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Found 13 results

  1. Sgt Smash

    A.G.G PVE Chernarus

    Arma Gods Gaming PVE Gameplay Over Content! This server is not aimed at rage quitters, so if you're not a hardened skilled player with a stiff upper lip then this server is probably not for you!! A.G.G|PVE|Exile|FMP|A3XAi|VEMF|DMS|Vcom|R3F|SellCrate|BaseSpawn Server IP: ---Some Features---• A3XAi Roaiming Ai• CUP Weapons• DMS Mission System• VEMFr Town Invasion/Base Attacks• ZCP Missions• R3F Logistics• Controllable Bodyguard Ai• Enhanced Movement• Frenzied Mod Pack (FMP)• Sell Crate• Base Spawns• Vector Building• Mozzie Mod• Status Bar• More Spawn Locations• 14 Days Base Payments• Optional JSRS Usage• Deploy Vehicles based on rep levels• Advanced Urban Rappelling• Custom Missions• Vehicle Protection System Discord Link:
  2. Enigma Exile Deploybike + Respect Vehicles Doubleclick radio to deploy bike Allows you to (if enabled) give players with higher respect a special vehicle once per restart! Only allows 1 bike to be unpacked per restart (even if you die you wont get another) unless: Bike is destroyed Bike is packed up Support Further Development
  3. XM8CustomDeployBike XM8CustomApps (InfiSTAR) Deploy Bike System by exceptionptr (0x2AFF) Want another feature? Just ask Have fun!
  4. Greenhand

    [SB] Southwest Badlands!

    Welcome to Southwest Badlands! Brand new server with tons of potential. Jump on and see what its about! Admins 24/7 1. Militarized Loot- 2. Extended Base Mod- 3. All CUP Mods- 4. CBA- 5. DMS Missions-6. ZCP Missions- 7. Exile Occupation- 8. ExAd Core- 9. ExAd XM8- 10. ExAd View Distance- 11. ExAd Statsbar- 12. Enigma Deploy Bike- 13. ETG Heli Crash Script- 14. Custom Traders- 15. Custom Missions- 16. Respect Based Loadouts- 17. Base Kits- 18. 20k Poptab Start- CHRISTMAS BONUS!! HURRY ON
  5. GyroCapitan

    BFC Exile Chernarus

    Wecome to BFC Chernarus, our newest addition to our server farm. This server presents some challenging zombies as well as AI that can cross path's with you or even hunt you down. As always we always welcome ideas and suggestions. ** Required Mods ** CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles CUP Terrains – Core CUP Terrains – Maps Community Base addons A3 Chernarus Exile Zombies and Demons Enhanced Movement
  6. Woeiruty2

    Frysian Exile

    We at Frysian exile have starter this server just because we enjoy doing it! We have played a lot of exile in the past and have seen what works and what doesn't. So we decided to start a server on our own! The admins on the server won't play with admin tools on so you don't have to worry about abuse. We're just here to help you! Features: - Missions - Capture points - Virtual Garage - Vector basebuilding - High Fps - Active admins - Deploy Bike - Loads of vehicles and a lot of variation - Market ruled by the playerbase, you can sell and buy items there not in the default shops We wanted to keep the feel of the vanilla exile experience, so we balanced the server to do just that. Everything is set and ready to go, we can't wait to see you there!
  7. ZippoExile

    Quad deploy

    We have a XM8 apps for quad and bike deployment but we can't seem to get it to work. Everything works like it is suppose to (character goes through animation, vehicle successfully deployed message pops up and removes item used to make quad or bike is removed from the inventory) with the exception that none of the vehicles will deploy. It says that it is successfully deployed on the players screen but no quad or mountain bike will spawn. We checked to see if it was just spawning somewhere else but it doesn't seem to be the case. I'm not getting any error messages either. Can someone let me know how to fix this?
  8. Marchy

    WASD Gaming Exile Chernarus

    Brand new server with regular updates and activate admins looking for new and eager players. Would love some feedback on our Teamspeak 3 Server too! Current Features; Base Building Bike/Quad Deploy Virtual Garage Added Buildings/Loot Spawns Logistics Heli Crashes 500k Locker Improved Kill Feed Various Traders Various Spawns Revive 20k Poptab Start XM8 Apps View Distance Customizable Statsbar Infistar AntiHack That's all for now. Hope to see you there!


    Hey Survivors, are u looking for a brand new exile Server? With the Map Tanoa and not too many Mod´s? Then this is what you are looking for! I have Towing ZCP DMS VEMF Highloot and much mor activated! I am also creating my own DMS Missions! There are already two of them on the server! I hope we see us soon sincerely Jack Garcia Hallo Überlebende, sucht Ihr nach einem Neuen Server? Mit der Karte Tanoa und nicht zu vielen Mods? Dann seit ihr hier genau richtig! Ich habe Towing ZCP DMS VEMF sehr hoher Loot und vieles andere drauf! Und um euch das alles noch atraktiver zu machen, sind bereits 2 selbst erstellte DMS missionen auf dem Server! Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald euer Jack Garcia
  10. Sampson

    iBB Dariyah PVP | Enhanced Move!

