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Found 32 results

  1. |-| S o IN IN y |-|

    AeoG is searching for new StaffMember

    Hello Exile Community AeoniumGaming is a new upcoming exile Server hosting team wich work alot with the community together to have the best experience for you! We started with Chernarus Redux and a small Number of players but in just 3 month we grow up to the top 8 most visited Exile Servers worldwide and the 2nd best Chernarus Redux Server. And now we wanna improve the whole Exile feeling for you with ideas and new ways to survive on our new Chernarus 2035 Server! We are known for having a team of always fair admins! Now we want to upgrade our team with new help. Discord Member 1400+ Server Joins per Day ~ 700 we are just looking for people who have more than 500h Arma and are not new to the area Exile! What we are looking for: Supporter/Moderator: the tasks of a supporter include discord and server support - active player support with Bugs & problems with other Players - observe the rule compliance Dev's: the tasks of a developer include just SQF Support (no player support needed) - Although we already have good developers we still want to top up in this area with experienced people if possible German is the preferred language! but English is also an alternative. if you have questions you can contact us. Greetings Aeonium Gaming Team
  2. Quick question. Do I have to place positions for EACH building or is "house" based? Like I configure one building and all other buildings of this type will have the same loot position?
  3. Hi Guys, Im on the search for a Dev for our server, have tried to follow guides and everything i touch always seems to go wrong. We want it to be Ultra Militarized (Tanks Jets etc), the map is Napf, capture points, custom missions, CUP Weapons + Vehicles if possible etc etc If anyone wants to take up the challenge let me know. Adam
  5. Hey guys we are a new Exile server and we are looking for a server dev and some new Admins if u would like to apply Just reply to this post with what role u would like to apply for thanks
  6. Arma Dev Building Arma 3 mod made easier using the Arma Dev tooling extension This Visual Studio Code extensions will optimize your workflow on building and signing pbo's, preview dialog controls and automate execution and installation. Features Build your extension or add existing into the Arma-Dev configuration Pack server and client pbo files (incl. signing) with a single command Preview Dialog control files (*.hpp) Generate private keys Install the client mod into the correct game directory Run and debug (using *.RPT file) on the fly Usage Before using the Arma Dev extension, please make sure you have properly installed the Arma 3 Tools from Steam. Open your existing Arma (server / client) and run the Arma 3: Configure command to setup the project. Please refer to the Configuration section for further details Below you can find all available commands Arma 3: Configure: to setup the project Arma 3: Pack: to pack pbos defined in your configuration file Arma 3: Binarize: binarize cpp files from explorer context menu Arma 3: UnBinarize: Unbinarize bin files from explorer context menu Arma 3: Run Server: start the arma3server with server mod path included Arma 3: Run Client: to start the game from your local computer Arma 3: Run Client (With Logging): to start the game and display the logfile Arma 3: Generate Key: generate a private key to sign the client pbo's Arma 3: Transfer Files: transfer server pbos to destination server using SFTP Arma 3: Toggle Code Live: please read the below "Toggle Code Live" section for further details Configuration The configuration file is located in .vscode/arma-dev.json and contains the following options. title: The title of your project (no used yet) name: The short name of the addon (this name is used as output folder) author: author name buildPath: destination folder of all pbo files being generated privateKey: the private key path being used to sign the client addon serverDir: all server directories a pbo files should be created for (E.g. core and core_config) serverUse32bit: use legacy 32bit version of arma3server.exe serverMods: additional server mods being loaded when running arma3server clientDirs: all client directories a pbo files should be created for (ussualy its one or none) clientMods: additional client mods being loaded when running arma 3 version: a version number to track possible changes (not immplemented) ftpConnection: setup SFTP connection using host, username and password (optionally path) ftpConnectionFile: setup SFTP connection by using a separate file postProcess: run some additional scripts once a command has been successfully executed - see "Post Processing" Toggle Code Live PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY With "Code live" you can edit *.sqf files while Arma is running. It uses symlinks (refering to its workspace source) and the -filePatching startup parameter. A proper configured $PBOPREFIX$ for every addon file is required So, how to use it Run the command Arma 3: Toggle Code Live to create all necessary symlinks into "Arma 3\x" directory use Arma 3: Run Client to start Arma with all necessary parameters (-filePatching) use Arma 3: Run Server to prepare a server configuration and run it Customize the files defined in your workspace source folder. Open the in-game debug console and either use execVM or preprocessFile* to "reload" the changes. If you use a preInit script (which DOES NOT use compileFinal) you can use execVM too Please be aware of the following Server config.cfg requires allowedFilePatching = 2; (which is ussually the case when running with Arma 3: Run Server) No server side signatur verification will work, so verifySignatures = 0; to bypass it You can toggle Code Live to either use the source or PBO file (located in buildPath) Some commands / settings (like compileFinal / config.cpp) cannot be overwritten (anti cheat) HINT: Use [] spawn { compile preProcessFile "x\youraddon\yourfile.sqf" }; instead of execVM "x\youraddon\yourfile.sqf" from console to update file modifications Post Processing The post processing option (defined in .vscode/arma-dev.json) can be helpful to run additional tasks once a command has been successfully executed. An example of running a script when for instance all files are transfered to the remote can look the following: "postProcess": { "transferFiles": "./restart-server.ps1" } Please note these commands are always executed locally Requirements Arma 3 Tools ( Visual Studio Code PLEASE MAKE SURE STEAM IS RUNNING AS IT IS REQUIRED FOR PACKING Extension Settings arma-dev.logLevel: setup the log level (Info | Debug | Error) arma-dev.dialogAxisMode: How to display the dialog control axis (0 = truncated, 1 = original) restart required DOWNLOAD or search "arma-dev" extension in vscode
  7. Colle

