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Found 60 results

  1. Super Jerome

    ExAd v1.0.4

    Guys do to real life stuff I am unable to work on Exile anymore. I am not certain this version of ExAd still works. If someone wants to fix it like @Monkeynutz please do. I just can't find the time to work on scripting at the moment. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First, thanks to @Janski and @Monkeynutz for giving us this awesome mod in the first place. I understand they have been under intense scrutiny to fix ExAd to work on latest Exile release. Second, thanks to @Spazz711 and @Razor77 for working with the community and providing a solid update that works. I am merely the guy that put all their work into a simple download that will hopefully be easy for others to implement. Now without further adieu ExAd v1.0.4. This version of ExAd includes the following additions: ExAd Server Rules ExAd View Distance Settings ExAd Unit Scanner by @jaxx0rr & @woodysg ExAd Virtual Garage (removable) BRAmaRecipes Basemarker by @Lunchbox ExAd Statusbar ExAd Deploy Quad Bike Recuit AI Bodyguards by @aussie battler Again this is not my work, but a compile of mods/apps that will work on current version of Exile 1.0.4. My hope is to make things a bit easier for the community to employ these apps. Please follow the directions located in the README file provided. If you get confused read original ExAd documentation. DOWNLOAD
  2. All credit goes to Janski for his amazing addon ExAd This is just an edit to add Exile_Container_SupplyBox so players can craft them to use with looting missions, looting in general or moving their bases, they are not persistent after restart unless you still have the install option under class CfgInteractionMenus This is assuming you already have ExAd installed and working on your server with exad_dv.pbo in your @ExileServer\addons folder Go to your mission.pbo [I.E. Exile.Altis] open up config.cpp with notepad++ or your primary editing tool Find extraApps and add at the end ,"Supply_Box" It should look like this Then go to the bottom of your ExAd XM8 Class and add this class Supply_Box { title = "Supply Crate"; bambiState = 0; vehicleClass = "Exile_Container_SupplyBox"; recipe[] = {{"Exile_Item_WoodPlank",2}}; packable = 1; quickFunction = "['Supply_Box'] call ExAd_XM8_DV_fnc_spawnVehicle"; }; it should look like this repack pbo and restart server
  3. Alright, as I once mentioned, I was working on porting the Airdrop Assistance script that I created for A3Wasteland over to Exile. Thanks to the work of Shix on the XM8 App, it gave me the kick to actually get to work and get it ported. This release is the result of that. First, credit to those who have come before: Credits @Janski - @AgentRev - for use of some of the A3Wasteland Functions (Permission Granted from 'Rev) @CreamPie - for the original inspiration to create the A3W Airdrop @Brun - The Brama Cookbook provided me with spacing and such for the app layout @WolfkillArcadia - Advanced Banking compatibility sweetness! -Props to the others fellows whose code I perused to understand dialog functions better. -If I've forgotten anyone specific, speak up! Features Server-side creation of objects and money-handling Unlimited number of categories of drops and drop contents Configurable cool down timer between uses Vehicle Drops (currently non-persistent) Release Video - YouTube Github Repository Install Instructions (ExAd Version) 1) Install ExAd, w/ XM8 Plugin 2) Copy the client folder from the Airdrop Github to the Apps folder. 3) From the config.cpp in the Airdrop Github, you need to add the ExAd_APOC_Airdrop class to the CfgXM8 class within your mission config.cpp 4) You'll need to PBO the exad_apoc_airdrop folder from within the @ExileServer\addons and drop it into your server's ExileServer\addons folder. 5) PROFIT Config Notes You can set the respect threshold for each drop. That is the last numeric field in the included file. If you leave that field out, the script will treat it as if there is no respect threshold. Or so it should. You can copy your old configs over to the new system. You just have to make sure you leave the header and such in the new file. As well as line 11, #include "functions.sqf" Notes: So, the dialog is still kinda buggy. I probably need to add some cleanup lines to empty out the dialog so they reload properly. Side Note: Also, my config is crap, if you hadn't caught on to that. I just threw stuff in there to get some some data in. If someone comes up with a balanced config for a vanilla exile (no weapon/vehicle addons) crate arrangement, I'll gladly drop that in the repo and credit the kind soul who submits. Advanced Banking: So WolfkillArcadia was awesome enough to make the edits for compatibility with AdvancedBanking. So just check the config file for where that gets set. I have no idea if Advanced banking still works in this version of Exile, or if it's configs are still the same. So yeah, let me know if that part of airdrop is broken. April 2018 - Update So to be compatible with the latest Exile update that has native extra apps. Thanks to @=TZI= TWIIST for the update. You'll need to edit your CfgXM8 class to have the following: May 2018 Update I've updated the github to have a potential fix for the blank dialog issue. This was caused by the fn_createCombo function being removed from ExAd, which the airdrop script called upon. I've included that function in the app function definitions, so it should be all squared away now.
  4. Kitty

