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Found 2 results

  1. John Dogs for Arma3 Exile: made by JohnO About @John JohnO created this script and many others for Arma3 Exile. Unfortunately JohnO left Exile but was kind enough to let me release the script again. Some of JohnO's work includes Exile Reborn, Weather Script, Travelling Traders, Air Drops and Mission Events. Description: Spawn an ai dog from your XM8 and command it. How it works: Deploy a dog from your Xm8 using x1 beef parts. Scroll on the spawned dog with another set of beef parts & choose "Tame Animal". The dog can now be commanded. Rules: Can't deploy the dog in a safe zone (you have to set the safe zones up in the file JohnO_fnc_following.sqf). You can only have one dog per restart. Install: Install Instructions: John Dogs from your XM8. Install ExAd by @Janski Drop the DeployVehicle folder into your.mission\ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\DeployVehicle Drop the Deploy Vehicle server file in your @ExileServer/addons/exad_dv.pbo In config.cpp search for class CFGXM8 Add the following to extraApps[] = { }; "ExAd_Dog" The line should now read: Underneath the extraApps line add: Add this line to your config.cpp file Custom Code Section: Now drop the "custom" folder into your.mission.pbo Add this line in your description.ext file: note that if you already have class CfgSounds in the description.ext just add the line below to your CfgSounds: Add these lines to your init.sqf: 9. Now change the price of the dog, x2 beef parts are needed. In config.cpp search for BeefParts and change the line to: Infistar Settings: Add "Craft Vehicle" to the allowedActions section: Future Requests (please help): The dog will attack other players, but only the owner can hear the dog bark & the player scream. I would love for the sounds to be global. Here is the code currently being used: I can get the dog into a vehicle, but can't get it back out. Here is the code currently being used:
  2. Tpb Chernarus winter

    This is an server under development, hardcore , pvp and pve