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Found 2 results

  1. TheRavenBlue

    [ITF] Exile Server

    ITF is a Exile server hosted in Sweden, and is currently being maintained by a small group of experienced players! Who are we? We are a group of 6 people that run this server together, this is who we are: Raven: owner of the server! Jontarno: admin and developer on the server! Simon: admin on the server! Fuzzy: admin on the server! William: admin on the server! Mixit: server configurator and admin on the server! What do we offer? RHS CUP Dynasound 2 Enhanced Soundscape TRYK Zombies Missions Towing Rappelling Building And a lot more! Do you have Teamspeak? Yes we do! For quick support or just want to hang out join us:
  2. m01tar_

    The Short Bus

    The Short Bus is a harder Exile server that aims to bring Exile back to its roots. There is no base spawning, no deploying cars or ATVs, and no easy buying or respect. The server aims to force people to work to get what they want and be more tactical in order to do it. Weapons are more expensive and much higher levels of respect are needed to get the items and vehicles that you need. I want this to be a server for the players and I am willing to listen as an admin to things that you think should be included and will make the server better. I just launched the server last Friday and have been getting it to the place that I want it. One one of the last things left to do is to get a player base. Looking for anyone that wants to do some Exile. Add me on steam or join the Teamspeak if you're interested. Teamspeak: Server IP: A3Launcher Direct Connect: a3l:// Mods and Scripts include: Cup Terrains, Maps, Weapons, and Vehicles NI Arsenal Open Chernarus Project Tryk Uniforms Extended Base Building Virtual Garage Advanced Towing Advanced Sling Loading Advanced Movement Advanced Rappelling Rearm at Fuel Stations Player Bounties Custom Traders Custom Missions Roaming AI Black Market No Pay2Win White listed Sound Mods (Dynasound, JSRS, Enhanced Soundscape)