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Found 25 results

  1. CommanderEagle

    UNP Gaming Recruiting Testers

    We are UNP Gaming. We are looking for testers that would like to try our new server recently set-up.We are a small group on discord that enjoy exile server's, So we decided to create one which would be great in our view. This does not mean we dont take advice from the players. We will listen to the player base on any needs that need to be made.We looking to build a great community that would strive throughout the years. join the discord:
  2. Rob Graham

    Immersive Exile

    We are the Immersive Gaming Community. We feature a high performance Tanoa server with various mods such as: Better Basebuilding, Zombies and advanced movement. But thats not all! We also remapped Tanoa, so its overgrown now. Other features: 300+ new cars, 700+ new weapons, Ai-shuttle service to other islands, rebalanced loot, custom missions, Active Staff! Sounds great? JOIN TODAY!! Looks even better? JOIN NOW!!
  3. Luke Woodside


    We are a gaming community who host servers, originally we used to run Garry's Mod and Unturned servers, some of which are still running. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you join our servers you can expect little to no lag as all our servers are on dedicated machines where we pay for the hardware and not the slot, unlike other servers who use the likes of host havoc who use shared CPU's and RAM. You can also expect a professional and easily accessible staff team, If you join our discord you are guaranteed to get help quickly if not instantly. Our website will be available shortly Server should be up on the 22nd at about 6 PM GMT
  4. Zippy

    TUF-Exile Hardcore

    Server Restart (BST): 0400; 0800; 1200; 1600; 2000; 0000 TUF was founded by a group players from a Life server, we've decided to create our own community within the "Exile" community. We've a discord channel for any in-game issues on our server and we have active admins who're always ready to help. This is our first Exile server and its still being constantly worked on to add in more features and balance out the game-play. All related updates and change logs are posted on our "Discord" channel in the "Announcements" section. Server will be taken down at restart times for updates to avoid any disruption to your game-play. Features Virtual Garage Dynamic Icons Grinding Hacking Wreck sites Head torches Repair Vehicles whilst in Combat Build whilst in combat Claim Vehicle Ownership XM8 APP - Mobile activated ViewRestriction; Whilst in combat or holding a weapon you'll be in 1st Person View DMS Missions Halo spawning Improved Kill Feed TravellingTrader Advanced Rappelling, Urban Rappelling,Towing Enhanced Movement Revive with Defibrillator
  5. Druum

    [WG] Arma 3 Exile RU|EU PVP

    Попробуйте единственный русский сервер Arma 3 Chernarus на котором все делают для игроков
  6. Mr.Jeges |  冷冰冰

    DFTP's Exile Server [Hords,ZCP]

    DFTP's Exile server ! !Hardcore! Badass Zombie's, AI's, Hords TS, WEB, Discord Coming soon
  7. iKoE

