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Found 4 results

  1. L04DING

    [FR] BwS | Exile Escape Tanoa

    Bienvenue sur notre serveur Exile Escape Notre teamspeak : - Mot de passe : Tigre
  2. WolfkillArcadia

    (It's happening!) Exile Escape

    Inmates! I have good news! But first, I'd like to thank everyone who donated. A special thanks to: Monkeynutz LordRampantHump lucy2990 Sir_Joker The Raging Kerfuffle gfourth Riker2335 dima054 AGR0- JayPaypers BaroN lobosds aussie battler Bunnaayy Darksoul47 kuplion 3210330833 @nae Rabid Panda Old Man Tim thomas_hirt and to everyone else who donated to Exile. I cannot thank you enough for helping keep this project alive, thank you. Now the news you've been waiting for... Exile Escape will be included in the next update of Exile -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those who don't know what Exile Escape is, it can be summed up in one sentence: Exile Battle Royale, get to the choppa!! Oh, you want a longer explanation? Fine. Exile Escape is a game-mode originally made by @Vishpala that brings the play style of Battle Royale to Exile. Before the match starts, inmates are spawned in on a starter island. Here they can access traders to buy customized gear to use during the match. Once the match starts, the inmates are teleported to the play zone. The goal is to loot, and either kill all of the other inmates or survive until the EVAC chopper arrives so you can escape. However, during the match, the play zone gets smaller and smaller, forcing the inmates to get closer to each other. Pictures: Videos:
  3. Joppe151617

    Exile stuff

    My first 2 wins, thouse were pretty close calls
  4. I have been experiencing a very weird issue since I fired up the Exile server (even with Vanilla setup). Users are unable to join through A3 launcher - sort of. When just clicking "play", they get to the Exile loading screen and it just freezes. No progress bar, no change in text, it just doesn't go anywhere. Escaping and direct connecting from there connects just fine. Of course, the problem is, outside our immediate group of friends, no ones knows this and cannot connect to the server. Currently about 80% of our users can replicate this. I've checked my RPT up and down, and it the server does not even see them trying to connect. There is zero recognition of the player connecting. Connecting through the Steam Arma Launcher usually works fine. Since most of our traffic comes through A3 launcher this is drastically affecting population. Even our regulars are having difficulties getting in. My intuition makes me think it's our host for the dedicated server (OVH) since the connection seems to break before the server is even hit. However, I made sure their GAME firewall is turned off, as is Windows Firewall. I've done various troubleshooting, and cannot seem to find a resolution. Here is the RPT from when we had a few people on and a couple failed attempts . I would really appreciate any advice. I would even appreciate it if anyone tried to replicate the problem and could provide their IP/time they tried to connect and were "frozen" at the loading screen, so I can report the time of connection errors to OVH. Mods: A2OP Frenzied Mod Pack Napf Exile Zombies and Demons Urban Rappelling (optional)