    WEBSITE: MODS: Exile | G.O.S. Dariyah | Enhanced Movement | RHS AFRF + USAF | SMA | MRT | CBA | CUP Terrains Core Optional mods: Armed vehicles fix | JSRS4-Apex FEATURES: 8 slot Virtual garage Vehicle towing Helicopter lifting Exile base demolition EXAD Safe hack and vGarage hack using Laptop Highly customized DMS Missions and AI skill levels Mission crate loading | Sell direct from crate! Player revive using defibrillator! Limited to one revive per player life Spawn with ATV deploy using extension cord Extremely high client-side FPS 3,500 meters increased view distance Increased poptab storage for Safes (500,000) Increased territory radius sizes | Increased maximum construction pieces Chop wood directly into nearby vehicles All sights & scopes fit on all weapons Radiation zone with highest-value custom loot table Custom loot spawns | Refueling areas | Rearm areas | Water sources Custom traders | Safe & unsafe | Vehicle price list found in the website main menu Must loot silencers, top-tier weapons, thermal scanners, knives and laptops. All ammunition is available from the trader | RPGs available | No lock-on rockets available Bright full-moon nights | /vote day | /vote night Exile Armed Vehicles Fix mod Excellent quality server hardware | Well located for nearly all regions Active admins | No badmins | No kid admins Happy to assist you in connecting to our server 10,000 starting poptabs Server Description We invite you to experience the premier of Exile on G.O.S Dariyah, a truly unique Exile mod experience brought to you by iBOXBEARS. We are the first server to incorporate Exile mod into G.O.S. Dariyah, by painstakingly adding every feature that would otherwise be missing such as loot spawns, choppable trees, trader zones, water sources and fuel sources, and much more. We are very pleased with the results, and we're sure you'll agree. G.O.S. Dariyah offers exceptionally high client-side frames per second (FPS). If you get 30 FPS on most servers, you will easily achieve 75 FPS on ours. This increase in FPS should especially interest users who are considering recording or streaming their Exile mod gameplay, as recording gameplay can be difficult for lower-end PCs. This higher available FPS will also allow you to dramatically increase your video quality settings, making your videos look even better than ever possible before. Our goal has been to create a quality Exile experience for players of all skill levels and play styles. Through a finely tuned custom AI difficulty, custom pricing system, and custom loot table and loot spawns, we have struck a balance which enables players of all gaming styles to have an enjoyable experience. These customizations combined with our selection of scripts focused on base raiding will help to ensure that there's always something fun for players to do. Not only does G.O.S. Dariyah offer long-time players of Exile a fresh experience on a new map, we believe there are many players who did not purchase the most recent Arma 3 DLC (Apex). Apex items/vehicles are enabled on our server, however Apex is not required to play on it, which ensures that any and all of your friends will be able to join you on our server if they choose. So come stake your claim in the desert, and engage in the unending battle over money and resources. Gather your breaching materials, and wage war against your enemy's bases! Gather money, and use it to patrol the desert sands in a vast selection of unarmed and armed combat vehicles. Welcome to the deserts of Dariyah.
  11. PandaBrocken

    GhillieGang Altis Exile

    If you are searching for a good Exile Server, come to GhillieGang Exile Altis. We have a Virtual Garage where you can store your vehicles, Fast Travel to travel fast between trader zones, a Bike that is able to be deployed, ZCP, Ai-Missions ,a Day/Night cycle ,and much more.
  12. Its me ZovkT

    [GER] Exile Tanoa | Many Stuff

    Welcome Guys. We are a New Exile Tanoa Server with a Fresh Database. We have many Scripts and were are proud for the server. Scripts : Virtuelle Garage, Hacking Grinding Parachute: you Fall open the Parachute. Deploy Bike, with a Respekt System. Capture Points DMS Mission System. ------------------------------------------------------- Maintaince: we try to add a Headless Client on the new APEX Version for better Performance. and we are working on a Good Balance for Prices on all Section. Sry for the bad eng. its not my perfekt Langunage.
  13. B.A.D.


    Features: -Igiload Logistics and R3F Logistics (edit:we have advanced towing instead now) -Deploy Bike -Vemf and DMS Missions (23 different ones) -Military Setup with Tanks /Attack helis at Traders (including CUP Weapons and Vehicles) -Us (do not underestimate the importance of a good abuse-free Admin team ^^) -edit april 2016 : virtual garage but raidable laptops See Ya ingame Regards,the friendly Sniper from Your Neighbourhood