    Phaze Exile Team

    Hello, my name is Larsson and I am the creator of Phaze. We are currently searching for players to join our Exile Division, the group is fairly new. If you're interested then please message me, and if you're not interested then please keep reading before you decide to shove us away! *** We have Captain roles to fill *** Any further questions will be dealt with in a private message through steam Who are we We are a group of gamers that like to get together and play games. The group was founded as a joke by a bunch of friends on the game Rainbow Six: Siege but now I want to use the name to create a community. Requirements We do have some requirements, but they are not strict.[/b] Age 13+ We mostly go by maturity levels, so if you're younger, then please feel free to speak to me anyways. Decent spoken english As long as we understand you, then you're good to go! Knowledge of the game and the Exile mod You don't need to be the best at everything, but a decent knowledge of the game is always a huge +. If you're new to the game and mod then we can teach you the basics. Willing to listen Listen to orders and execute them to the best of your abilities. Also being able to take and give constructive criticism. Rules No Racism No Sexism Sharing is caring *** Any rule-breaking is to be reported to me *** [/b] Joining Process First off you add me on steam, we will have a little chat and you can ask me any questions you'd like about the team. If you decide to join then you will be supplied with a teamspeak IP, we can further chat on there if you have any other questions. When you join the team, you will be put under the rank Exile Trial You will have this rank for 2 days, under these 2 days we will evaluate you as a player and potenial member. After the 2 days have passed and we deem you to fit the team, you will be promoted to Exile Member You will have this rank until I deem you worthy for a rankup. Promotions As the rank Exile Member You might wonder when you will get your next rankup. Ranks higher than Exile Member are earned. So by being active and performing in-game you can expect a rankup within a few weeks. Ranking Structure and Chain of Command This is our ranking structure. Exile Commander > Exile Captain > Exile Veteran > Exile Member > Exile Trial Exile Commander: This rank is to be had by only one at a time. They have access to everything and can deal with promotions, demotions, kicking and recruitment. Exile Captain: There should only be 3 of this rank. They will be assigned their own squads in the future when the team expands. They will have the power to promote Exile Trial to Exile Member aswell as demoting players back to Exile Trial. They will have the power to kick Exile Trial after consulting with the Exile Commander. Exile Veteran: This rank is earned. This rank shows your support for the team and is often only given to members who are active and have shown their worth during in-game situations. This rank is prioritized for rankup to Exile Captain when a slot is open. Exile Member: The basic rank of the team. This rank shows that you made it through the Trial Period. Exile Trial: 2 day Trial. This rank shows that you're currently under Trial. You're able to ask for a specializiation tag when you reach the rank of Exile Member. These tags will show what you're better than average at. These tags include: Fixed-wing Pilot, Rotary-wing Pilot, Marksman, Architect. The Architects will be given access to everything base related as they will be the ones constructing and designing the base. *** More ranks will be added as I see fit. *** Methods of Contact Steam Message Forum PM
  8. =^AB^=Tuscania


    Abbiamo tirato su questo server in collaborazione con Armata Brancaleone (Gruppo che gioca prevalentemente ad ARMA3) Il server è una macchina ultrapotente con prestazioni eccezionali, abbiamo testato con 100 player e non dà un accenno di cedimento o drop fps.Per giocare occorre ARMA3 con DLC APEX e le seguenti mods: @exile ed @rayan Zombies and demons.Ovviamente il server è provvisto di tutte le protezioni anti hack e ddos, e durante il 90% della giornata vi sono all'interno admin che possono aiutarvi nelle missioni dandovi una mano. Server PVP/PVEOltre al trovare molte armi e cose interessanti girando per le strutture vi sono missioni random che vengono create in automatico dal server, in piu una volta a settimana programmeremo un evento con speciali premi. We pulled together on this server with Armata Brancaleone (Group Playing mainly to ARMA3) The server is an ultra-powerful machine with outstanding performance, we tested 100 players and does not give a hint of weakness or drop fps. To play you must ARMA3 DLC APEX and the following mods: @exile and @rayan Zombies and demons. Obviously the server is provided with all the anti hack and ddos protection, and 90% during the day you are in admin who can help you in missions giving you a hand. Server PVP / PVE In addition to finding many weapons and interesting things going around the structures you include random missions which are created automatically by the server, in more than once a week will plan an event with special prizes.
  9. VirtualMechanic | PvP

    Come and try out our Vanilla Exile Altis PvP server with extra added Scripts, vehicles, choppers, jets and more! We have custom respect and prices on all items and vehicles to balance everything, so it will not be easy to acquire a tank, and certainly not easy to keep it ones you did buy it! For more details check the info below or come and check it out yourself! Specific questions you can [contact]( us. Cheers, VirtualMechanic =========================================================================== Server details:|PvP WAR|5k|Altis|Exile1.0.2|APC/Tank+More IP: =========================================================================== Server side Scripts: - Towing, loading crates to vehicles, move crates - Vehicle Godmode in your base over restart - DMS Missions & ZCP Capture Points - Custom hotkey for meds - Occupation AI - Sell whole crates - Halo Jump - Extra Spawns =========================================================================== Added Arma 3 Vehicles: – Tanks – APC’s – Attack Helis – Attack Planes – Infantry launchers =========================================================================== Bambi loadout: – Can of food – Can opener – Water bottle – Lee-Enfield =========================================================================== Basic Server Rules: =========================================================================== Rules in SafeZones: - No stealing nor lurking at vehicles, crates or gear - Even "just" looking into the inventory or getting in can and will get you banned - All vehicles inside SafeZone willunlock on restart and are free to take when unattended =========================================================================== Do not: - Grief, be toxic or abuse anyone, not in chat either - Glitch, dupe or use other exploits - Don't be a Dickhead, even if you are one =========================================================================== No building on or near: – Military bases – Main roads – Traders – Spawn Towns – Don’t place base flags unreachable* =========================================================================== Have fun and play fair - Don't agree with something? Come and talk on our TS. - 24/7 day - English only in Side Chat – No refunds =========================================================================== Come test it out! Feedback is always welcome, =========================================================================== VirtualMechanic, Server Dev. =========================================================================== For more info, go to our website;
  10. Plauge ⎛⎝⎠⎞ |

