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Found 31 results

  1. maca134

    M3Editor - 3DEN Edition

    So, I got around to making 3DEN easier to use for adding crap to the map and getting the output as SQF. (It will export objects, traders and relative positions). THE OBJECT OUTPUT ARRAY IS NOT HE SAME FORMAT. YOU HAVE TO COPY-PASTE ALL THE SQF OUTPUT AND NOT JUST COMBINE ARRAYS FROM OLDER VERSIONS OF M3E. Download will be on A3Launcher. Github: Tutorials: By @[TiC] ucjohn
  2. Hello Everybody! Have you ever noticed that on your mission that there are no ‘real’ moon cycles? No stars/constellations moving? Such as a certain star being in the East during Spring, and it will be in the West come Winter? Or for example, it is a ‘new moon’ and you never see a full moon which would happen a few weeks later? Ever notice that the start date and time are basically ‘written in stone’? Ever struggle with determining how much the time acceleration factor must be to have 3 hours server up time to 60 hours of in-game time? Afraid of changing these because you might change something you did not intend? Or maybe causing the dreaded ‘syntax error’? No more! Now you can have full moon cycles along with accurate star/constellation movements that occur in REAL LIFE IN REAL TIME! No more of this ‘static’ settings. Now, your server can be in REAL TIME with NO intervention from you! If you set it up, you could have your server start with the current date and time! Or just the time, or just the date! YOUR CHOICE! Want your server to run in REAL TIME? NO PROBLEM! Want your server to run in real time and have the correct time in-game EVERY BOOT? NO PROBLEM! This program will allow you to change/modify four settings every time it is run: Date, Time, Server Cycle Time, and In-Game Time Passage. So for example: Real Time: Server starts at 1200 Ends at 1600 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1200 Ends at 1600 (28 hours later) Real Time: Server starts at 1600 Ends at 2000 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1600 Ends at 2000 (28 hours later) Or Real Time: Server starts at 1200 Ends at 1600 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1200 Ends at 1600 (4 hours later) Real Time: Server starts at 1600 Ends at 2000 Game Time: In-Game Time start at 1600 Ends at 2000 (4 hours later) (In other words, the in-game time will be set to the current date and time or to what you selected at every boot) This is accomplished by setting the 'staticTime' value to the value you have set in the program: // Uses Dedicated Server time as ingame Time useRealTime = 0; // Will overide RealTime useStaticTime = 1; // time in ARMA FORMAT << CONFIG // staticTime[] = {VALUES YOU HAVE SELECTED}; This mean that it will always use what you have selected. Even with the bug in v1.04 where 'useRealTime' is flawed and does not work, this does not prevent this program from working. So with the bug, you can always have the current date and time or any date and time you wish and it will always work - with or without this bug. You now have COMPLETE control over the time and date which was not possible in the past! I have used this program for 2+ years and works flawlessly. Once you set it up, which takes about 3 minutes, you will never have to touch it again unless you wish to alter the settings. This program will create a complete and ‘ready to go’ batch file command that you can easily insert into your ARMA startup batch file. It takes about 20 seconds to run so there is not a ‘big delay’ with running this. Proper usage should be that the command is inserted ONE LINE BEFORE the line that contains your ARMA server executable. Example of your ARMA batch file: Line 1 – ..... Line 2 – ..... Line 3 – ..... Line 4 – This is where the command line would go Line 5 – armaserver.exe Sadly, to use this program you MUST be able to edit your ARMA startup file and have the ability to put EXE’s on the server. If you do not, you MIGHT be able to get your host to ‘ok it’. The program itself is approx. 188kb in size and will run on any version of Windows, from Win95 –> Win10. When you download this program, you will have a choice on a ‘Stand Alone’ version or an ‘Installed’ version. Try the ‘Stand Alone’ first. Both will be included in the RAR file. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link
  3. Z80CPU

