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Found 8 results

  1. Plunsh

    Lost Isles

    Dear guys, today started our new session on our exile server! All mods you need to join our server besides Exile. Where to download Exile? Here is the link for Exile 1.0.3 : IP: Name: Lost Isles Exile |Missions|CustomLoot|ResitrctedZone|DayzStyle|Additional Mods:- JSRS- Advanced Rappelling- Urban RappellingYou´ll have to download the rest to join the server.Have fun!Official Trailer:

    [TCG] Tri-Core Gaming Community

    Hi there, We are looking for new members to join our Multi-Gaming Community, Exile Mod is our main game and we have just brought our Chernarus server online. We are a laid back group with people from all over Europe looking to increase our numbers to populate the server and to make new friends to play games with. We will also be recruiting more Admins down the line to help out with server and discord and to manage the community. Come Join us for a no obligation, laid back gaming experience! Discord: Facebook: Steam:
  3. iKoE

    Phaze Exile Team

    Hello, my name is Larsson and I am the creator of Phaze. We are currently searching for players to join our Exile Division, the group is fairly new. If you're interested then please message me, and if you're not interested then please keep reading before you decide to shove us away! *** We have Captain roles to fill *** Any further questions will be dealt with in a private message through steam Who are we We are a group of gamers that like to get together and play games. The group was founded as a joke by a bunch of friends on the game Rainbow Six: Siege but now I want to use the name to create a community. Requirements We do have some requirements, but they are not strict.[/b] Age 13+ We mostly go by maturity levels, so if you're younger, then please feel free to speak to me anyways. Decent spoken english As long as we understand you, then you're good to go! Knowledge of the game and the Exile mod You don't need to be the best at everything, but a decent knowledge of the game is always a huge +. If you're new to the game and mod then we can teach you the basics. Willing to listen Listen to orders and execute them to the best of your abilities. Also being able to take and give constructive criticism. Rules No Racism No Sexism Sharing is caring *** Any rule-breaking is to be reported to me *** [/b] Joining Process First off you add me on steam, we will have a little chat and you can ask me any questions you'd like about the team. If you decide to join then you will be supplied with a teamspeak IP, we can further chat on there if you have any other questions. When you join the team, you will be put under the rank Exile Trial You will have this rank for 2 days, under these 2 days we will evaluate you as a player and potenial member. After the 2 days have passed and we deem you to fit the team, you will be promoted to Exile Member You will have this rank until I deem you worthy for a rankup. Promotions As the rank Exile Member You might wonder when you will get your next rankup. Ranks higher than Exile Member are earned. So by being active and performing in-game you can expect a rankup within a few weeks. Ranking Structure and Chain of Command This is our ranking structure. Exile Commander > Exile Captain > Exile Veteran > Exile Member > Exile Trial Exile Commander: This rank is to be had by only one at a time. They have access to everything and can deal with promotions, demotions, kicking and recruitment. Exile Captain: There should only be 3 of this rank. They will be assigned their own squads in the future when the team expands. They will have the power to promote Exile Trial to Exile Member aswell as demoting players back to Exile Trial. They will have the power to kick Exile Trial after consulting with the Exile Commander. Exile Veteran: This rank is earned. This rank shows your support for the team and is often only given to members who are active and have shown their worth during in-game situations. This rank is prioritized for rankup to Exile Captain when a slot is open. Exile Member: The basic rank of the team. This rank shows that you made it through the Trial Period. Exile Trial: 2 day Trial. This rank shows that you're currently under Trial. You're able to ask for a specializiation tag when you reach the rank of Exile Member. These tags will show what you're better than average at. These tags include: Fixed-wing Pilot, Rotary-wing Pilot, Marksman, Architect. The Architects will be given access to everything base related as they will be the ones constructing and designing the base. *** More ranks will be added as I see fit. *** Methods of Contact Steam Message Forum PM
  4. D0Nk

    *NEW* SWE/EU

    Brand new server, still in development but it has the standard mods and addons to satisfy your needs! Features so far: • XM8 custom apps • Shipwrecks 20 - 80k poptabs • Loot crates • DMS with custom missions • Roaming AI • Enigmas revive • Infistar anti-hack • Status bar • Towing and rappelling • Extended base building with vector • Viewdistance settings • Improved AI • Police city occupations - more stuff will be added, jump in and give us your feedback!
  5. Non's

    Overfak Exile

    UPDATE 27.02.2017 · Sell crate directly in waste trader · Revive your buddies with a defibrillator available in Trader Zones · New Tanks, Planes and Uavs · NO SKYBASE. Maximum height is now set to 30M · Respawn in your base possible every 5 minutes · Loot + · Prices updated · Custom ZCP · Jonzie Cars elcome to Overfak Exile ! I'm a new Exile server admin and i'm proud to announce my new server : /!\ It's a brand new server and it will still be in "Testing" Mode for a few weeks. /!\ During 1 week from now, every player who goes in and tell me the secret code "FAK" in Private Chat will be rewarded with a customized gift (Send to "Non's Walt") Mods / Addons (Everything works fine ATM) · 20K Start · Infistar · DMS Missions - Custom Money, loot and vehicles · · Gear Crates - With Batteries inside ! · Random AI - Town Occupation - Uav AI patrols · Airlift - Movable Cases and Load inside vehicles · Grinding · Hacking (Virtual Garage hackable) · · Occupation Airlines · Admin Custom Events (Heli War, Balota's Tank, 100K Massive Crate...) · Uavs, Tanks, Missile & Rocket Launchers XM8 Apps · Deploy Bike · Viewing Distance · Player Scan · Private Chat · Vehicle HP Bars · Remote CCTV · BRArma CookBook TODO : · Optimize Loot Tables · Optimize Poptabs Balance Our goal is to build a new Exile community, we are available on our Discord and ingame to listen to your suggestions to make the best experience possible ! Discord : Server on a3Launcher Server IP : Non's
  6. Plauge ⎛⎝⎠⎞ |

    [Eternal] Vanilla Exile

    50 slot Vanilla Exile server!
  7. Trashshit78


    EUROPE AND GERMAN EXILE SERVER (other countrys are welcome too) New fresh server changing your online experience in ARMA 3 Exile. We need more players as we started fresh. ###ROOT POWER#### Rootserver with so much capacity and broadband connection. Take a look. ################### MODS REQUIRED : Only Exile 1.0.2 ##MODS## DMS SPECIAL MISSIONS AIRDROP SYSTEM ADVANCED TOWING OCCUPATION SYSTEM LOOT CRATES EVENTS DEPLOY BIKE / QUAD SECURED BY infiSTAR Antihack and BEC. ACTIVE ADMINS AND EVENTS ################################## We would be happy if you take a look and stay a while.
  8. loudnights

    LoudNights Exile chernarus Hey Guys and girls. This is a new Arma 3 Exile cherno server me and my team have created, this is a one of a kind server good for fresh players and also very good for the experienced. We have many unique things added and once you join the server you will be hooked onto it, at the moment its not very popular but of course we are working to make the server busier and busier so do us a favour hop on the server have a look at it, play with friends then jump back on here write us a review and tell all the other exile players what you think. Plugins added: Revive Missions 5Kstart many more to be added.