    Map Marker Events?

    Hello All, I was wondering if it would be possible to make "dynamic" map markers. For example in dms missions is it possible to make a marker show up like "Claimed by (player)" When that certain player kills an AI at said mission, This would be pretty cool as we are hosting a PvE Exile server and this would help alot!
  8. Long story short. I created an exile server over January. The map itself has awesome custom locations created by myself. I put a lot of work into it but now as I'm back to college I am unable to maintain and future develop the server. As well as that, I have had no experience with this side of scripting before, so I am limited to what I want to add. With already 70+ people in our Discord the interest is already there, we just need the extra push to make the server even better. I will be focusing on the branding and promotion side. Please add me if you are interested, or message me on discord. Discord: Server Overview: Thanks, Metta
  9. Hi Thank you for taking your time to read this post. [EU/UK] Reno Exile So i am looking for a dev/manager Key points must know how to add scripts must know how to addons knowing how to write custom script will be good being able to add stuff to the server like textures Will Have asses to the server files If Your Are Interested please contact me on here or on my teamspeak

    [1.66 ARMA] - [TALK/RANT]

    I like the new update.... i don't, but we all like fast pace solutions. *THIS IS AN DISCUSSION THREAD - IF YOU NEED TO REPORT BUGS, RELATED TO THE 1.66 ARMA UPDATE, USE THIS THREAD: DId you acutally played/liked the new footsteps? I'm, myself, was really impressed about 10gb of new footsteps - damn - soooooooooo soft....i even noticed them
  11. Killsquad


    Very fun server top play in still in development.Just here to have fun
  12. Ultima-weapon

    Looking for a 3D dev

    I won't go into specifics, however, I want to make a mod for my exile server (and everyone) that will add content (uniforms, items, weapons, etc..). I am very experienced with writing config files and sqf scripts, however, my experience falls apart when manipulating 3D character models to work with A3. I am looking for a 3D developer that will be able to convert 3D character models that I will send to him/her to work as A3 character uniforms/equipment. I am currently able to add my character models into A3 as static objects and they look fantastic, however, I am unable to make the models into playable character uniforms. If you have what it takes ,would be willing to help add a great content mod to the A3 community, and don't mind doing it for free, please send me a message on discord
  13. I've just started a fresh Exile server with a view to run a lot of team based events, as well as a good and consistent normal server time for players. I'm looking for people to jump on and help from the ground up, experience would be a bonus, but willingness to learn and develop is all I ask. I have very little knowledge about this, but I am also learning. All ideas will be listened to, this isn't just for people looking to have God mode on server, this is for people who want to make a server good for the people playing on it. Please feel free to reply through this or via Steam (seasalt90)
  14. Maverick

    Looking for help

    Hello everyone hope your well! I've just got a server I'm looking for someone who can help we get it up missions AI starting gear mods and the rest lol I want to make pve send me a message if you want to help me thanks maverick
  15. Hey guys first off I would like to apologize if this is in the wrong area. I understand this is the place to go with any questions with exile. I've played exile for about 6 months now and has progressed from the state of just a common player to being an admin on a server and while that's all fine and well, the developed for the community I am a part of seems to have his hands full when it comes to taking care of our server. I would like to be able to assist him with the management and maintenance of the server but i have absolutely zero coding/programming experience outside of a bs computer class back in my high-school days. So my question for you gentlemen is where would i begin? Is there a specific coding language I should be able to use? Also i understand this isn't something you can just pick up and roll with in a couple weeks but I would like to at least try. Perhaps you guys could point me in the right direction? I appreciate you taking the time to read my post!
  16. Wolfie Anderson