    Deleted Content

    Hello Everybody! Over the years, I have noticed people having issues with mission files that give them the dreaded ‘Deleted Content’. Then they come on here seeking what to do and how to deal with it. For those who know how to deal with it, it is fairly easy. But, if you do not know, then you’re stuck. Not only that, but if your mission has 20, 30, 75+ items in the ‘AddOnsMetaData’ class section you could spend 30-60 minutes renumbering the items after you remove them. Heaven forbid if you delete a semi-colon or cause some other syntax error! So for those that struggle with how to fix this error as well as help those the the ‘AddOnsMetaData’ renumbering, I have put together instructions as well as a program that will automate some of these procedures for you. This program can be used for ANY ‘Mission.SQM’ file which gives you this error. It does not matter you get it when you try to play your mission or when you try to edit the mission. It does not matter if it is for Exile, KOTH, SP, or MP. This program (64kb) is a Windows program that can run on any version of Windows, from Win95 –> Win10 with no issues. This is a program that I have personally been using for over 2 years and it is a time saver! Instructions on how to use the program as well as how to fix these errors are contained in the YouTube video which is in the ReadMe file as well as directly from within the program itself. When you download this program, you will have a choice on a ‘Stand Alone’ version or an ‘Installed’ version. Try the ‘Stand Alone’ first. Both will be included in the RAR file. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link
  4. Hey, I have a problem. I like to build in Arma. Now, as an Innovative Decoration, I wanted to take some vehicles with me. In itself no problem, only ACE releases the lock status from the editor. No matter with which command I try it, no one shows a result. I've searched all forums, YouTube and whatever else you can think of, but found nothing useful and above all functioning. Has it ever tried a rum? Or even knows a solution to it?
  5. TroyT

    Apply Texture in Editor

    Is it possible to apply a custom texture to vehicles from within the editor? I want to do a "photo shoot" showcasing the custom vehicle textures on our server and it would be soooo much easier to do it in the editor.
  6. aNNDREH

    Editor Spiel Logik nutzen?

    Hallo liebes Exile Mitglieder, im Editor kann man eine Spiel Logik auf vorhandene Gebäude setzen, so das sie dann "ausgeblendet" werden. Wie kann ich das ganze realisieren bzw. ist dies überhaupt möglich. Wäre nice, wenn mir jemand helfen könnte bzw. was dazu sagen könnte.
  7. sirassassin

    Place the loot - editor

    Hello to all I have a question to ask you I have an Exile server And I would like to place the loot at will Type, AXE spit and make it use you player, the problem and I can position it but it remains like an unusable object. Do you know how to do it?
  8. mikekozowsky

    vehicle as part of map

    Yellow, i was just wondering how to make vehicles spawn as a map object in my server. Cuz i want them to be a part of my trader, but just putting them in whit the editor doesn't seem to work. Help plz
  9. When exporting my map creation using the exile Eden export function in the editor. it drops to two decimal places (23,543.43 instead of 23,543.432) Due to the size of what I am making (basically replacing the Salt Flats mission from Occupation/DMS) it makes it look a mess as everything moves slightly. Any ideas?

    USS Freedom Help

    im trying to add the USS Freedom to my server with a few trader on the top deck of it. first time i did it it all worked other than the ship moved once i was in game, so i went back into editor and completely moved everything to another postilion. now i can get everything showing other than the ship? here is my initserver.sqf and here is my initplayerlocal.sqf any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance SWEENNDAWG
  11. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED] Drag edited editor map to server.

