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Found 8 results

  1. ejik[sow]

    Dynamic multi convoy for EXILE

    Dynamic convoy from ejik Dynamic convoys with a wide variety of settings. Multi convoys with multiple vehicles. To install the addon you need to throw exile_ejik_convoy.pbo at @ExileServer / addons The uniqueness of the addon: - Bots repair vehicle. - In one convoy can be several vehicle - Flexible setting - Static and dynamic loot - Each convoy should be adjusted separately. - The ban gets players into the technique - Air convoys. - Accrual of respect - Accrual of money in vehicle and bots - Turn off alerts - Turn off the markers - and other All settings are in the config file.cpp thanks all people.
  2. KnatteAnka

    Dynamic Locker

    Hi all now i have created a fun thing to att to your server to give the locker a dynamic value that rises with the more rank you get Github improved and perfected version: ExileDynamicLocker by g0dsCookie inspired by me KnatteAnka fork by RedNed from g0dsCookie version improved display of large values in bank! 4 files that is edited Config.cpp meaning a level1 respect player gets 60k locker and a lvl 2 get 111k locker and so on. ExileClient_gui_lockerDialog_show.sqf ExileClient_gui_lockerDialog_event_onDepositButtonClick.sqf ExileServer_system_locker_network_lockerDepositRequest.sqf Known Bugs: if adding money to locker the max locker value is reset to respect level1, but still works to add more money to the locker. Fixed with Github version
  3. Hi there! This is my first post on this forum. My name is Konni, and I've been trying so set up an exile server for about a month now. I actually never had any kind of experience with setting up a server, so I am basically a newb. So far I've been able to manage: DMS,ZCP,VEMF,R3F,ExAD,RoamingAI,EBM. Everything is working smooth-as, except the Heli-Taxi I've bee trying to set up. My goal is to set up a taxi which circles around the map to pick up new players etc.... The helis are to be marked by a map-marker. I've done this through the Eden Editor, by using the standard "MOVE" and "LAND" Commands. I set up 4 Hellcats, which are to patrol specific points around the map, all of which have their "DYNAMIC SIMULATION" turned "OFF". I even applied this for the whole map ("Attributes"-"Performance"-"....") and also added an "INIT"-Line to all of the choppers ("enableDynamicSimulationSystem = false;"). Yet still, as soon as a heli leaves someones view distance, the marker on the map starts spazzing out and the heli won't move until someone enters it's view distance. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Exile, since it does work in Vanilla. Looking forward to your answers Konni
  4. Original_Xenon™


    Welcome to Spartan Vanguards Exile Server! We aim to uphold the community's image of the perfect game play for exile and are always changing to make you're experience better for you. Mod List : Available Thru A3Launcher and Steam Workshop @Exile Mod @CBA_A3 @CUP - Units @CUP - Weapons @CUP - Vehicles @CUP Terrains - Core @CUP Terrains - Maps @TRYK - Multiplay Uniforms Pack @R3F Armes @Extended Base Mod Server Features Roaming AI +Loot +FPS 15K Start Non-Aim Bot AI Custom Map Advanced Building XM8 Apps Custom Loot (TRYK,CUP,R3F) Extended Base Mod Custom Missions ZCP Capture Points DMS & Exile Occupation Missions R3F Weapons Pack Virtual Garage BRAma Recipes Real Weather Script Hacking/Grinding StatsBar Custom Made Events --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Join To join the Exile Chernarus use the IP To join Discord Forum
  5. 『ᗷᕮTᑌKᕮY』™

    +Deutschlands bester Server+

    Joint auf Deutschlands besten Server. Ihr fragt warum ist das der beste Server. Ganz einfach! Wir hören auf die Wünsche unserer Community!!! Wir arbeiten hart mit eigenden Skripten und Addons daran diesen Server ständig und rundum die Uhr zu verbessern. Wenn ihr selbst bestimmen wollt... Oder Mitspracherecht möchtet, müsst ihr wohl auf diesen Server joinen. Tut ihr es nicht werdet ihr es sich bereuen.... Also man schießt sich.... Ahja, Eltern haften für Ihre Kinder... :-)
  6. [BWC] KoRnboy!

    KoRnboy!'s House O' Ouchies

    Tanoa + NIArms + EEBM + Occupation + DMS + MarXet + Bounty Dynamic missions, PvP is allowed.
  7. LBmaster

    Toast Exile

    Welcome to the Toast Exile Server, We are and English and German speaking community and you can be a part of it. I am creating many cool features to keep the Server interesting. I already added some custom AI Missions and custom rewards when you finish the Mission. We have 4 difficulties: easy, moderate, difficult and hardcore. You will get a defined amount of money and respect for the difficulty of the mission. This will be split up into the count of the players. The next thing are the patrols all over the map. We got about 10 patrols spread around the map. Feel free to visit our website for more information. LBmaster
  8. coftsock

    Dynamic Traders

    Wanted traders spread all around the map with different locations each restart? well have at this, remove all the trader fuzz from the initplayerlocal.sqf and save this as dynamictraders.sqf then follow @John instructions here on getting them to spawn in correctly Note this is setup for Esseker, for any other map you need to find the center (dosent have to be perfect center) and the radius to the furthest tip of land mass, as well as co ordinates of suitable locations for the air traders and boat traders (use this to help please edit your mission.sqm to remove the trader markers and zones right now it is very basic with the props and objects around the trader AI, if you have suggestions or have seen a vision in your wetdream of what the traders should look like let me know