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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everybody, i experience the following problem: Im spawning an AI group of the side east. After they spawned, they immediately kill theirself like in a deathmatch. I search for a solution and tried evrything i found. Changing clothing etc. Than I tried to fix it by myself, first i disabled some mods(ryan zombies, extended survival pack) and shit like that, but looks like its a exile problem. next i thought its the map (cause im using esseker) but also on altis same. I tried it on my server AND in the editor directly, but in both cases, no change in behavior. So i started creating them of group independent and west and see, they no longer killing each other but also wont attack me, so i tried for the west side following: west setFriend [independent, 0]; in the hope, they will now attack me. But what happens: they started to deathmatch again... (same with procedure for independent) One interesting fact: when i try to get the side of the AIs, it says: side KI1 GUER this side is created by exile, i think cause its no normal arma 3 side. my script: _group = createGroup east; ki1 = _group createUnit ["O_V_Soldier_hex_F", [14679,16727,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; ki2 = _group createUnit ["O_V_Soldier_hex_F", [14671,16719,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; ki3 = _group createUnit ["O_V_Soldier_hex_F", [14667,16733,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; ki1 disableAI "PATH"; ki2 disableAI "PATH"; ki3 disableAI "PATH"; i created them on the alits airfield and on esseker at the military area. One last idea i had is, that the new arma 3 update and the exile version is a bit incompatible Exileversion: 1.0.4a and latest Arma 3 version
  2. Arpium

    AOD Exile-Z Altis

    High performance server testing. Tons of AI, 20+ missions, ridiculous amount of zombies at times. We have yet to get the server to drop below 25fps even though we have over 8000 objects and 2500 possible AI. Mods: ExileZ - 1500 total zombies, 100 Zombie Hoards, Roaming, Harrassing, etc. DMS + Occupation - 1000 AI, roaming, flying, driving, and even on boats... Mean ones too. Base attacks, heli crashes, etc.. Balanced (Easier) AI (WIP) RHS Weapons + Vehicles (Russian and USAF) MAS Weapons & Vehicles Extended Base Mod Tryk Uniforms CBA_A3 Enhanced Movement Optional Mods: Bloodlust JHRS Sound Pack Advanced Rappelling, Urban Rappelling, Sling-loading, Towing Blastcore Teamspeak: