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Found 18 results

  1. I am interested in making some money to support a ptsd/grief support website I'm hoping to host. I also have a public server of my own with custom exile running that I use for testing. My current setup is for a GTA styled version using ambient systems and not requiring restarts. I am ex military, Infantry NCO with operational experience as well. Current Exile test Server 'Ronin Exile' with ambient systems and Zues control. I specialize in ai systems and performance enhancement. Another server project of mine using iniDB
  2. DaCrazyKiwiGamer

    Server Developer Wanted

    Hey guys so we are going to be opening a Exile server and we need a Developer to help make the server / Update Server i would do it my self but i just don't have the time right now to do so We already have the Server Box And Team speak server Running. Reply to this thread if you are interested Thanks
  3. Jetlifecrew_

    Looking for Arma 3 Server developer

    looking for someone to possibly hire or help me set up my dedicated server on arma 3 for exile. wanting it make it as much like the old dayz as i can. Im going on one week of nothing but errors thats why im looking for help. Contacts me at this forum or emailing me at
  4. Heyo, I am the Director of an Australian Gaming Community named [ADogs] Aussie Dogs. I am currently the only developer on the team and we have so many projects going that I am starting to require help from others, this is where you come in! We are looking for an Arma 3 developer to assist in growing our Arma 3 Servers! I am rather new to the Arma 3 Server Development scene and have only a small amount of knowledge. I mainly deal with website related development. Now before I go on, I'll give you a little information about our community: The [ADogs] Aussie Dogs Community is looking to become a diverse and all accepting gaming community, having multiple servers on different games, all customised and all unique. We currently have enough donations to sustain the continued development and running of our servers for the foreseeable future. Some of the unique things we will focus on doing are listed below: No Corruption within Staff Non-Toxic, friendly community Issuing public warnings, bans and information on suspicious or confirmed individuals (For example, we currently have a "Hall of Shame" where we put all our bans and warnings, for the public to see) Staff should almost be like regular players, there will be no Staff Offices or In-Game Staff Perks (Other than of course development rooms) Customised Content Customised and Connected Website Presence Now more about this developer position: This position currently being offered is a development position for our Arma 3 Server('s). I would like this developer to have experience with running and creating their own scripts/servers/missions on Arma 3. We currently put most of our developments to a vote before deciding to implement them into our server, for example, if the community wants zombies, that's what we will add, but if they don't, then we won't. You may not always be working on the most fun of projects but you will always be praised for helping this amazing community grow! How do I sign up/How do I ask more questions about this position or the community? Well it's quite simple, just come over and join our TeamSpeak 3 Server! Find me [ADogs] -=Jaffa Cakes=- [Director] and poke me saying you'd like to apply and find out more information. If I'm not online at the moment of you joining then also feel free to add my Steam Account and message me! | I am happy to accept multiple people into the development team, so don't worry if you see other people also applying for the position, you should still have a go! Also, if possible, please comment below that you are interested in joining! Thanks, Jaffa Cakes Director of [ADogs] Aussie Dogs
  5. Hello to anybody reading this. My name is Stratego and I am in the process of creating a unique exile experience for all Arma players to enjoy. While this may be easier said then done, the members of my current gaming community and I are up to the task. All we require now is a developer(s) to help turn our creative vision into a reality. Im not going to discuss any details on here but if this small taste of what our community could be interests any of you creative developers out there; feel free to send me a DM on this forum, reply to the topic, or add me on steam here @ Thanks for your time!
  6. Spartan49

    Map Dev for Hire

    What's up guys! I've done a lot of work for various Exile communities setting up maps, designing traders, and adding custom locations, and trader functions to servers. If anyone needs any help with map design (or re-design), feel free to message me, or add me on Steam. Price is negotiable depending on how much work is to be done. Here is a gallery of some of my previous work: Steam:
  7. Pyro | Phil

    APF Exile Server | We Need Staff

    Hello , my name is Phil proud owner and founder of the APF Community. We aim to make a community successfully that is fun and a clean community. We have backing funding , if you like we would like to enrole you into the staff team. This is your chance to shine and promote yourself. What we need : -Admins (Need Experience) -Mods (Need Experience) -Content/Media Coverage (YouTube / Twitch) -Support Staff (For forums , TeamSpeak) I am always on our teamspeak and it is : More of APF'S server links: - website - forums Please get back to me, Thanks Phil
  8. marcmarder161


