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Found 7 results

  1. aNNDREH

    Hilfe bei Map Gebäude Türen

    Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem. Und zwar wenn ich auf der Map South Zogoria Türen öffnen will gehen nicht alle auf. Das Symbol der Tür kommt. Aber es passiert dann nichts. Manche gehen manche nicht, ziemlich merkwürdig. Auf einen anderen Server habe ich genau das gleiche Haus getestet am gleichen Ort dort geht die Tür auf. Laut Map Mod brauch ich nur CUP Terrains Core. Auch die Serverfiles sind alle in Ordnung. Wenn ich eine andere Map hoste gehen alle Türen. So nun habe ich CUP Terrains Map und Cwa geladen um zu sehen ob es daran liegt, leider kein Erfolg. Die Map an sich neu heruntergeladen und diese nochmal rein gehauen. Immer noch genau das gleiche. Loot spawnt aufjedenfall drin Aber an der Tür scheitert es, ich habe auch mal länger gewartet weil manchmal die Türen trz ziemlich spät aufgehen. Aber selbst nach 10 Minuten sollte es ja mal langsam aufgehen. Es ist auch nicht so das nur die Standard A3 Gebäude aufgehen. Es gibt auch Häuser die von der Cherno Map sind und aufgehen und manche wieder rum nicht. EBM habe ich 3.3 und hatte diesen Türen fix den es mal gab drin und wieder raus gemacht, wieder mal kein Erfolg. Mir fallen auch keine anderen Ideen mehr ein, an was es scheitern könnte. Wäre euch sehr verbunden, wenn jemand noch eine Idee hat oder sogar eine Lösung für dsa Problem hat. Laut Rpt lädt auch alles richtig. Die Mods sind alle In Ordnung.
  2. LordRampantHump

    Locking all Doors in Base Radius

    Hi Folks, Im looking for some advice here, not so much a complete script, just a little direction. Im looking into some options on a test server for base security and one of those is locking all doors in the base radius (or unlocking). I have seen this done with certain vehicles and wondered how it would work on a base. I thought it would be simple enough but i am either blind or not working it out. So far all I have been able to do is "Bodge Lock" the doors by setting the variable "ExileIsLocked" but it doesnt hold after restart (Assume because its the physical lock not the full lock and remember) CursorTarget setVariable ["ExileIsLocked",1,true]; I am looking for more of a "Rotate Shut and Lock" / "Rotate Open and Lock" like the above mentioned vehicle script. If anyone could kindly point me in the right direction I would be grateful Regards LordRampantHump
  3. Admiral EliteSuicide

    Problem with Base Doors / Enter Car

    Hey Guys, I have since 2 days a problem on my server. Players cant open their base doors, in my Base works after I placed new doors but after some Restarts it dont open again + some Players frezze in the enter animation (Hunter/Ifrit) I hope someone can help me and know a fix Video:
  4. RastafarianTargaryan

    No dropdown on Doors/Walls

    I have started having a problem with not getting the dropdown menu on some doors/walls until I put down another base wall or something and then I get the dropdown for maybe 20-30 seconds then it goes away again. Its all concrete gates/ports that are locked. I can open a concrete gate that is not code locked fine. I have verified my exile mods. If anyone needs screenshots or more info, I'll be checking this thread regularly. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. FluffyMike

    Doors can not be unlocked

    Hi Exile Team, me and my mates came accross the issue, that doors can not be locked or unlocked sometimes until we move a wall or start a construction of something and then end it. This issue exists since we are using concrete walls and floors. Its not a big deal as it works with the mentioned workaround but is this known and going to be fixed? Have a nice day, Mike
  6. Just a quick question to anyone in the community if they've experienced desync when interacting with a base door, vehicle, etc. Specifically, closing your base door, and locking it. Yet the door on your screen does not close, or say locked. On a friendly persons screen it may of closed, but yet they see you walk right through said "close" but "not closed" door. Same thing with vehicles, as you'll not be able to lock or properly unlock a vehicle to get inside. The fix is the same with both, being a simple soft log. Any fixes? Any and all comments are appreciated as this breaks gameplay. -RedVine
  7. Hey First of all, great mod. Really enjoyed playing it so far! I wanted to let you know though, that I almost lost a lot of loot today, due to CODE LOCKS disappearing from doors when you upgrade them. We only have one Gate to our base, and it was locked before. Got my hands on a lot of metal today, so i decided to upgrade it. As soon as I upgraded the gate, our lock disappeared, leaving our tents and chests vulnerable to people. Gladly there weren't many people online and an admin was nice enough to send me 5k so I could buy a new one, otherwise our whole loot might have been gone. So I would suggest, that maybe you could keep locks on doors through upgrades if that's possible? Thanks in advance