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Found 25 results

  1. Super Jerome

    [Release] CUP AI Ship

    Me and my friends made a custom AI ship and I decided to share it with the community. The ship has vehicles and crates full of weapons and equipment inside it. I have imported it on the maps Altis, Tanoa, Malden, and Chernarus. If you wish additional maps please let me know. The ship has an AI boat and helicopter that does patrols as well as many AI inside. There is an working elevator within the ship to move vehicles around. You will need a lifting script like R3F Logistics to lift vehicles off ship. There is a AH-1Z on the main deck of the ship that players can take once they secure the ship. You will need some experience with Eden Editor to import/merge this on your current map. If you are unfamiliar with doing this see the my guide in my signature. There is an Eden section that should get you pointed in the right direction. Lastly, you will need Extended Base Mod (EBM) as well as CUP Units, Vehicles, and Weapons in order to use the ship. Steps are simple: 1. Place your map pbo (i.e. Exile.Altis) into your missions folder within "My Documents" and extract (see my guide). 2. Drop the "AIShip.pbo" within the same folder as your map .pbo. 3. Extract the "AIShip.pbo" into its own folder "AIShip.*Map*.pbo" (same as step 1). 4. Ensure you have EBM, CUP Units, Vehicles, and Weapons loaded and launch ARMA 3. 5. Open your map pbo in Eden Editor. 6. Merge the "AIShip.*Map*" with your current map. 7. Save your map pbo, Repbo it and upload to your server. The items on the ship may seem like they are floating in the air. Don't worry when your server loads it they will be on the correct level. You may reposition the ship and all the items within Eden if you don't like where the ship is at on map. If you do this though you will have to adjust the height of the ship or items on the ship. Required Addons: CBA_A3 CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod R3F Logistics (optional) DOWNLOADS: AIShip.Altis AIShip.Chernarus AIShip.Tanoa AIShip.Malden Note: Players enter the ship at the rear. There is an scroll option to open back gate.
  2. This is a guide geared for all server owners new and semi experienced. There is material dedicated just for hosting servers as well as more advance material for all server owners. There is also a detailed explanation of the infiSTAR AntiHack and Admin Tools installation. I made this guide to hopefully decrease the amount of "I'm Stuck" post on the forums. If you think I should change or add something let me know. There will be additions in the future. The instructions on installing infiSTAR AntiHack and AdminTools starts on page 17 of the guide. Server Owner Guide v2.0 READ THE GUIDE BEFORE CONTACTING ME. If you need help with something, I will provide assistance. However, don't contact me with a question that I covered in my guide. Also, set up a Altis server before you try to tackle a map like Chenarus. Note: The links that send you to pages inside of the guide itself don't work unless you download the guide. Future Updates: Customizing Exile Settings Chenarus Redux Setup CHANGE LOG:
  3. Super Jerome

    [Release] Exile Trader Compostions

    The trader compositions within this mod were created utilizing Zeus and Eden Compostions (ZEC) with a few additions. The traders do not come with their custom animations so you will need to set them yourself within Eden. I included my guide to help you with all of the Exile related inquiries. You can either use the guide included in the mod folder or utilize the link below. This mod requires Exile Mod, Extended Base Mod, & CUP Terrains Core. Also included within the folder is any changes you may need to make to your map pbo to have vehicles spawn in correct place. Please read the "READ ME" file included when you subscribe. Required Addons: Exile Mod (Duh) Extended Base Mod CUP Terrains Core DOWNLOAD When you open the addons folder after you subscribe it contains all the information you will need to make this happen. I am aware of some items that spawn with their height (Z) set incorrectly. Just manually adjust their height in Eden Editor. My guide is also included upon subscription or use the link in my signature if you need help. There are currently 3 compositions, I have included a few pictures of two of them. Enjoy.
  4. TroyT

    Apply Texture in Editor

    Is it possible to apply a custom texture to vehicles from within the editor? I want to do a "photo shoot" showcasing the custom vehicle textures on our server and it would be soooo much easier to do it in the editor.
  5. Anyone know what the max limit of items eden plugin can handle to convert to simple object ? I made all the traders in one file .. 5 of them .. I run sanity check .. it gives me the list . but when I try to convert in on shows the cans on one or two in an area.
  6. When exporting my map creation using the exile Eden export function in the editor. it drops to two decimal places (23,543.43 instead of 23,543.432) Due to the size of what I am making (basically replacing the Salt Flats mission from Occupation/DMS) it makes it look a mess as everything moves slightly. Any ideas?
  7. __Nairic~.

