staff est composé d'admin/dev/modo actifs et disponibles. De nombreux mods ainsi que de nombreux ajustements sont présents sur notre serveur. Il est déconseillé de rejoindre le serveur sans l'aide de notre launcher bien que ceci soit possible. Des changements ont été effectué, et vous risquez de ne pas pouvoir en profiter. En esperant vous voir nombreux ! Bon jeu à tous !
  16. darkshadow1809

    Chernarus Winter; Undefined base class

    Hi there, I've been trying to make a custom map work on the server Chernarus_Winter is the one I was going for. Unfortunately it seems that the server doesn't really agree with my choice. It says I have an undefined base class "Fireflies" However I dont see any errors in the spacing / brackets or any definitions I haven't made thus far. Anyone able to help out ? It's probably just something stupid I overlooked but I've been trying for a while now with no results. < Definition error < Config.cpp as defined where error occurs.
  17. =S2N=BURNOUT


    GREAT SERVER!!! If you are looking for a server that DOES NOT cater to care-bears or crybabies.. this is the one for you. You will get your ass kicked by ZOMBIES every time you think you are safe. There is a WIDE range of vehicles available... We have the HVP, TRYK uniforms, Birds & Bees, Zombies & Demons, RZInfection addons not to mention it's on the best map in the world CHERNARUS! Custom map, customs spawn points custom rank & starting load out, Custom vendors.....Custom vehicles! Stop by and check us out. Free base building kit for all new comers, each player gets one..... Bring your crew and get 1 crate per person. Each crate already has a Base Flag in it so you have a great headstart.... Jump in our TS and chat it up or request you own private room for you and your crew in our 500 SLOT TS3 server.
  18. arrestingdog

