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Found 6 results

  1. After adding the UCAV Sentinel, I realized that it's a NATO bird and that (Independant/Guer) players would not be able to use it. So, I added the UAVHacker trait to the players so that the sentinel could be hacked with the UAV Terminal. Here's what to do: NOTE 1: I'm not going to explain how to setup overwrites in this post. There's plenty of info in the forums on how to do that. NOTE 2: If you run infiSTAR, your BadActionCheck and/or BadActionContentCheck setting(s) in the EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp might cause players to get kicked/banned. You will either need to set both to false or add "Hack UAV" to the allowed actions. Setup overwrites for ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf and ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf if you haven't already done so for another feature/function/addon. If you already have overwrites for these files, just edit those files. ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf After this line: _player setVariable ["ExileXM8IsOnline", false, true]; Add this line: _player setUnitTrait ["UAVHacker" ,true]; ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf After this line: _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileLocker", (_accountData select 4), true]; Add this line: _bambiPlayer setUnitTrait ["UAVHacker" ,true];
  2. arigoth156

    Drone usage

    for some reason i can get the reaper , falcon, sentinal, and a sams to work . they wont connect to a uav controler and i have followed most post i can find about them i have edit code on exile_server and still i have hack uav everywhere it needs to be server side and still cant get them to connect or be able to hack them. is there something im missing its something to do with the mpmissions config file
  3. AlienfromouterSpace

    A3XAI and drones

    Hello guys. I have a question about A3XAI and the drones. Does somebody have drones working in A3XAI? I switched drones on(one, to be precise), those little drones that look like the toydrones everybody uses nowadays. This now is a week ago but i didn´t see any drone yet. Roaming Ai, roaming air and ground vehicles work fine, so i thought drones might work too, that easily. Now my last idea is maybe that they just fly too high, but i rather have the feeling there is no drone on the server. Has anybody A3XAI working with drones and could me point to the right direction, maybe?
  4. Screamer

    Armed UAVs problem

    So I have a funny bug on my militarised server. We have armed UAVs but only (independent green) I_class_name working with Exile player. The problem is when player kills other player using this UAVs then he is instantly killed by exile (suicide). When UAVs are used against NPCs (red) then all working fine. We have these UAVs and UGVs: I_UAV_02_F I_UAV_02_CAS_F I_UGV_01_F I_UGV_01_rcws_F It's looks like some kind of punishment for killing player from the same fraction. Any idea how to disable ???
  5. alright, so intresting question on this. love using drones, but the server i play on too often my drones are hijacked by someone else, i would like to know of a way if possible for the server admins to be able to prevent others from getting in to these drones beyond just having two people in it at all times. second, the idea of useing other faction items. i say this becouse my admins are telling me with how exile is currently we are unable to use other faction items such as uav's and the like, with makes it hard on admins to put things like unmanned ground pounders or even the new uav's from the new dlc. i would like to know if there is some kind of scriping to allow this kind of thing. finally. lock ableable deployables, this is something i have wanted for quite some time, being able to go to a location place down a turrent or launcher with in my base and know it will be there after restart or even our at a mission spot a way to protect it from being used on my own team.
  6. Razorbladeko

    Arma 3 Drones

    This is my first ever post on the exile community so if i have asked something which has been solved i apologize. The Arma 3 drones eg, Predator, Stomper. Don't work on exile. Was wondering if there is a fix for this so i can tell the admin on the server i currently play on, drones are under-used and i think people should use them more, adding to the tactics of Arma 3, the Quadrotor works fine. But was hoping for something with a little umpf. Thank You for reading, RazorBladeKO