    Looking For Staff Members And Developer's

    Hi! Im Wolfie, The Founder Of NuclearFusionGaming, I Am Currently Opening 4 Staff Positions To Help Increase The Population Of The Server And To Help Manage It, I Am Also Currently Hiring 1 Developer, I Am Not Going To Pay Crazy Prices, So If You Are Interested In The Opportunity Comment With This Template, Steam Name: Position Applying For: Age:
  17. DerpNL

    Server dont pass "loading map"

    Hi since last update i got a issue with my server, it doesnt want to continue loading the map in the loading screen. I manually added all new files that are needed for the 0.9.8 update (since i dont want to wipe unless really nececarry). Copy of rpt: RPT 7/3/2016 2:30 PM (dutch local time) Stuck with this issue for 2 days now, any one know what could be the issue? i've tried following: -steam dev update -changing codes as the lockers max hold config to 1 mil (since nobody has that amount yet) -redid the new way of traders (paste bin of this file: Traders Hope anyone knows the sollition cause i am out of options:( Kind regards, Silly Guy
  18. Hey guys, i search a install guide for the DEV Branch Server....(only Linux) can anyone help me? System: Debian 8 64 Bit What a Homepage you use for Gameserver...this here: have a nice day
  19. Hi! I am enjoying the Official Exile Altis server and i like the idea of you hosting official servers. The difference in fps, loot-lag and desync is huge, and i get a much better gaming experience on this server than on any other i have tried. So, to my first question; Do you plan on putting up an official Tanoa server in the future? I would definitely play on this and i am sure many others think the same. I think this would shine more light on the official servers aswell, something that would get more people to report back to you. And my second question; What is your view on zombies? Is this something you would put on such a server or would this work contradictive to what you want to achieve with such a server? The reason i am asking is that, personally, i find zombies to fill some sort of hole in the gameplay and it makes survival harder on another level than the possibility of getting a bullet to the head. You have probably answered this question a thousand times, but i wanted to throw it in here while i was on a roll. I tried searching for answers before writing, so if these questions have been answered in the past, feel free to punish me as you see fit -Eighty
  20. GamersRoost

    remove script box from development build

    I finally got time to create a Tanoa server, and when my testers and I join the script box is there. I have checked both Steam arma and A3launcher and the -showscripterrors is not enabled that i can find. How can i remove this ? Thanks, Josh
  21. S.L.Y.Toxin

    Tanoa Server move Branch

    Hi all Im tryin to move my Tanoa server from the ApexPreviewBuild to the Dev Branch. So im goin through the steamcmd and update my server like this: Updating goes well but when i launch the server it logs in the RPT file that its the stable version: Anybody knows or see the error im doin? thx for help
  22. T.w² | Prime v2

    Base Wall Health?

    So I have been playing on the same arma 3 server now since exile came out, and ever since raiding was first introduced I loved to do it. Yesterday and just now I tried to raid two different bases with explosive charges, I use the x4 M112 Packs, from RHS I think the mod is, they do 60,000 damage per charge. Recently it has been 5 charges (300,000 Damage) to blow through a non-reinforced wall, and 17 charges (102,000 Damage) to blow through a reinforced wall. From yesterday and today we have spent 10 charges on each base, on non-reinforced walls, and nothing? We have spent 200k and have recieved nothing from them since we can't enter their bases... So all I want to know is the amount of health each type of wall has, or if exile has removed base raiding all together for this patch. I spoke to the server dev and he checked all the logs and everything and said that base raiding with explosived was still enabled, but he doesnt know how much health they have and thats why I am here. I would post this to the ask a dev section, but sadly it was disabled and I couldnt post this there. Any replies help, Thanks! (I play on ghostzgamerz by the way if anyone else is having the same problem, not trying to promote them in any way)
  23. Hi, My name is Kaboose, Me and a friend rented a Arma 3 Exile Server from Gaming Deluxe. Now we have experince in running game servers. But we never had an Arma server before and once we started dicking around with the server trying to set things up we quickly realized we have no idea what we are doing on the server. We tried looking through fourms and finding tutorials but... we kind of ran into a stone wall we figured out a lot of stuff so far but we do need additional help. Even if some one is experienced in running an Arma server and is already an admin of a server we could use your help in setting up stuff. We need to figure out how to set up admin commands, install certain mods and managing a few things. We are mainly looking for an admin whom would be on the server regularly. If you are interested let me know.
  24. [LQM]Jimbo

    Looking for a Developer

    Hi I have recently tried starting an Exile server on my dedicated box. I can't seem to get past the headless client. I am looking to get my exile missions (A3XAI and DMS missions) on to a headless client. If anyone can help me, I will pay $$. Regards Jimbo
  25. Reply if you are interested