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Found 7 results

  1. Anhor


    In seiner Art einzigartiger Exile Server! / In its kind a unique Exile Server! Da es bei Exile um eine Survival Simulation geht, haben wir den Server entsprechend aufgesetzt: / Since Exile is a survival simulation, we have set up the server accordingly: --> 400 km² dichter Dschungel / 400 km² dense jungle --> KEINE asphaltierten Strassen / NONE asphalted roads --> Etwa 150 km schiffbare Wasserwege / About 150 km of navigable waterways --> Viele Eingeborenendörfer / Many indigenous villages --> Einige wenige Militärposten / A few military posts --> KEIN Food/Drinks Händler (geh jagen und koche Wasser ab oder loote) / NO Food/Drinks Dealer (go hunt and boil water or loot) --> KEINE Tankstellen (such Kanister oder Fässer) / NO gas stations (search for canisters or barrels) --> Ausrüstung, Waffen und Fahrzeuge aus der Vietnamkriegsära (vor 1972) / Equipment, weapons and vehicles from the Vietnam War era (before 1972) --> Extended Base Mod --> Mozzie --> A3XAI als Vietcong (Ausrüstung und Waffen) als roaming AI auf der gesamten Map (zu Fuß, im Fahrzeug oder Helikopter, KEINE Marker) / A3XAI as Vietcong (equipment and weapons) as roaming AI on the whole map (on foot, in the vehicle or helicopter, NO markers) Spiel es nicht wie ein Spiel oder du wirst scheitern! Spiel als ob es um dein eigenes Leben ginge! / Don't play it like a game or you will fail! Play as if it's your own life! CBA_A3 ZOMBIES AND DEMONS CUP TERRAINS CORE G.O.S SONG BIN TANH UNSUNG VIETNAM WAR MOD EXTENDED BASE MOD MOZZIE
  2. Smithyy

    [DoGB]|UK| //|Exile Esseker

    [DoGB] Are a Friendly Clan , Active Admins At all Time , Any problems there is always a DoGB Member online If not feel free to Add Admins on steam Will list below names, we regualy update server and apps and add more features. we stride to get as much as possible to be going on at one time but also keeping a stable 45-60FPS At all Time , 20k start, We have many scripts running I.e Exad Deploy Quad, Random Bombing Towns (AceMeTNT), Enigma Revive , xm8 compass App Etc. So Feel Free To Join And Start Having fun! Updated to 1.0.4 Pineapple You Can also join The Teamspeak Server Listed Above And come and meet the clan! Admins [DoGB] Faron602 - [DoGB] Smithyy - IWG Andy - To be Added
  3. MikePetunia

    Petunia Tanoa Hardcore Survival

    Welcome to Petunia Server's 'hardcore survival' server. We run Tanoa map and this server is set-up to be a much tougher experience than our regular server (the regular server with more gear etc is on the same IP, but port 8702). Petunia Server have been running DayZ & Exile servers for a number of years and we have a decent mix of players, but mainly mature (if you're going to throw your toys out of the pram every 10 mins, don't bother joining!). Our admins are mature, friendly, and fair. We don't troll players or spawn stupid amounts of gear for ourselves, we're here to look after the server, the players, and make sure all have a fun and interesting experience. Our rules are pretty simple... No Hacking or cheating in any way, no voice over side (Join TS!), and ABSOLUTELY no racism, sexism, or homophobia. Our overarching rule for players and admins alike is "Don't be a dick!". FEATURES: Lowered loot spawn (survival server!) Less military gear (survival server!) MarXet Player 2 Player marketplace Weapons must be found (ammo can be bought but is expensive! - Alternatively, players can buy/sell weapons via the MarXet player-to-player marketplace!). Enigma revive (needs defib, which you spawn with!) DMS Missions (with edited AI loadout & loot) Load crates into vehicles Advanced tow Advanced abseil Ryans Zombies Roaming AI Petunia server has great performance and FPS and we backup the DB regularly backed up regularly. Come and join us! More info on our server and TeamSpeak at the top of this page!
  4. PatrickxXx75

    PrometheusRP Exile

    Heute möchte ich euch meinen kleinen noch sehr neuen Server Vorstellen(02.08.17). Zur Zeit sind wir 2 Leute die sich um den Server und Homepage kümmern. Wir spielen auf der Map Altis Mod/Script´s die auf dem Server laufen: R3f Logistics Script Boden und Halo Spawn Advanced Tow Enigma Revive CUP Units/Vehicles/Weapons ExAD (Grinding,Hacking,Virtual Garage) Exile Occupation DMS (Dynamic Mission System) Extended Base Mod Wiederbelebungs Script. XM8 Crafting App Bundeswehr Mod Rearm/Repair Script Schaut auch gern auf unserer Homepage Dort könnt ihr euch den kompletten Changelog anschauen. Weitere werden auch noch folgen. Wir haben die Map auch hier und da noch etwas verschönert um etwas leben in diese „fast„ triste Welt zu bringen. Mod wünsche können gern auch im Forum oder bei uns im Teamspeak geäußert werden. Des Weiteren wünsche ich mir auch auf alle Fehler/Bug´s oder unstimmige Preise bei den Händlern hingewiesen zu werden. Gern können auch hier noch Fragen zu uns oder dem Server gestellt werden. In dem Sinne viel Spaß auf unserem Server
  5. Ultimage

    Old Blood And Guts Altis

    A mature gaming community for folks from all walks of life!
  6. Ghostrider-DBD

    v68a kicks for enigma revive

    Thanks for the quick turnaround on the patches for Arma 1.66. We have notice a few minor issues. Since updating to v68a players are getting kicked whenever they attempt to use the defibrillator and enigma revive. The kicklog shows teh following: 06-12-2016 22:26:34 | Monty((---steam ID - 10) HLOG_SKICK: Monty | Monty(---steam ID - ) | Player object switched. Old object: [Monty() - Exile_Unit_Player 2:22597 R The Gang:1 REMOTE] - New object: [Monty(---steam ID - ) - Exile_Unit_Player 2:22604 R The Gang:10 (Monty)] | 7h 32min 8s It would be great if this feature could either be disabled or if use of enigma revive was specifically allowed. Thanks !
  7. [Crazy] MrPromo

    Bitte Löschen Danke

    Topic Bitte Löschen. Danke