    Add Gas Station to Altis exile

    Hi, I want to add a gas station to refuel easily the heli, how to do this? When i add a gas pump with eden editor it doesn't work...
  8. I'm hoping to consolidate some of the questions I've been having regarding placing objects and NPCs on maps. In no particular order: 1. Export - I keep seeing references in the forums to "Export to SQF from within 3DEN", but have never seen any option to do this. Under SCENARIO I have the usual Save, Save As, Export, etc. The Export options are Singleplayer, Multiplayer, and Terrainbuilder. These are the only save/export options I can see. I also usually use M3Editor, but it only adds the Export Objects/Traders/All and just offers the pop-up with code. Am I missing something, or is the reference to "save as sqf" outdated? 2. Formats - Holy shit, how many formats are there anyway? Comparing initPlayer, initServer, and mission.sqm files from my Altis and Tanoa maps, as well as others I've cracked open while trying to figure out how to do certain things... they each have a different format it seems. When I try to export from 3DEN I end up with code that's completely foreign to any of the other formats I already have. The mission.sqm files are easy enough as I only ever edit markers and that's pretty straight forward. It's the initPlayer/Server files that cause me headaches. Which brings me to: 3. initPlayer.sqf. My Altis: My Tanoa: Each has its benefits as I can see. Can they be mixed? Is there a resource for explaining what each of the 30 or so options in the Tanoa version refer to? I like the way NPCs have been attached to objects in the Altis version. 4. intServer.sqf My Altis: My Tanoa: This post was triggered by me trying to place simple objects in my Altis map and not having any luck (players could interact with vehicles, packs, weapons, etc.). I opened up the Tanoa file and saw what was going on inside for simple objects. That's simple enough to emulate, but is there a way to generate this code, or do I have to manually code each item? Also, the private _vehicles formats are different in each version. I have some assumptions as to why there are differences, such as the evolution of the game/mod and the legacy format of Altis vs. Tanoa. It would be great to get some clarity, though. I spend a ridiculous amount of time tweaking something, throwing it against the wall to see if it sticks and inevitably going over to that wall and scraping the crumpled mess off of the floor.
  9. LilR3bel

    Chernarus Winter in Arma3 editor

    Hello, How do I manage to load the ChernarusWinter map which is on my server, into Arma3 editor? All I want to do is add some buildings to the airfields. Thanks
  10. LilR3bel