    Hello community and Arma players, I have been trying to get an edited map on my exile server for almost several hours. I have read many posts and topics now up and down, without success ... I am playing on the map Altis and have set a building in the editor for test purposes and saved this mission. I am from there u.a. Followed this guide: "Simply take the Sqf into the missionfile, open sqf, remove the Unit / Center / West, just leave the _initCodes = [] at the beginning, then save in the init.sqf simply execVM" nameDerMapAddition.sqf "; . " Now take the first step "Sqf", my mission file was saved as SQM and there is also no Unit / Center / West or initCodes in the beginning ... My question is now, how do I get the placed building from the editor on my exile server? I am currently really perplexed and do not know, I hope one of you can help me with this topic ... I thank you already in advance with you! Regards, Capone
  12. I'm hoping to consolidate some of the questions I've been having regarding placing objects and NPCs on maps. In no particular order: 1. Export - I keep seeing references in the forums to "Export to SQF from within 3DEN", but have never seen any option to do this. Under SCENARIO I have the usual Save, Save As, Export, etc. The Export options are Singleplayer, Multiplayer, and Terrainbuilder. These are the only save/export options I can see. I also usually use M3Editor, but it only adds the Export Objects/Traders/All and just offers the pop-up with code. Am I missing something, or is the reference to "save as sqf" outdated? 2. Formats - Holy shit, how many formats are there anyway? Comparing initPlayer, initServer, and mission.sqm files from my Altis and Tanoa maps, as well as others I've cracked open while trying to figure out how to do certain things... they each have a different format it seems. When I try to export from 3DEN I end up with code that's completely foreign to any of the other formats I already have. The mission.sqm files are easy enough as I only ever edit markers and that's pretty straight forward. It's the initPlayer/Server files that cause me headaches. Which brings me to: 3. initPlayer.sqf. My Altis: My Tanoa: Each has its benefits as I can see. Can they be mixed? Is there a resource for explaining what each of the 30 or so options in the Tanoa version refer to? I like the way NPCs have been attached to objects in the Altis version. 4. intServer.sqf My Altis: My Tanoa: This post was triggered by me trying to place simple objects in my Altis map and not having any luck (players could interact with vehicles, packs, weapons, etc.). I opened up the Tanoa file and saw what was going on inside for simple objects. That's simple enough to emulate, but is there a way to generate this code, or do I have to manually code each item? Also, the private _vehicles formats are different in each version. I have some assumptions as to why there are differences, such as the evolution of the game/mod and the legacy format of Altis vs. Tanoa. It would be great to get some clarity, though. I spend a ridiculous amount of time tweaking something, throwing it against the wall to see if it sticks and inevitably going over to that wall and scraping the crumpled mess off of the floor.
  13. Bob_the_K

    What are VR Objects

    So what are VR Objects? I see them as objects in the editor but what are they and how are they used? A google search turned up almost nothing.
  14. Currently i'm using this from BDTZ But the only problem is when using this method (Created with Exile Mod 3DEN Plugin) buildings that are added can't blow up and you can't break the windows (For example; the hospital windows at the front), any solution for this? In the editor with simulation and damage enabled on them, although this is interesting, i spawned a machine gunner within the editor and i could shoot out windows, BUT when imported into my server, they don't break nor can be exploded, it's 'Enable Damage' but it doesn't take effect in-game, only in the editor... At this point i'm stuck... Here is an example of one building(CUP Hospital): ["Land_A_Hospital", [8662.48, 4700.43, 16.7411], [-0.766067, -0.642761, 0], [0, 0, 1], true] Any ideas? -Clarky
  15. LilR3bel

    Chernarus Winter in Arma3 editor

    Hello, How do I manage to load the ChernarusWinter map which is on my server, into Arma3 editor? All I want to do is add some buildings to the airfields. Thanks
  16. McQuade

    Cup Core objects server side only

    Is there a way to add cupbased objects that aren't available in vanilla arma or exile to our server side assets with requiring client side to download anything? Wanting to use some cup objects and compilations to build with and not require any client side cooperation? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  17. McQuade

    Help with objects recognized in map

    Used all the info posted to build an implement objects in altis with m3eden editor. Placed and arranged exactly how they were supposed to in GSP server but problem is that is the objects are over water I think. Items spawned in or dropped from inventory just act very odd or as if the ground isn't there. Also having trouble finding info on adding additions to the viewable map. I teleport to the area and get put under water. I have tried searching the forums without finding this info Thanks.
  18. McQuade

