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Found 14 results

  1. Today my players were suddenly unable to interact with items in their inventory. This includes being able to eat and drink! I need help fast. I did an entire server revert back to before this issue was happening, including reverting all server files yet this is still a problem. Restarting the server also did not help
  2. I eat and drink to 100%, then wait 2 minutes before logging out of the server. When I log back in I am at 35% food and about 55% water. Many other players on the server have commented that the same thing happens to them. It seems like eating and drinking isn't saved to the DB as regularly as other inventory related actions.
  3. xAberranthianx

    Dedicated Server - Unable to eat/drink/craft

    Hey all. I have been setting up a server and I'm nearing completion but I have an issue I discovered... I'm unable to open the menu for eating/drinking/crafting. I double click the item to eat or drink and I get the "blip" sound but no menu appears to eat or drink. I don't see any errors or anything so I'm thinking I fudged up a config somewhere. Hunger and thirst are enabled as my bars are draining but I can't eat or drink. Is there anywhere I can look to see if I changed anything? Thanks
  4. Eichi

    Plastic Bottle (Coffee)

  5. Eichi

    Plastic Bottle (Salt Water)

  6. Eichi

    Plastic Bottle (Dirty Water)

  7. Eichi

    Power Drink

  8. Eichi

    Plastic Bottle (Empty)

  9. Eichi

    Plastic Bottle (Fresh Water)

  10. Eichi

    Mountain Dupe

  11. Eichi

    Instant Coffee

  12. Eichi

    Hausmann Beer

  13. Eichi

    Energy Drink

  14. There are still some serious issues with re spawning. Dying after you have re spawned for no reason. Maybe if you haven't waited long enough before hitting the re spawn button. Also when landing near a slope with your parachute, you can sometimes be dropped too far from the ground and take enough damage to kill you after having taken a few steps. While on the topic of death, I want to know if it is intentional to have use die so quickly upon running out of food or water. I mean you can last longer under water without Oxygen than you can without drinking the stuff. I know a lot of people that have died this way, usually when trying to make a base or in combat. I don't think there is any need for this mechanic to work in this way. At least give us 1% health loss per second. That seems very reasonable to me. Not something that can be ignored, but long enough to get to somewhere that has food/drink. The fact that your legs stop working fairly quickly makes this change even more pressing.