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Found 8 results

  1. So... Players keep connecting to my server then disconnecting immediately. I've seen up to 5 players in 30 minutes trying to connect. What might be the problem?
  2. dimitalus

    Random Disconnect.

    Hi, so I'm currently having this issue where I join a Exile Server and can play for maybe 20 minutes and it will randomly kick me to the lobby for no reason, all my mods and everything are up to date to what the server wants, and it isn't just me that is having this issue there are a lot more people with this issue, some days I wont disconnect at all but recently it was been far more frequent. Any help would be appreciated, i have tried erasing my player profile and that solved nothing. Thanks, -Dim.
  3. I am searching since hours and afraid that i go bonkers. Because i know that i lowered it when i had a server running some months ago, but now i can´t find that setting again... We don´t need any disconnect time delay on our server, because it´s password protected and we are only some good buddies playing PvE/Coop. But it drives me crazy to wait 10 seconds to disconnect after testing, if i put something on the server or changed something. I am used to leave the average way of disconnecting instead of stopping the server and getting disconnected then, without having 10 seconds to wait... Please, could somebody tell me where i can find that setting... P L E A S E Thanks in advance!!!!
  4. Wardbeek

    [SOLVED] Player can't join

    I keep getting this error if someone try's to join my server 8:42:06 "ExileServer - Calling ..." 8:42:06 Error in expression <ion] call ExileServer_util_log; [] call _functionCode; }; missionNamespace setVa> 8:42:06 Error position: <_functionCode; }; missionNamespace setVa> 8:42:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: _functioncode 8:42:06 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_event_thread_spawn.sqf, line 37 Sorry i couldn't paste this to pastebin ): But u can download here!!1kMUDBhZ!B9mrUFQyymddudH_h3hptD49WZsVIy6Co__KjhU46Ds And the text is here CAUTION THIS TEXT IS VERY LONG!!! LAGG MAY ORCURR Can somebody help me why people can't conecct, and they don't get a error or something. They just get warped back to the server selector menu. And the weird thing is my friend an i can join but he didn't coneccted as a admin.
  5. Hello, i need some help if anyone could lend a hand, the problem is I see players trying to connect but they never reach the server before they are disconnected, where did i go wrong? They are not kicked off the server, they are just disconnected, to me it looks like they are timing out but i could be mistaken. Ive already contacted my host and ive looked through everything ive done, but i haven't found the problem, the only noticeable error in my RTP is this; "Error: Object(4 : 140) not found" and "Client: Object 4:182 (type Type_437) not found." (DB Issue?) Any insight on this? Am i just missing the obvious here?
  6. hi. i just tried to change the mission file name, to hint players what mods they need to download to play on my server. I also changed the template name in the config and restarted. now everytime i want to connect, i instantly getting disconnected again (without error). when i look at the log i cant see any problems. any ideas please? "Exile | DL Zombies & Demons + Extended Base Mod.Tanoa" <- Mission Name
  7. papahyooie

    Many players immediately disconnect

    Hello all! I seem to be having some sort of problem. Recently I have been seeing numerous players log into my servers, then immediately disconnect. There is no entry in the RPT logs, so I am having trouble figuring out why. It is undoubtedly costing me tons of potential players. Is there some other log that I don't know about where it will tell me why these players are never connecting? I only see them in the console window and in the console's logs (.log files next to the RPT logs.) The only mods I'm running are Exile and mas weapons. They are both up to date. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. dashi.gamer

    mystery Player Spawn Location

    Guys please, i made a server but got a problem, all new players cant join my server and they are spwaning at location where nobody can spwan, i mentioned here in picture, i try to teleport them and there but cant see them, can see thr marker moves but cant see them. only players in database can connect to server is there any one out there can help me plz thanks please check pictures for more details where player are spawning.