    Zeus admin login

    Can someone look through my mission file and see if i have this set correctly for working admin Zeus module in Exile MP server. We currently run RHS, CUP, JSRS, DMS, Occupation, ZCP. Want to be able to access Zeus for some added challenge. I have looked though many topics related and seem to find different answers. Thanks
  19. Here is a little video I made for the 3Den editor using the Exile and M3 3Den plugins. Shows you how to export to the initserver.sqf and initplayerlocal.sqf. Also doing the markers. The video was taken down due to copyright reasons (most likely because of the music i added), so i apologize for the no sound LOL Open a youtube tab and choose your favorite tunes. Also, Exile moderators. if this is the wrong section, please move it to the correct section. I sent a PM to one of the moderators asking where I should create this thread. The message was read, but i didnt receive an answer. So i'm posting it here. Any questions, don't hesitate. Ill answer what I can.
  20. Trying to edit my mission so i can add lockers and other buildings to my server as i have traders etc but no lockers/banks. I load the mission in the eden editor and the map is blank. By blank I mean no traders at NE airfield, no buildings that are at the tarder citys etc. also when i try load the mission and not the mp mission it says this ( see below ) WHEN I HAVE THE MOD INSTALLED? !
  21. Hello everyone, It's been a while since I have messed with Arma 3 Servers. I have a brand new server running Arma 3 Apex Exile with Tanoa map, however I want to make some custom areas myself, like trader camps / safe zones / atmosphere, to make my server more unique. The way I used to do it was to import all Exile created stuff into the editor, use that as a canvas and then work from there. I would like to know how to do that in the Eden editor and then make my own costume areas, without interfering with the Exile stuff already there.
  22. Hi guys, So, for the past few days, i've been trying to load my missions.sqm into the Editor so that I can convert it to the Chernarus map. Before I tried this, I wanted to see if the missions file would even load into the Editor. The issue i keep having is that when I try to load my mission, it keeps asking me to convert the map. If I convert, missions.sqm is wiped and nothing is placed in the Editor. This counts for all sides also. Is anyone else facing this issue or is it just me? :\
  23. MRBD69

    A3 Editor Mission.sqm to sqf

    Hallo, wie in der überschrift zu lesen möchte ich gerne eine .sqm zu sqf converten. Ich hab mit A3 Editor ein paar Trader Gebäude erstellt und wollte dies nun auf meinem Server übertragen. Doch alles was ich finde geht. Nebenbei English kenntnisse sehr schwach. Das bekomme ich als ausgabe: Und wie ich es eigentlich benötige: Ich hab es mit dem hier versucht doch ohne erfolg bekomme ständig eine leere Datei. Hoffe ihr könnt mir dabei helfen ohne das ich M3Editor (sehr unpraktisch mit m3editor) nutzen muss und alles von neu "bauen" muss. MFG MRBD69
  24. [TBI] Liam

    Modules In Editor

    So i have been trying to create town take over missions for @GamersRoost and i have had great success but i have one issue... You cannot insert modules into M3 Editior so i cannot export as a sqf so then i am stuck using the simple editor where i can only export as an sqm. I want these missions to be executable via an execVM in an init.sqf folder. If anyone knows how to modify the sqm to be used like an sqf i would like to know or if someone knows how to export as an sqf using modules also let me know. Thanks! @Zupa
  25. Gonzo1690

    Xcam 3D Editor

    Hi Leute Ich wollte euch nur einen kleinen 3D Editor vorstellen mit dem man in relativ kurzer Zeit Maps umbauen und optimieren kann. Ich arbeite damit schon seid 4 Monaten und arbeite damit auch um eigene Maps zu erstellen. Es ist super simpel und bietet eine Menge an Tools und anderen Sachen. Ich habe bis jetzt noch keinen 3D Editor gesehen der diese Menge an Features mitbringt wie der XCam Editor. Man kann damit missions Dateien abspeichern oder während der laufenden Mission Sachen hinzuladen. Zum anderen bietet XCam auch die Funktion die gebauten Sachen so zu exportieren damit man sie im TerrainBuilder importieren kann. Ich wollte euch diesen 3D Editor nur mal kurz vorstellen^^ Denn ich habe schon öfter gelesen (nicht unbedingt hier) das leute gefragt haben wie sie objecte am besten platzieren können.