    ExAD VG Problem

    Hello, i got a small problem with my VG from the mod ExAd. Always when i store a car inside its work but its dont save the items inside the car. Im not really sure why i got this i saw many servers that got it running. RPT: PS: sorry for my bad english EDIT: sorry but i just was stupit and forget i can change this in the config for the VG
  5. aNNDREH

    Wolfsrudel Exile Saint Kapaulio

    Map● Saint KapaulioMods● Exile Mod 1.0.4● CBA_A3● Extended Base Mod● CUP Vehicles● CUP Weapons● CUP Units● NIArms AllinOne● Saint Kapaulio● CUP Terrains CoreFeatures● Reviven● Fischen ● Message of the Day (Tipps/Infos)● Virtuale Garage● Kisten in Fahrzeugen laden● Schiffswracks● Gear Crates● Schwarzmarkt● Base Respawn● Halo oder Ground Spawn● Roaming Ai● ZCP Missionen● Login Bonus● DMS Missionen● Radioaktive Zone● Airdrop● Deploy Quad● Suicide Animation● Tiere schlachten & ausnehmen● Statusbar veränderbar● Claim Fahrzeuge● Static Mission● New Trader System● PVP ohne Panzer & Jets● Loot in Bot Vehiclesund vieles mehr
  6. McQuade

    DMS/ Occupation Rpt error

    In setting up ChernarusRedux server with DMS/Occupation encountered error that I can’t find to fix. The server will start but can never join. We have infistar, cup weapons/vehicles/units, EXad. Changed some Occupation settings when error came up. I can post any logs I have, if some one can please help. Last portion of RPT below. 20:24:20 "[OCCUPATION MOD]:: Occupation V69 (21-07-2017) Loading Config at 16.798" 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: fnc_a3_customlog 20:24:20 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf, line 10 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: fnc_a3_customlog 20:24:20 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf, line 10 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: fnc_a3_customlog 20:24:20 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf, line 10 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: fnc_a3_customlog 20:24:20 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf, line 10 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log >
  7. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED]BRAmaRecipes for ExAd - Where to Config?

    Hello, I´ve installed BRAmaRecipes for ExAd few days ago and added a lot of things to craft. In the xm8 at the BramaRecipes app I can find all my edited Recipes, but there are all very unsorted and not in the right categorie.. So my question: Where can I edit this app to sort all Recipes in the right categorie or add new ones? BRAmaRecipes for ExAd (GitHub)
  8. Escobar - oGaloCego

    [BR] Malden Server

    [BR] Malden Server is a survival server of Arma III, we use Exile 1.0.4 Mod only. Restart every 4 hours. Supplybox Concrete Floor Port Kit Concrete Floor Kit Concrete Gate Kit Concrete Door Kit Concrete Wall Kit Concrete Window Kit Wood Floor Kit Wood Gate Kit Wood Door Kit Wood Wall Kit Wood Window Kit Defibrillator Code Lock Safe Kit Melee Axe MMG_01_tan_F LMG_Zafir_F HandGrenade NVGoggles_tna_F ZipTie Wrench Shovel Screwdriver Pliers Handsaw DuctTape Satchel Charge Remote Mag Foolbox IED Land Big Remote Mag
  9. Thorgilis