    [Eternal] Vanilla Exile

    50 slot Vanilla Exile server!
  11. GZRep

    Exile Customized

    PilgrimGaming™ - We're all just along for the ride! PilgrimGaming™ is an open gaming community that provides friendly, socially rewarding gaming experiences to the gaming public. We’re PC-focused, but our members play many different platforms and games together. We also operate our own dedicated servers. It’s hard to have a good social experience gaming online. On most public servers, few players use voice chat, and text chat only goes so far. Trolls and jerks are everywhere. PilgrimGaming™ offers an antidote! You’ll find our community active and friendly. Our team of volunteer admins actively keeps the trolls and cheaters out. Best of all, PilgrimGaming™ is open to everyone — there are no applications, prerequisites, or approval processes. You’re a member of the PilgrimGaming™ community from the moment you start playing with us. Missions & AI # Dynamic soldier missions spawned with different difficulty levels. # Radiation zone supply crates guarded by soldiers. # Zombies at the radiation zone. # Supply drops. # Heli Patrols & Heli Crashes. # All enemy soldiers are recognized by the blue soldier outfits. Click here to download Zombies & Demons Custom Map Additions # Custom spawn points, radiation zones, trader city. # Aircraft carriers spawn at sea. # Custom boat, airport, scuba and waste dumps traders. # All gas stations have a Fast Food, Vehicle Parts, Vehicle Customs trader and a locker. # Bridge added between the north-west and main island. # Radiation border trader. Vote Night or Day # You can vote for night or day by using one of the chat commands below. # You need to wait for 15 minutes between each vote. # A minimum of 51% of the online players will need to vote. # Chat Commands: “vote night” or “vote day”. Advanced Vehicle System # All locked vehicles owned by you in your own territory, is protected after restart. Protection is disabled when you log back in or someone unlocks it. # Advanced vehicle repair and salvage. Dark Zones # Capture Points that spawn in random selected cities. # You must be inside the inner colored circle constant for 10 minutes to capture. # There are 3 waves of Soldiers within the 10 minutes to capture. Militarized # Tanks, Armored and APC vehicles. # Regular and Anti Air Launchers. Vehicle Rearm # The rearm feature can be located in the trader city. # Armored Cars, Tanks, and Heli’s can be rearmed. # You need to be within 40 meters from the green military structure at the trader to see the option on the scrollwheel. # Vehicles can only be rearmed at the trader city to balance PVP. PilgrimGaming Headquarter # This area is used for testing and player support. # Locker and waste-dump traders. # Admin Events trader. # Fast Food trader. # Office trader. JSRS SOUNDMOD Support # JSRS SOUNDMOD is a sound modification for ArmA 3. # This modification is optional on our server, but really recommended. Click here to download JSRS Other Features # Option to steal territory flags are removed due to PVP balancing. # New players recieve 25k poptabs in their locker. # Advanced train simulator. # Advanced flight mode. # Extended loot search system. # Revive system. # Respect based loadouts. # Advanced towing. # Custom weather cycles. # Fog is turned off. # No nights, unless players vote for it. # Full moon nights when there is clear skyes. # Claim server and mission spawned vehicles. # Only wood structures can be breached. # Stamina and fatigue is turned off. # Fuel can only be purchased at gass stations or by draining other vehicles. # Territory protection-fee due date login notification. # Custom status bar and restart warnings. # Custom kill messages. Custom XM8 Apps # View Distance Tool. # Vehicle Check Tool. # Remote Security. # Recipes App. # Nearby Player Scanner. # Private Chat.
  12. endreu

    [LV/EU] dSmile Exile PVE

    Hi all. IF you like the exile mod then join and play with us ^^ Problems/suggestions just write in or add me
  13. Fru