    Guten Tach liebe Community, An die Moderatoren: Ich poste das nicht im "Staff" Bereich weil der für alle Sprachen ist. Wir sind an einem Punkt angelangt an dem ich / wir Hilfe brauchen , ich verwalte / stelle die Game-Server ziemlich weit alleine bereit - seit Jahren - und der Entwickelungs Prozess von meinen Anstehenden Projekten würde alleine zu lange dauern. Momentan bin ich auf den Exile-Server konzentriert, der auch sehr gut läuft, aber parallel stelle ich einen Plan auf für einen Arma III Taktik Server auf. Der Exile-Server ist durchschnittlich mit 5-15 Leuten belegt und der Teamspeak mit durchschnittlich 10-20 Leuten. Wen ich suche: Jemanden der sich schnell Sachen selber beibringt Jemand der sich schnell mit allen anfreundet Jemand der sich mit GIT auskennt!!!! > (Git kann man leicht auch lernen) Jemanden Kreatives Jemanden der Organisiert an sein Ziel ran geht Evt Linux Kenntnisse? All unsere Server-Maschinen laufen auf Linux mit vollem SSH Zugriff, weil wir uns nicht ausrauben lassen von Buy and Play Hostern > (Linux kann man ebenso leicht lernen) mindestens 20 Jahre alt Supporter Job gibt es auch: Erfahrungen im Support Englisch Kenntnisse Kreativität Umgehen mit Google Docs Erstellen von Mindmaps via Docs > lernbar mindestens 17 Jahre alt Zu mir: Mein Name ist Marder (Ingame) und ich bin einer der wenigen die es besser und anders machen wollen. Der Ständige Konflikt mit nicht funktionierenden Funktionen ist eine Art Hassliebe für mich. Ich war auch mal gewöhnlicher Spieler auf anderen Gameservern und wie so ziemlich jeder kommt man an einem Punkt an, wo der Server einem nichts mehr geben kann - man hat schon alles, die Admins sind ignorant, man hat Feinde, man hat zu wenig Möglichkeiten und man hat Stress wegen unsinnigen Regeln mit den Admins. Diese Punkte waren ausschlaggebend für das aufstellen einer eigenen Community und somit den Versuch zu machen es besser zu machen. Ich hoste nun seit 6 Jahren aktiv alle Art von Gameservern. Eventuelle Community Admins die bereits eine Community usw besitzen und den gleichen Ideen-Gang haben > Aushandeln lässt sich immer etwas. Geantwortet wird per Post und ihr bekommt eine Nachricht von mir, ob ihr euch melden könnt oder nicht.
  9. Wardbeek

    Searching for a DEVELOPER

    Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Ward, im 18 years old. I live in Holland, and im the proud DEV of deadlands. Why did i start a arma 3 exile server? I started the server becouse i always loved to play on arma 3 modded server's. And i started this server, becouse i was sick of other server's that were not exactly what i was looking for. Why im searching for a dev? Curently i have am having a hard time to manage my server alone, becouse it cost's a lot of time. So i need a person that can help me develop my server/moderate. My server is currently not very popular. But it's always worth trying to get a great server, for people that join. And to do that i need to work on the server. But is too much to do alone. What am i looking for? 1. Someone that has worked with arma 3 servers before. Or who is good in learning to develop a arma server. 2. 16 years old or older. 3. A mature server admin. 4. Someone who point's out good idea's, and is not afraid to criticise me. 5. Who like's to work on a arma 3 server as a hobby. (I ask this for free, i will not pay you for being a DEV) 6. And final. Someone who has the spirit to work hour's long on things to make the server better! Info about the server. Name: Deadland (and some other text) IP: Port:2312 Map: Altis (Can be changed if you don't like it or think there are more populair options). Mods: @Exile;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@acr_a3_cup;@CBA_A3;@Extended_Base_Mod;@TRYK I hope on seeing you soon! Best Regards Ward
  10. Wolfie Anderson

    Looking For Staff Members And Developer's

    Hi! Im Wolfie, The Founder Of NuclearFusionGaming, I Am Currently Opening 4 Staff Positions To Help Increase The Population Of The Server And To Help Manage It, I Am Also Currently Hiring 1 Developer, I Am Not Going To Pay Crazy Prices, So If You Are Interested In The Opportunity Comment With This Template, Steam Name: Position Applying For: Age:
  11. My name is raider and i run a average sized gaming community and i am looking for 1 or two experienced server dev that can help get thing's started or even just help me out with the launch as i am trying to refresh myself with arma server hosting. Thank you for taking the time to read my add and i hope to hear from you soon. p.s you will be compensated.
  12. I really would like to know as I am trying to pick a language to start learning, thanks!
  13. Agent 47

    Open Slots for Sever owners

    Hello this is Agent 47 with a message to the public. We are in dire need of agents who know how to be stealthy and kill effectively (code and add stuff to the traders). As of right know there is only one lone Agent running the Agency and he needs your help. There are many targets and objectives that need to be handled, those who join can have no experience but it is preferred that you have some knowledge in the matters at hand. If you wish to join the Agency and want to help Agent 47 in his missions contact him. We will be in touch. (Please for the love of god help me, im the only admin on my server and I need help. Its much appreciated)
  14. I am currently looking for an experienced exile developer to help out with my Exile server. If you are a competent developer, you will be payed for your services, you are also more than welcome to join our upcoming community and continue with us aswell. Please message me for more information. Cheers.
  15. george3098

    Exile Developer

    Hi I dont know what part of the fourm to put this in so i am going to put it here. My Server is looking for an Exile developer to help us with the server. If you are intrested please add me on skype themagicmidget. Thanks.
  16. HeadlessRocket

    Need Coder / Developer

    Just purchased an exile server but need help to add mods and get missions ready i am using gtxgaming as a host to the server
  17. Cookiebiceps

    Need Developer LOE

    Hello i am one of the founders of land of exile as i have gotten myself a new jobb so i would need a person that can be admin in game and of course update the server when i am gone. if you are interested Give me a message on our forums or come on our teamspeak. We have a dedibox so we can funny customize our servers to our needs.
  18. CoBalt Jets

    *VIDEO* Make a Exile Server Easy!