    ExAd Deploy Vehicle - Weird Icon

    Hi all, I've managed to get ExAd installed, and working with a deploy vehicle script (This one if you are interested). However, I seem to have two icons for it... (See below image) Here is my code snippet from config.cpp (note if i comment out the extra apps line the extra icon goes away, BUT the deploy vehicle doesn't work) Can anyone shed some light? It's bloody annoying having that erroneous button. Thanks Thorgilis
  10. Im having some issues after updating to Exile 1.04, i had loot spawning on Charnarus Redux map before 1.04(server was off since December 2017, so i updated mods and exile) after updating loot stopped spawning, i went through and i think i added everything that i added before in 1.03 to make loot spawn but its still not spawning. Also having an issue with ExAd XM8 Apps, all of the icons are in the same spot at the top left of the xm8(just off screen and all images for buttons combined) i also updated this to the latest version to see if that would fix it but it didnt. If you need my description/config files let me know. If anyone can help me out i would appreciate it. (I might also be looking for someone to help develop the server, i run popular Dayz Standalone servers atm called Trump’s Wall)
  11. jaxx0rr

    [ExAd XM8 APP] Unit Scanner

    Small XM8 ExAd app with the primary porpoise to detect hidden DMS AI - warning this will also show all players and vehicles in a 120m radius. And Bloodsuckers if your strolling around at night in Namalsk. Installation Download Changelog
  12. Exile Addons - originally small projects developed for the ArmA Exile communities EXO and SP4R but now rewritten and collected here. The time has come when a private repo just isn't good enough, that's why I continuously will rewrite my scripts and addons from EXO, SP4R and other communities. These remarkable plugins will be collected on GitHub and if you wanna read more on the specific features I'll describe them here. Clarification - You don't need to install all plugins, they are installed individually but some are dependent on others. The Package includes: Core Halo & Parachute Virtual Garage Grinding Hacking StatsBar XM8 Vehicle Upgrade -- Coming Soon Admin Events .. Coming Soon XM8 Apps; CHVD View Distance, Journal, Server Info, Vehicle Garage, StatsBar Settings It's really important that you follow the installation instructions and if anything is ambiguous, comment below. If you have any suggestion or request write them below Since almost all code has been rewritten I can have missed some bugs, just create a new issue on Github and I'll take care of . Encouragements always keep projects alive a little longer . Please consider donating if you like my work. Latest update post New release v.0.8.2
  13. Kappa Slappa

    ExAd VG weird issue

    I would like to pick someones brain if possible. I have recently moved to another host using the exact same files/ PBO's etc. Server is up and running n all that jazz but I'm having a issue with VG i cant get my head around. The VG App shows on the XM8 and displays all the vehicles stored in the VG yet it wont store or fetch any vehicles ? everything is installed correctly as it works fine on the other server. Anyone know of what why when or how? Its the same for DV also, does the whole animation but no quad and yes ive added class ExAdServer_fnc_clientRequest { allowedTargets=2; }; to the CfgRemoteExec EDIT: I wiped the DataBase thinking it maybe have been bugged during import, but still no luck or reason to why this isn't working now using the same files from a working server. Any help/advice would be appreciated. RB

    Can you work this one out?