    [EU/PL] Phoenix-network

    24/7 dedicated server! Join our exile server and teamspeak3! 24/7 dedyk Zapraszamy na nasz serwer exile oraz ts3!
  14. ☣ Volkhar ☣ [Fr]

    [FR/EU] Dayz Walker PVP

    DAYZ WALKER SERVERS ARMA 3 EXILE - Discover the new mod PVP ArmA 3 Exile Tanoa the new card. PVP -The son to Pinnacle YOUR DEBUT ON THE ISLAND - Choose Your spawn point of the list among AVAILABLE. - Touch down quietly and parachute begin your search Perform equipment and vehicle In buildings nearby, no bike is at your disposal pour Start. APPOINTMENT IN AREAS DEDICATED TO TRADE - The trade zone will allow you to sell your equipment ou to buy new one. -You Can aussi are buying cars, airplanes or the area you selons helicopters OÜ found. - Attention However CERTAIN areas are a daring high. Build YOUR BASE AND CONTROL YOUR TERRITORY - Can you construct your base and évoler anywhere. - Check The territory What you Will "paid" to the Mafia.
  15. ExiledSpecialForces is recruiting! Exiled Special Forces is a highly organised European group that has been borne in July 2016 by splitting off of a old clan, into this new, organised group. We are a small group with a tight play style that has PvP and Fun as main goals. We generally operate with a disciplined comms system for when we’re in the field, just so we can actually know what's going on. But we also have a good laugh between times, or sometimes even while we have contact. One thing to accept is that from time to time team members die, and you should be prepared lose all your gear and run halfway across the map to rejoin us. The trait we look for most in a recruit is a good attitude and mentality that fits ours. You don’t have to be the best player right away, just have the ability to communicate, take orders when needed and be open to learning from the more experienced players and you should be as good as the rest of us in no time. When the current commandos feel that you are up to standard, you will be promoted to full membership and can then earn more badges and rewards furthering your own ability. Games we mainly play: - Arma 3 (Exile mod) - DayZ (standalone) What do we offer? - Active, organized and damn good Squad play - Dedicated TeamSpeak and Arma 3 Exile server - A modern Website at - Loads of gaming experience (average hours in DayZ/Arma around 500-2000) - No drama or ego-trips Requirements to join: - Correctly enter your Steam profile link (eg: - Understand and speak English (on a decent level) - TeamSpeak (with a decent mic) - Be Mature (18+) and respectful to others - Understand basic tactics & callouts - Be active regular - Have common sense - No hacking/cheating - Good attitude & willingness to learn - EU based (We are sorry but we are not currently accepting US or RU applicants) - Have fun! To join us, simply fill in our Application Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Contact: ESF | VirtualMechanic™ Happy hunting! ESF | VirtualMechanic™ Our Exile server: ExiledSpecialForces|NEW|PvP|Exile Altis|5k|Tow|Miss+Cap|Occ AI
  16. jd004g

    [UK/EU] Exiled Bandits | PvP

    Exiled Bandits is a fun pvp server where every playstyle is welcome. We have DMS which is a missions system, we like to have almost no scripts to keep it as lag free as possible. We have 1 admin and 1 moderator at the moment. So would you like to play on a server thats just starting out and doesnt haev alot of players on then join ours!
  17. kenzo47

    Tripwire Exile Lingor EU

    We're working on the website. Welcome to Tripwire Gaming's Lingor server. We're here to stay. Newly started server with active admins and loads of content. Unlike other Exile Lingor servers we use fair trader prices. Not pay to win crap. Teamspeak Password: tgc
  18. DeeJay86

    [EU] Nequam Exile (Tanoa)

    Nequam Exile on Tanoa! This is a new server hosted with alot of experience and care for the players, we will put alot of effort in having active admins to take care of everything regarding the server. Server address: Mods required: @Exile @CBA_A3 @CUP_Weapons @CUP_Units @CUP_Vehicles Scripts / Addons: DMS - Defent's Mission System Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More ZCP - Zupa's Capture Points 3.0
  19. GZRep Exile Tanoa