    ChernarusWinter in EDEN editor

    Hello, How do I manage to load the ChernarusWinter map which is on my server, into Arma3 editor? All I want to do is add some buildings to the airfields. Thanks
  11. I've been doing some map editing for my Tanoa server but have run into some roadblocks. I'm hoping to get steered in the right direction. What I was originally doing was importing the mission.sqm into Eden/M3Editor and placing buildings, copying and moving non-construction/safe zones, saving that file as mutiplayer and wrapping it back up into the .pbo. That's nice because I can see the objects as I manipulate the markers. The list of entities gets pretty long though. I had downloaded someone else's trader addition which consisted of adding include lines in the initPlayerLocal.sqf & initServer.sqf files pointing them to respective files in another folder. This seems like a nice way of compartmentalizing but I can't figure out how to generate the sqf's in Eden (they have the "Created with Exile Mod 3DEN Plugin" header). Tonight I made a trader in Eden and exported the objects, took that code, and pasted it into my mission.sqf and was stoked when everything loaded in... until I realized that everything was rotated in the wrong direction. I assume that Eden's rotation coordinates don't translate to the mission.sqf. So what is the best way to go about this? I'm not a coder and want a way that will allow me to easily differentiate the areas I'm creating. In the initServer.sqf I just ///commented the beginning and end of the objects and that would be fine. I keep finding partial information and introduction videos to several tools but nothing that really addresses these questions.
  12. Moin Leute, Bin gerade dabei ein wenig auf einer Map Objekte zu platzieren bzw. es zu versuchen. Habe mir auch das ein oder andere Video angesehen und auch das ein oder andere Tutorial angesehen jedoch will es irgendwie nicht. Ich habe das Exile Eden Plugin installiert und meine pbo geladen ... alles soweit so gut ... auch die Items auf der Map plaziert... funktioniert auch einwandfrei ,) Nun das Problem ... Ich habe mit dem Tool dann unter dem Reiter "Exile" mir die Datei angezeigt (initServer) und diese kopiert. Nun möchte ich diese in meine initServer einfügen nur wo ? // 6 Vehicles private _vehicles = [ ["CUP_A2_stan", [10057.1, 2069.03, 7.16085], [0.265299, -0.964166, 0], [0, 0, 1], true], ["CUP_A2_stan", [10063.1, 2070.78, 7.16045], [0.265299, -0.964166, 0.000470784], [0, 0.000488281, 1], true], ["CUP_A2_stan", [10069.1, 2072.6, 7.15537], [0.265299, -0.964164, 0.00196943], [0, 0.00204263, 0.999998], true], ["CUP_A2_ural_wrecked", [10076.6, 2061.8, 7.18737], [0.802244, -0.596997, 0], [0, 0, 1], true], ["Land_Wreck_Car_F", [10059.2, 2089.02, 6.60715], [0.740716, 0.671519, -0.0200516], [0.00182659, 0.0278336, 0.999611], true], ["CUP_A2_mrtvola_army1", [10076.6, 2063.89, 6.16292], [-0.42057, 0.90726, 0], [0, 0, 1], true] ]; ich hatte schon ein bischen rumprobiert aber leider wurd es mir dann auf dem Server nicht angezeigt... (auch keine Fehlermeldung etc. ) vielleicht hat da ja jemand eine Idee
  13. I'm on creating my own mission file for Exile on Australia map using Eden Editor I've done spawn points and treaders zones. I saved and exported mission. I tried to open sqm file with Notepad ++ and I saw this: So I restarted Arma, and tried one more time. Still the same. Tried again. Nothing. Checked Arma 3 files integrity on Steam, all ok. Anyone has some ideas?
  14. Trying to edit my mission so i can add lockers and other buildings to my server as i have traders etc but no lockers/banks. I load the mission in the eden editor and the map is blank. By blank I mean no traders at NE airfield, no buildings that are at the tarder citys etc. also when i try load the mission and not the mp mission it says this ( see below ) WHEN I HAVE THE MOD INSTALLED? !
  15. Hey Exilemod ! I am looking at creating some Exile video tutorials on Setup, Configuration, Mods and Plugins. If you guys are interested seeing how to use the Exile Eden Plugin, let me know and what you would like to see first. Regards S.
  16. Moin, Ja alles was ich im Eden Editor selbst baue verschiebt sich Tische buggen auf einmal in wände rein, also egal was ich baue die dinge machen immer was sie wollen! Wo ich den Tisch will!! copy paste :)) initServer Und hier ist das tolle Endergebnis Mache ich was falsch? Oder ist das normal? Hilfeee...
  17. Hello everyone, It's been a while since I have messed with Arma 3 Servers. I have a brand new server running Arma 3 Apex Exile with Tanoa map, however I want to make some custom areas myself, like trader camps / safe zones / atmosphere, to make my server more unique. The way I used to do it was to import all Exile created stuff into the editor, use that as a canvas and then work from there. I would like to know how to do that in the Eden editor and then make my own costume areas, without interfering with the Exile stuff already there.
  18. manbeartitan

    Animals moving in Eden but not in game

    Hello, Sorry if this being posted in the wrong area, but I was wondering why when I place animals within Eden editor, click play, the animals show movement and walk around. When I upload the mission file to the server, launch the game and connect, the animals are static and stay in place and don't move? I have tried looking around for answers, but I have had no luck figuring it out. I made sure to set the properties of each animal to enable simulation and disabled simple object. Thanks in advance.
  19. Mr_Americanto

    Making a map with 3DEN

    Ok, so round about the time that I decided to make a sever, there was the shift from 2d editor to 3d editor. I thought nothing of it at the time, but later realized that wasn't good. I was told that the new plugin was terrible, but I still wanted to give it a go. I tried, it was super easy, then came to the exporting part. I had no clue what to do. I tried to get some developers I know to help me, but they were just about as clueless as I was. I really tried a lot. I put all the info I could in their supposed places, and it just caused a multitude of problems. SO, I was hopeing for the great gods to give apon me someone who knows how to use this beast, so me and many people I know can continue on with our lives. Please I have been stuck on this for 1 month now.
  20. Mr_Americanto

