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Found 5 results

  1. Exile Addons - originally small projects developed for the ArmA Exile communities EXO and SP4R but now rewritten and collected here. The time has come when a private repo just isn't good enough, that's why I continuously will rewrite my scripts and addons from EXO, SP4R and other communities. These remarkable plugins will be collected on GitHub and if you wanna read more on the specific features I'll describe them here. Clarification - You don't need to install all plugins, they are installed individually but some are dependent on others. The Package includes: Core Halo & Parachute Virtual Garage Grinding Hacking StatsBar XM8 Vehicle Upgrade -- Coming Soon Admin Events .. Coming Soon XM8 Apps; CHVD View Distance, Journal, Server Info, Vehicle Garage, StatsBar Settings It's really important that you follow the installation instructions and if anything is ambiguous, comment below. If you have any suggestion or request write them below Since almost all code has been rewritten I can have missed some bugs, just create a new issue on Github and I'll take care of . Encouragements always keep projects alive a little longer . Please consider donating if you like my work. Latest update post New release v.0.8.2
  2. StevieP

    Taw view distance issue

    Just a minor issue i'm having, i installed the TAW view distance script, this gives players the scroll wheel menu "Settings" which allows view distances to be modified real time and grass settings to be adjusted or turned off. It is working great BUT only after you die and re-spawn.. I've tested and the only way i can get the menu to appear is to die and come back in then it works perfect for the duration until a server restart then it is gone again until i die. Any ideas please on where i need to look to fix this? i'm getting no RPT log errors so i don't know where to even start looking within the code.
  3. Всем добрый вечер! Вопрос следующий, после обновления мода до версии 1.0.0 дальность прорисовки в игре уменьшилась до 800-900 метров, как в серверной части увеличить этот показатель? Заранее благодарю за ответ.
  4. Freakylein

    Shadow draw distance

    Hey Guys, I just need a little bit of help. my problem on my server is, that i have to change the "Shadow draw distance" from 0 to 200 everytime i join my server. (I just want too have Arma doesn't look "flat" without shadows) I run infistar on it, changed the TGV, and the other 2 distances to my very own value. Is it possible this is type of chained together? (By the way, why can't i change the Terrain in my config from "Very high" to "Ultra"? in SP there is "Ultra" but not in MP. Pls help. Running out of Memory
  5. I can not find the settings for the destination distance spawn goods vehicles. Poor appears C130. (RHSmod) it can not be taxied on the runway. Please, help.