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Found 7 results

  1. UG-Community

    Death Loop is annoying! :P

    Hey guys! I know that this question is asked frequently but none of those fixes worked for me ;( It's simple: If you disconnect and reconnect to the server, there is a chance that you spawn into your dead body and can't respawn. InfiSTAR's log says: Player is Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer for too long - either not correctly loaded in or trying to run around as a ghost (invisible player object) Any ideas?
  2. Hi team, Thanks for hosting the server! I like it. But to the point. I have been saving the 5000 caps for a week to buy me the yellow helicopter, I drove all the way to the vendor south of the big mountain in the south/west (bottom left corner of the map), I got excited I would finally have my heli, I bought it, it spawned (with me inside, of course) on the mountain slope, fell down and exploded. Would it be possible to check the aircraft spawn location for that vendor so the same thing doesnt happen to others? Also, if it is possible, could I get my cash back? Thanks! player: SaviCZ map: Esseker
  3. Hello Guys. Our Server has been running fine for the past three weeks, but we now have our second player who was alive and kicking when he logged off, and when he connects again, he spawns in dead in the south west corner of the (Altis) map. The database shows them as having died at different coordinates ever ytime, but they are always in the bottom left corner. Admins can't revive them, teleport them nothing. We then end up deleting his character and well... it's a schlep. Anybody have any insight on this? Thank you in advance. Regards SpeedBirdNam
  4. When players load back into the server, they load in and die instantly. This isn't the well known dead character bug, as I have seen that before. The only option they have is to commit suicide, rather than having the respawn option you usually have when you are dead. Does anyone know of a fix for this bug or anything that could work as a workaround to prevent people from loosing their stuff every time they log or there's a restart
  5. Sporkyzz

    Spawning dead or something

    Hey someone know how to fix that ppl are spawning dead (stuck) or stuck laying on the ground

    Respaun dead

    Developers make namalsk,and the respawn can not do it,how much longer? I tired to clean the database
  7. Sporkyzz

    Spawning dead

    Hey, many players are spawning as dead body. Is there a permanent fix to this?