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Found 6 results

  1. So I would like to clear my infistar logs after say 5 days because it's already like 130 000 rows and I'm sure I saw a post somewhere in forums but I just cannot find it anymore...
  2. dayzgreywolf

    Base items dissappear

    It appears when I build a base, each time I reboot parts of the base vanish until it's all gone. No errors in game, but something is deleting these items from MySQL. I recall in Arma 2 DayZ mod there was a day counter, after X days items were deleted. Is this the same in Exile? Any idea where I should start looking?
  3. Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to delete a flagpole? Thanks! Update - I ended up deleting it in the database. Thanks anyway
  4. [TBI] Liam

    Delete spawned Trigger

    I would like to get some advice on how to delete a trigger as i have used deleteVehicle _triggerName; but so far i have seen that this isn't working the triggers are created by an sqf file for a mission but i would like to delete them later on in a cleanup.sqf for example.
  5. Good morning folks! I am currently using A3XAI (along with DMS). I have been using this for some time, but I cannot seem to get AI to stay away from the safe zones. Per the a3xai_config > config.cpp I should just be able to do the following: //Array of positions defining trader locations. AI will be non-hostile and damage immune around this area. //Use this if your server is not using the standard Exile trader markers or sensors in mission.sqm //For performance reasons, do not add locations other than actual trader positions to this array. //Example: traderAreaLocations[] = {{2998.06,18175.5,0},{14600,16797.2,0},{23334.6,24188.9,0}}; traderAreaLocations[] = {{4318.0366,108.7392,4888.1631},{11953.07,25.323074,5895.6865},{7761.9097,176.88542,8315.377}}; RPT file doesn't seem to be showing any errors, but I can't get this for the life of me. Any suggestions? Just in case, I have the pastebin link below (sorry about the RPT spamming - some useless warnings in there that go on forever).
  6. IbadassI

    RTP problem

    Above is my full RPT file and as you can see it is very messed up, I am a Noob at this stuff and have no idea why it is happening getting spammed saying stuff like this If you could look through the file and tell me what I am doing wrong and how to stop the spam, I have updated Infistar today in the hope of fixing battle eye as it would not work due to filters i could not fix . The update did get my battle eye fix and I have spent all day fixing the new filters. as I had tried to merge mine with infistars new ones i don't think i did it right and have been putting them in 1 by 1 all day. but that is not the problem my big issue is that admin are getting kicked for using some admin tools I have white listed us both, Rhs Mas are being deleted or so its say i think. Please help Thank you PS if you need more info or files