    NEW!! - BDS - Custom Chenarus

    NEW!! - BDS - Custom Exile server, Chenarus. RHS, CUP. IP: BDS Custom Exile server, Chenarus. RHS, CUP. IP: Server highlights Custom map Custom missions Revive Deploy bike RHS: AFRF RHS: USAF Extended Base Exile Cup Terrains Core Cup Terrains Map Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Frenzied Mod Pack The Black Dragon Society are a mature community of gamers. We are pleased to annouce today the opening of our new Exile server. After several weeks of testing we are proud to offer you a custom chenarus map, elements of the old DayZ map have been retained and blended with new map additions: 4 new cities (Tikhaya, Skalisty, Ininicity, Medvedskoye) Custom Trader City Bor All 3 airfields upgraded New extensive road system (including connection between NWA and NEA, Pobeda dam road is extended, plus brides, etc.) Many towns villages have also been modified/extended for better map balance Checkpoints, encampments, castles are amongst many other small additions AI spawn (with low probability) in military areas AI vehicle patrols (both bandit and survior) Also custom AI missions, with more to follow. Come and explore Cheranrus, as you've never seen it before..... As a mature community we do have some rules and will do our upmost to police them... •Anyone causing unnecessary drama or being abusive in game or on the Facebook page will be kicked from the group and server. •Base raiding is allowed but griefing people by emptying the contents of peoples vehicles/safes/crates onto the floor so it despawns is not allowed. •There will be no compensation for items lost due to Exile / Arma bugs nor admin teleports for your character. •Hacking/glitching/duping will earn you an instant ban. •Profiting from duped items will result in the poptabs and respect being removed from your account •Random spawned vehicles cannot be locked and are deleted on server restart •PVP is allowed but give people a chance to rebuild or re-gear after killing them •No killing fresh spawns or camping near the trader areas. Killing unarmed people elsewhere is not good form so don't do it unless you have a good reason. The exception to this is repeatedly running back to your body to get your gear in a firefight. This will get you killed, don't complain about it. Either wait or re-gear elsewhere. •No blocking roads with bicycles. •No dropping vehicles on bases from helicopters. •There are no rules regarding stealing, ensure your vehicles and bases are locked and don't land at safe zones if you can see other players. That being said, players who are seen to be always attempting to steal and be a nuisance (griefing) at traders for long periods of time will at the very least have their gear removed and be teleported to a remote location this includes camping the traders and trying to kill people as they leave. •Airlifting/loading locked vehicles and hiding them is considered griefing •Do not use safe zones to park your vehicles when you log out, build a garage or hide them somewhere. Vehicles left in safe zones automatically unlock on server restart. •No ramming/pushing vehicles or players in safe zones or attempting to shoot in or our of a safe zone. •NB. Accusations of cheating/hacking must be backed up by evidence otherwise it is just your word against someone else. •Parked in safe zones - Unlocked at restart •Parked in range of your flag - Deleted after 10 days of inactivity •Parked anywhere else - Deleted after 48 hours of inactivity Bases need to be maintained (protection money paid to the Mafia) before 14 days is up. •When base protection expires, everything in your base is deleted automatically on the next server restart. •Containers (safes and crates) and also vehicles have a time stamp in the database of the last time they were accessed. There is a script running which deletes any container not accessed in the last 7 days. As long as your base protection is active, just make sure you either put something in or take something out at least once every 7 days to stop them from being deleted. Empty crates are removed automatically after 48 hours of inactivity •No building near trader areas •No blocking of water and fuel sources •No blocking roads with built items •No building in high loot military areas •Building is allowed in all other areas The following limits apply to territories when building: •Level 1: radius 15m 45 items •Level 2: radius 30m 90 items •Level 3: radius 45m 135 items •Level 4: radius 60m 180 items •Level 5: radius 75m 225 items •Level 6: radius 90m 270 items •Level 7: radius 105m 315 items •Level 8: radius 120m 360 items •Level 9: radius 135m 405 items •Level 10: radius 150m 450 items •No voice in side, repeat offenders will be kicked or banned. •No racist or sexist comment in chat or voice. •Being abusive (sexism and racism included) will result in you being kicked or banned. •Don't scream for an admin repeatedly for issues which you can resolve yourself. •Demanding an admin to come to you wont end well for you. •The admins decision is final, arguing with an admin will get you kicked or banned. •Don't park vehicles on constructed floors or too close to other items over a restart or you run the risk of the vehicle exploding when you log in again •Don't log out in a vehicle •If you have towed or lifted a vehicle, if you don't drive the vehicle before the next restart then the vehicle will return to the place you picked it up from. Vehicle locations are only written to the database when the vehicle is used. •Try to have a unique player name, duplicate names cause issues with infiSTAR and will more than likely result in you getting kicked automatically from the server. •Be aware that Exile is in alpha and sometimes random explosions and deaths occur as a result
  19. ReapeX-DE

    [DE|GER]|PvP| Exile Tanoa 1.0.0

    [DE|GER]|PvP| Exile Tanoa 1.0.0 Custom Map|Roaming AI|Zombies [DE|GER]|PvP| Exile Tanoa 1.0.0 Custom Map|Roaming AI|Zombies IP: TS IP: - Zombies and Demons Mod - DMS Mod mit eigenen anpassungen -Roaming AI (Fußsoldaten, Fahrzeuge und Heli's) -Fahrzeuge können sicher in der Safezone abgestellt werden und bleiben nach Restart abgeschlossen (nicht als Basealternative ansehen. Fahrzeuge mit übermaßig viel loot sind nicht gestattet. -Selfmade Militäranlage inkl. Brücke zur Atomzone -zwei zusätzliche Respektstufen -Diverse Anpassungen der Preise beim Trader -zusätzliche Fahrzeuge ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unser Reisebüro von Team [FEAR] bietet neuerdings ein einmaliges und einzigartiges Angebot für jeden Interessenten an! Es erwartet Sie ein traumhafter Urlaub an einem der schönsten Orte dieses Planeten mit super Wetter und einer aufgeschlossenen Bevölkerung. Zugegeben einige sind etwas Scheu und andere wiederrum sehr Kontaktfreudig aber das sollte Sie nicht stören. Auch der übermäßige Gebrauch von Handwaffen aller Art sind fester Bestandteil der hiesigen Gessellschaft. Es gibt viele Städte und Orte zu erkunden und stets klasse Events auf der ganzen Insel für groß und klein. Ein Spaß für die ganze Familie! Während Ihres Aufenthalts steht Ihnen unser Team stets mit Rat und Tat zur Verfügung. Wir informieren Sie über Events, Wetter und vieles mehr. Rufen Sie uns einfach an! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. taker

    [GER] Gaming Team Exile Tanoa

    Das Gaming-Team freut sich Euch unseren neuen Arma3-Server vorstellen zu dürfen. Server-Information Name: [GER]Gaming Team Exile Tanoa Custom Map|NPC|Missions|Crafting Address: Port: 2312 Status: Online Mod: Exile Map: Tanoa Wie komme ich auf den Server ? Gebt einfach diese IP im Multiplayer unter Direktverbindung ein und ihr werdet auf mit unserem Server verbunden. Damit ihr ihn beim nächsten Mal schneller wiederfindet, könnt ihr den Server als Favorit auf der linken Seite mit Markieren des Sterns setzen. IP: Port: 2312 Falls ihr Ideen oder Anregungen habt schreibt sie hier ins Forum oder schickt mir eine PN. Viel Spass beim Zocken taker
  21. matthias0136

    [GER] RED Exile Arma 3 Server

    Hello at all, we are the R.E.D. Gaming Community! We are a 18+ Community! The most of our Member played the DayZ-Mod a long time! We worked very long to get the DayZ Mod Style in Exile! Now we are finished! Now we can fight together! Server-Settings: Zombies in „Red Zones“ and random spawn Zombie hordes Random AI Missions 2 static AI areas für more funny Hardcore-Teamplay – more areas will follow AI patrols with vehicles and helicopters (paratroopers) Detailed custom mapdesign with location for ambushes and a chance of rare loot Exile Base Building XM 8 Apps for crafting, vision, base security system and much more Active admins, moderator and mapdesigner – new stuff will follow own root- and teamspeak-server – no lags, no user limits adjusted price system Server-Start: 04/14/2016 btw, we are active in Arma 3, Arma 2, Ark, World of Tanks, Battlefield and more! Look at our RED-Intro! Visit our Website: or our TS: Now, lets fight us! Together or against each other!
  22. Doker

    RGD Gaming Exile Chernarus

    Russian Exile Server with chernarus map and zombies...
  23. Steam Workshop Download Link: The new work in progress terrain Circle is a roughly 1Km island with a river running down the middle of the island. There are 3 military bases, an obstacle course with military cargo houses placed along the path in a forest and a great main road for small races. It's download size is around 50MB and it does NOT require any additional addons to run, however the use of multiplayer deathmatch type mods such as exile, epoch, wasteland, ect is highly encouraged as the map and placement of certain buildings is intended for those types of mods. There are keys for servers, and a debug island for mp spawn area that is protected by a big rock from the main island. There is a read me file with things that will help make mp missions easier. (edit: readme didn't get included with upload, just post here or contact me if you would like it) Having a 2km object draw distance will mean you can see all of the island from any point on the island; However, because of the density of objects placed on the island, some users may need to decrease object draw distance until they get a stable 60+ fps.(Having an object draw distance over 2km should not have an effect on performance or framerate) As of the first public build, there are roughly 2500 objects on the island. The island won't be finshed until the object count is well over 5 or even 10 thousand depending on public intrest. There is a 20 slot dedicated server running the map along with Exile mod if you would like to come play multiplayer. Server Name: wasti_circle terrain Exile High Loot! Connection Info: Query Info: Please contact me on here or through steam if you would like the server mission files for exile, or if you have any questions or comments.