  20. Hello everyone, we understand ourselves as a community of players who are enjoying nice teamplay and a good laugh. Our members have their origins mostly in europe and some in the US, mostly east coast. Arma3 Exile is a project of us since beginning of january 2016 and we host our servers ourselves, as like them and take care that everything is running fair and legit. Members of iECP are not bound to a single game or have any jobs or daily tasks by default. But there's room to join more responsable ranks. This is appreciated ofc. I won't list the default things we provide for you. We are existing since 1999. Youtube: Website: Exile: Teamspeak: (Contact us via Teamspeak or Website application) Requirements to become member Be friendly and mature 21+ (below is possible but you need to spend some time with us freely beforehand) Headset / Teamspeak - Communities aren't working without, you know. (No need to use it all the time or every day) English should be understood and you should be able to form some kind of understandable sentences (Feel free to see our teamspeak as a tool to learn to speak english better.) Creating account on (Steam auth), read the rules and use application button to apply for 14 days trial. (Every member can vote for or against you then). A membership is always beyond Exile activies. What we are doing Most of the time we play especially during the evening/night hours starting 19:00 CET to 03:00 CET (some members don't need sleep, I think). But this is the reason for having US guys from the east coast, it's a good timeframe to play together. Events. We are running events pretty regularly in the games we play. iECP is managing those and plays the oposition to the public players on our servers. In Exile specific we develop, test and run our servers as well playing on those with normal and legit player accounts. Enjoying the community sometimes without playing or playing together. Many of the members got friends overtime. Which we are proud of. What we providing NPL Teamspeak3 - 512 slots (in case of we need that some day... Would be cool, but as longer as I think about it.. nah too much work to manage this ) Several servers running all our services by ourselves. Website, Exile Servers, (Sometimes other gameservers like CS:GO, Terraria and other strange ideas... we had once) Community Plattform with internal and public areas, as well as a youtube channel. We are Friendly Mature Loving sandbox games Balanced between discipline and a good laugh Sometimes too serious but never extrem in anyway Here to stay... ----- We are a little bit low on Exile video material atm, but take a look on that one and Exo's perspective of one of our events (English/German language Mix)
  21. InCoMpLeTe-T

    [project X] Namalsk

    the [Project X][Eu-UK] Exile-Namalsk[AD-TOW]AI Missons]PVP- High Lo server IS a fused Teamwork between a German community called [200ML] and a UK one called BFG and an all around Eu Admins team! the project x server is a hardcore server with roaming ai and really hard missions,1 of them "a10 mission 2 ai jets battle the sky until one is shoot down and then the exile mafie send a gosthawk to secure the reck", we are an growing community! and are looking forward to seeing you one one of our 2 servers !
  22. I am looking for an eu server to play on with my friend The main things i want is to have zombies and weapon mods and hopefully esseker (not a must) And it needs to be in eu... i have found a bunch of good servers that have everything i want but they are located in NA...... if anyone of you know of any servers that have these mods and are based in eu please let me know !
  23. Le groupe + Serveur dédié de la communauté francophone d'ARMA 3 ouvert à tous Francophone ! Le but de ce groupe est de réunir les joueurs Francophone d'Arma 3. Nous venons de créer il y a 1 semaine un serveur Exile Mod. Le staff en charge de ce serveur est habitué aux serveur Arma, Dayz Mod, Altis Life depuis plusieurs années. Nous customisons le Mod pour êtres agréable en PvPvE, et écoutons vos avis/retour de bug, et organiserons des Events. Ils vous est possible de créer votre équipe et de promouvoir votre (vos) chaîne(s) Twitch et bien plus. Mettez vos informations à jour et partagez le lien de ce groupe avec vos amis qui y joue afin qu'ils nous rejoignent. Le serveur est en ligne 24/24 7/7 administré, Customisé et mis à jour par nos soin. Bien que le groupe et le serveur est administré par GNL, In-Game évidement le serveur est multi-teams. Serveurs sans limite de ressources (Datacenter) sur ligne 1Gb/s, donc peut largement supporter un grand nombre de joueurs sans lag.
  24. This ist written in German on our Homepage, so i will translate it in a short way for all other guys and girls. We are searching a team for our servers, we are starting a project in Ark and ARMA3. What we need is: Support for our Homepage, Forum and TeamspeakSupport IngameDesigneradvertising managerThis people should speak English and if possible German. If someone can use Photoshop this would be great. Greetz