    Ran into an issue tonight whilst adding a few changes to my server Mods running = Ryan's Zombies and Demons & Mozzies Server mods running = Exile & infistar Addons = DMS & Occupation& ExAd i had tested ExAdand all was working fine then i added Grinding and Hacking and this is when i got this issue yet it show it is to do with Occupation Latest Server .rpt bellow The issue from the rpt: Latest client side .rpt bellow I have gone into the \@ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation and tried changing the config setting To both true or false and i get the same result Here is my \@ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf Any ideas? TIA Smoke
  15. tchao57


    Bonjour à tous, c'est avec beaucoup de soulagement que je vous présente le Serveur MIDGARD qui vient tout juste de naître. Je parle de soulagement car cela m'a pris énormément d'heures réparties sur plusieurs mois pour vous offrir la meilleure expérience de jeu possible. Et comme vous le savez certainement je n'ai pas fini d'avoir de la peine car il faut constamment faire évoluer le serveur. Toujours est-il je suis vraiment content qu'on soit arrivé au bout, d'autant qu'au départ je ne suis pas du tout développeur ou codeur. J'ai dû apprendre sur le tas comme la majorité d'entre vous je pense. Je tiens aussi à remercier toute la communauté présente sur car sans leur aide précieuse et le partage de connaissance, beaucoup d'entre nous n'en serait pas à présenter leur serveur. Pour parler du serveur, je dirais que MIDGARD se veut le plus réaliste possible (dans la mesure du possible bien entendu...). On ne débute pas avec plein d'argent dans les poches et plein de respect. Au contraire, on démarre avec 2500 poptabs et 0 respect, ce qui force les personnes à faire attention à leur gestion et donne envie de protéger sa vie. Pour moi c'est la philosophie principale du mod Exile. Une description du serveur plus complète se trouve sur le site internet, je vous invite donc à aller y jeter un oeil et vous y inscrire afin de resté informé des futurs mises à jours et évolutions. Concernant le lancement officiel du serveur, ça se passera le Samedi 23 décembre 2017 à partir de 15h30 (heure de Paris). Nous organisons un grand Event qui je l'espère vous plaira et permettra au serveur de faire ses preuves. Moi ça me permettra de vous rencontrer et prendre notes de vos éventuelles remarques. L'écoute des joueurs est primordiale car sans joueurs pas de serveur. Pour plus d'informations sur l'Event de lancement je vous laisse également vous rendre sur le site internet dans lequel un topic y est dédié dans le forum avec toutes les informations nécessaires ainsi qu'un lien pour s'inscrire à l'Event. MIDGARD est un serveur Français mais nos amis Anglophones, Germanophones, etc, y sont les bienvenus et seront accueillis à bras ouverts car ces communautés sont très respectueuses et conviviales. D'ailleurs, chaque topic ou info est également traduite en Anglais afin que tout le monde s'y retrouve. J'espère donc vous voir très nombreux sur le serveur dès Samedi 23 décembre et vous dit à très bientôt en jeu. ENGLISH: Hello everyone, it is with great relief that I introduce the MIDGARD Server that has just been born. I speak of relief because it took me a lot of hours spread over several months to offer you the best gaming experience possible. And as you probably know I have not finished having trouble because it is necessary to constantly evolve the server. However, I'm really happy that we came to the end, especially cause I'm not at all a developer or coder. I had to learn on the job as most of you I think. I also want to thank the entire community of because without their precious help and knowledge sharing, many of us would not be presenting their server. To talk about the server, I would say that MIDGARD wants to be as realistic as possible (as far as possible of course ...). We do not start with lots of money in our pockets and full of respect. On the contrary, we start with 2500 poptabs and 0 respect, which forces people to pay attention to their management and makes you want to protect your life. For me this is the main philosophy of Exile mod. A more complete description of the server is on the website, so I invite you to go take a look and register to stay informed of future updates and developments. Regarding the official launch of the server, it will happen on Saturday, December 23, 2017 from 15:30 (Paris time). We are organizing a big Event which I hope you will like and will allow the server to prove itself. For me, it will allow me to meet you and take notes of your possible remarks. Listening players is essential because without players there is no server. For more informations on the event I also let you go to the website in which a topic is dedicated in the forum with all the necessary informations and a link to register for the event. MIDGARD is a French server but our English-speaking, German-speaking friends, etc., are welcome and will be welcomed with open arms as these communities are very respectful and friendly. Moreover, each topic or infos are also translated into English so that everyone is there. My English is not very well but I guess I can make myself understood. So I hope to see you very many on the server from Saturday, December 23 and tell you very soon in game.
  16. DaweLocked

