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Found 8 results

  1. I was tired of people asking me one by one how to install infistar. I felt there was a better way to explain this so that anyone could not only DO the task but also understand WHAT they were doing. The instructions are a challenge and the reference to the @Folder in your start.bat is totally unneeded and very confusing to people. Rather than pasting calls and do this do that - I show people what "this and that" means. Here is my install video showing the easy way - Updated for the new additions in the Description.ext. (Version 90)
  2. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Crafting setup

    Huge update for including advanced weapon crafting mod ****************************************************** Updated for 1.0.2 Added "Exile" to start of Exile objects dropdown as some overlap with EBM. Remove "Craft " from Exile crafting list as its easier to find items which dont all begin with C. Added "EBM" to start of EBM objects dropdown. ****************************************************** Designed to be easier to update rather than having large config file - much easier for Exile updates, a collection of some of mine and a lot of other peoples posting of recipes on the Exilemod forums. This is built on my Easy Trader setup scripts to reduce the size of the main mission config and be easier to maintain on Exile updates, along with making the config easier to read and check for other mistakes. Download from: Added to GiThub to make update release easier: Installation: All 3 crafting files include dropdown classes for BRAma Cookbook ExileCrafting is standard Exile crafting CustomCrafting is extended crafting using only Arma or Exile items so you dont need any more mods ExtendedBuilding is for the Extended Base mod: 1. Copy folders into your mission PBO (if you change the file structure then change the paths below) all recipes work fully with Brama. 2. Open your mission config.cpp 3. Find CfgCraftingRecipes and replace the whole expression, from class CfgCraftingRecipes down to the final ); with the lines you want from below depending on what you want. class CfgCraftingRecipes { #include "addons\crafting\ExtendedBuilding.hpp" //requires EBM #include "addons\crafting\AmmoCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ArifleCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\ArifleReclaiming.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\ArifleUpgrading.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\BipodCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ElectronicsCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ExileCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\FlareCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\ItemsCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\MedicalCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\MeleeCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\OpticsCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\PistolCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\PistolReclaiming.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\RHSPistolCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\SmokeCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\SniperCrafting.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod #include "addons\crafting\StorageCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\SuppressorCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\TracerCrafting.hpp" #include "addons\crafting\WeaponRespray.hpp" // requires weapon craft mod }; and save 4. Repack into your mission PBO. Its easy to make your own files, you could make files for each mod or do them by category like building, guns, ammo etc, it is just a different way to keep your config tidy as you grow your crafting recipes. You can copy and paste your own recipes into each file as this is a basic template (which I currently use on my server in the Brama files). I wrote it a few months ago but got side-tracked with real life so didn't get around to posting. Extended build will be an older version so you may need to update files relating to it as I just don't have time at the moment. cheers
  3. Abe

    DAT ARMA3 Exile Tanoa,

    Just another Tanoa server, with enhanced movement, advance towing, vanilla loot, occupation forces, missions and some roving AI.
  4. Pr1cK


    JOIN US JOIN US SmallBatchGaming presents it’s new Arma 3 Exile server. Appropriately named, SBG EXILE-Z|RZ-INFECTION|100K TABSTART|DMS AND OCCUPATION Map: Altis The server comes with just a two mods right now they are listed as below: Zombies and Demons A Workshop Mod for Arma 3 Author: Ryan This mod adds zombies and demons throughout the map mainly in the major cities, military infrastructures, and a handful of other locations. RZinfection_for_eXpoch A Workshop Mod for Arma 3 Author: MusTanG This mod adds infection that is spread through contact with zeds, it also adds cures for the infection a pill(temporary) and an injector(permanent) as exile consumables. The same server rules apply on here as they do on many other servers. No hacking. No exploiting. PvP is allowed and base raiding is encouraged. We have a 150 slot teamspeak available (hop in to ask questions We also have 7D2D, Arma 3 Life (in development), Conan Exile, Rust, as well as a Modded MC server up at this time. Hop in for some fun, looking for exp. staff join TS for info
  5. You all hate it to update your current Exile installation without installing any heavy Software? Then this is the way to go! So I am currently working on a small lightweight Exile Launcher and Downloader and i would like to ask you about your opinion on my small project. It Downloads all data via http! You can download it here: Link (requires .NET 4) (note if your download is to slow i cant do anithing about it it is not my server) Windows 8/8.1/10 skip SmartScreen: Link Changes: Link In case you do not trust me or have any ideas (i can undersand this) here you have the source code: GitHub (all Controls are designed by me feel free to use them in your Project) VirusTotal: Link Some Screenshots: You want to develop something? This is how you can open this code in VisualStudio: License: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
  6. When you play on a server, do you like to have it easy or do you like the grind? Or something in between? The reason im asking this is because i am in the progress of making a server with a heavy emphasis on survival, but i kept thinking for myself, "will people actually do this or am i just wasting my time?" And now, almost done, i keep thinking that. i know what i like, i know what my friends like, but, that could just be a fraction of the total and thus im creating something for a very small market. So, am i barking up the wrong tree here or what? What would your "perfect" server be like, what would make you go "dayum"?
  7. Spesago

    Crafting: Make a Safe (Balanced)

    Hi, I thought i would share this recipe i made, I am sure someone else has done something similar before but i made this myself and like the way its made so i thought i would share it. This Recipe allows a player to craft a safe as long as they have: Fire Water Source 4 x Fortification Upgrade Kit's 1x Code Lock (The Fire and Water are used to Temper the metal making it stronger) The Fortification Kits can not be purchased normally only crafted or found in missions.The amount of metal needed to craft 4 kits is: 16 x Metal Boards 8 x Metal Poles or 64 Junk Metal Estimated cost of crafting a safe: 21k only a 4k saving from the standard safe price for all that work, but it does allow players with less respect access to a secure storage albeit with a TON of work. In fact assuming a sledgehammer is used to gather all that metal from shipping containers it will take about 320 swings to gather enough metal then they need to craft boards and poles, then craft the kits, THEN pay 5000 for a code lock and then have Fire and water together and fit 4 Fortification kits in their inventory to craft 1 safe. Realistically anyone with an alternative way to get a safe would likely take it but for those with no other option its a good way to get your first safe Installation: I have not really tested this and this is my first attempt to make something like this. please don't judge me too harshly.