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Found 5 results

  1. graylyn

    [PE] Premium Exile

    We are back and better than ever! With a more optimized mission, dedicated server administrators (with access to box if any issues arise) we are an Arma server willing to commit to its community to deliver the best possible exile experience, with no respect based traders, and high loot. Our server's focus is HIGH PvP experience with little to lose for those that are willing to engage in it (Base raids not withstanding). PvE players are also welcome, however, any player can kill you at any time. We are adding more features as well soon, such as suicide vests that work while incapacitated (and someone is looting your body), a custom bounty system, and a touch off range increase for those that wish to fully embrace ambush tactics. We invite you to join our discord and feel free to ask us any questions! We are also currently looking for a dedicated dev to help us out! (PM Bork in the discord or myself through to inquire more details)
  2. towatai


    Moin, Ihr sucht Abwechslung? Ihr sucht nen Server der NICHT durch allerlei Regeln kaputtgemacht wird? Ihr sucht die Möglichkeit Mods wie JSRS zu nutzen? Ihr habt Lust auf massig Missionen und/oder PvP? KEIN PROBLEM! Kommt auf die Bierbude und freut Euch auf ne momentan noch leider kleine aber feine Stammspielerschaft bei stets sehr guten ServerFPS und aktiven Support durch den Admin (mich)! Ich biete euch Vector-Building, DMS, Occupation-Missionen, ZCP, Shipwrecks, Advanced Movement, Rappeling (abseilen), Advanced Towing, Custom-Trader / Spawns und ne Menge mehr. Zudem nen eigenen, 100 Slots umfassenden Teamspeak-Server. ALLE Mods sind OPTIONAL bzw. Serverseitig und damit das ganze auch rundläuft, ist es auf nem Haswell XEON mit 3,7GHZ, 8GB RAM, SSD und Anbindung ans Deutsche Forschungsnetz gehostet. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!
  3. 1Vincent Van Goat

    GOAT Exile Tanoa

    At GOAT we have customised our servers to the max, while retaining the survival aspect of Exile. Unlike many other customised servers who give many “benefits” to their players, such as very high start cash amounts and low shop prices among other things, we have chosen not to do such things as we believe having a customised server does not mean we need to compromise on gameplay experience. That being said, we have an extremely friendly group of admins, of whom one is always available on the server or our TS if you ever encounter any issues or just want to ask a question. Furthermore, we run events every second day on our servers, EU and NA, which vary from plane races to Pawnee death matches to actual death matches in purpose built arenas. Some of our 25+ scripts include: Ai Missions, Customised Traders, Spawn Bike, A wide range of XM8 Apps, A way to mute ambient sounds, Grinding And Hacking The reason for choosing this combination is simple, Quality. Niarms, for example, is praised widely for its accurate ballistics modelling along with great sounds and weapon quality while MAS Vehicles takes the best vehicles from ARMA 2 and makes them even better, updating them to ARMA 3 standards and beyond. We hope you choose to take a look at GOAT exile. Have a nice day.
  4. Lambo

    Ultsg Exile Tanoa 1.0

    We have our Exile Tanoa server up and going. We use have smooth fps normally around 30-50 fps for the average user. Active non-abusive admins. We have Revive,Virtual-Garage,Ai-Missions,1HrDay1HrNight1HrDay Cycle,Customized Xm8 apps,Base Spawn,Hacking/Grinding,Claim Vehicles. New dedi running a I7 6700k at 4.2ghz, with 64gbs ddr4 ram, 2-2tb hybrid ssd drives,1gb data connection
  5. [UKCD] BenWatki#44

    Grumpy Old Men Hardcore Exile

    Grumpy Old Men Tanoa Exile Server Welcome to our server, we welcome anyone to our hardcore server. Do you want hard core with only 1st person?, want to work hard at trying to find food and weapons? then you've come to the right place here at GOM we pride our self's in Hardcore. With 1st person, roaming AI and missions they will be sure to test your skills. our server currently has these selected mods. DMS Missions Ambient Fly overs Day/Night (2 hours of each) 4 Hour Restarts (12-4-8 GMT) 900.000 Lockers Changed Trader Prices Hardcore server Harder Missions Scarce Loot Realistic Roaming AI To keep the server fair for everyone we ask for you to comply by are rules which are as follows. Do NOT build 1000m of a trader or cement mixer. Do NOT spawn camp or trader camp. Do NOT be racist or abusive in side chat Leaving vehicles in a safe zone will unlock them on restart, be sure to move them. Do NOT ask admins to replace stolen gear, base raiding and PVP is allowed. Do NOT build on the radiation island or close to it. Our Teamspeak is - Admins are - Ben Watki Recruiting Admins also go to our forums.