    Stops Loading

    Hello! I am having trouble with trying to make my own exile server. I have placed all the buildings and things down that I want and I have placed all the markers needed as well. I am having trouble knowing where to place the information taken from the copy and paste. I have been trying to look at other files to see what I am doing wrong, but I still cannot find a solution. I have asked people who I thought knew what it was but they had no clue, and I have been stuck like this for multiple days. Please help! - I am very new to this. rpt -
  21. Akumu ikari

    Eden Update

    With the release of the Eden editor (3D Editor). I noticed it generated a different mission.sqm file. Now i could be an idiot and think that since the Eden editor came out that we could make the map to how we want our server to be (setting up trader locations ect) like you would do in the 2D editor. Has anyone tried to replicate what the 2d method was in 3d? Else if you can't then ill have to work in the 2d version for now. Also i noticed that when "Arma 3 Apex" is released the 2d editor will go? So what does this mean for those that have been using the 2d editor to make the maps up to do it in the 3d editor? Or am i missing something and you can exactly what you normal would do in the 2d editor and make the mission file and the rest up in the 3d and it would all work? Hopefully what i said didn't seem confusing. Anyone shed any light to this?
  22. TBsThug

    AI Squad Tando

    I have made a AI East squad of 6 in Eden Editor. I know how to export the mission.sqm to my arma3\mpmission\folder. I have been told to put that in my server mission.sqm. The problem I have with that is my mission.sqm that is on the server has the following: class Entities { items = 54; class Item0 { dataType = "Group"; side = "Independent"; class Entities The mission.sqm that I got from eden has the following; class Entities { items = 1; class Item0 { dataType = "Group"; side = "East"; class Entities Can someone explain how to combine them? is there a video out there that shows how to do it with the new eden? I cant find one for Exile. Here are the two files: server mpmisson\mission.sqm eden mission.sqm
  23. [SOLVED] Thank you Exile team for the worlds greatest update lol 3DEN Plugin When I seen that it was like Chirstmas. That solved a week long problem. Again THANK YOU I am running a Exile Tanoa Server. I wanted to add a bridge to the north west Island that would connect to the main land. Went into Eden and built one. I see I could not export a file that would work in server side so, I went to Bohemia Forums and found a post that showed a way to copy the build items so you can put them into your mission.sqm. I use the following: [] call BIS_fnc_3DENExportOldSQM. Have tried 3 difference ways, one stopped the mission from loading and the other two I got into game and found no bridge. I must be missing something simple. Can someone school me on this. below are some file that you may need to help me. If you have links for this I am willing to do research. mission_ON_SERVER.sqm THIS IS ON SERVER NOW AND WORKING WITHOUT BRIDGE EDEN_MISSION This is the one I copied from Eden using [] call BIS_fnc_3DENExportOldSQM mission_ORG.sqm This is the one that I used before any changes Client side RPT started server and logged in using mission_ON_SERVER.sqm of course it was called mission.sqf in the pbo (no bridge shows up) server side RPT started server and logged in using mission_ON_SERVER.sqm of course it was called mission.sqf in the pbo (no bridge shows up)
  24. papahyooie

    Adding AI via EDEN

    Hello all, I am currently trying to put AI in via the EDEN editor (specifically attached to static machine guns). I add it all through EDEN, and export it to SQF (using an editor mod). Then I call the SQF from the server. All the objects including the 50 cals, and any buildings I add, are placed just fine, but the AI are not present. So I was going to try to add them via the mission file, but when I try to do so, I end up with a mission.sqm with none of the Exile stuff in it (like Eden is stripping it out). Obviously I loaded the editor up with Exile mod enabled. So I tried to make the mission file, and copy paste the additions into the existing Exile mission.sqm. It looks like it's in a totally different format, and it doesn't work. So does anybody know how to add AI to an exile mission via the editor? Thanks!
  25. Higgins909

    Eden Editor Video Tutorial.

    Made by me, sorry about the audio. Feel free to ask any questions.