    infiStar & ExAd

    Hi, Im currently trying to install ExAd onto my server. I already have infiStar installed as well as infiStar's XM8Apps. After following the ExAd installation tutorial step by step, and attempting to connect to the server, i get stuck on "connecting"... What could be the possible cause of something going wrong? would it be the fact that i have the XM8Apps addon installed. Would that interfere with the ExAd addon? Thanks for any help
  17. Hi, i'm trying to install exad hacking. i've done this part # Installation Remember for this plugin to work you first need to install * [Core]( * [(VirtualGarage)]( - Only necessary if you want to be able to hack it <-- don't want this so didn't install it ## Client * Place the folder "Hacking" into "mpmissions\exile.<MAP>\ExAdClient\" * Goto "mpmissions\exile.<MAP>\ExAdClient\CfgFunctions" and uncomment _From_ ```cpp //#include "Hacking\CfgFunctions.cpp" ``` _To_ ```cpp but i don't understand the rest... Need some help
  18. aNNDREH

    EXAD und ExileZ Problem

    Servus Leute, mein erstes Problem ist mit EXAD das ich nicht finden kann wo definiert wird wo das Logo Ingame sein soll. Möchte es von oben links nach oben rechts bekommen. mein zweites Problem ist das ich den Spawner ExileZ 2.0 von kuplion verwende. Loot & Death spawnt genau dort wo es soll mit der Flagge und der Kiste. Aber meine Buidlings die ich in der Zedmission eingetragen habe spawnen nicht. Wäre sehr nett wenn mir jemand helfen könnte. EDIT Habe die Mission mit 3den Editor und M3 Editor heraus geholt. So sollte eigentlich das Format aussehen ["Land_CncWall4_F",[10781.7,10785,0],34.0908,[[0.560506,0.82815,0],[0,0,1]],false], Vielleicht weiß einer welchen Editor ich nutzen muss dafür, danke.
  19. HexicGaming

    cant load extdb2 but using extbd3

    After trying to add Exad and AVS to my server i encountered this launch parameters (my Mods)
  20. PatrickxXx75

    PrometheusRP Exile

    Heute möchte ich euch meinen kleinen noch sehr neuen Server Vorstellen(02.08.17). Zur Zeit sind wir 2 Leute die sich um den Server und Homepage kümmern. Wir spielen auf der Map Altis Mod/Script´s die auf dem Server laufen: R3f Logistics Script Boden und Halo Spawn Advanced Tow Enigma Revive CUP Units/Vehicles/Weapons ExAD (Grinding,Hacking,Virtual Garage) Exile Occupation DMS (Dynamic Mission System) Extended Base Mod Wiederbelebungs Script. XM8 Crafting App Bundeswehr Mod Rearm/Repair Script Schaut auch gern auf unserer Homepage Dort könnt ihr euch den kompletten Changelog anschauen. Weitere werden auch noch folgen. Wir haben die Map auch hier und da noch etwas verschönert um etwas leben in diese „fast„ triste Welt zu bringen. Mod wünsche können gern auch im Forum oder bei uns im Teamspeak geäußert werden. Des Weiteren wünsche ich mir auch auf alle Fehler/Bug´s oder unstimmige Preise bei den Händlern hingewiesen zu werden. Gern können auch hier noch Fragen zu uns oder dem Server gestellt werden. In dem Sinne viel Spaß auf unserem Server
  21. Arpium

    AOD Exile-Z Altis

    High performance server testing. Tons of AI, 20+ missions, ridiculous amount of zombies at times. We have yet to get the server to drop below 25fps even though we have over 8000 objects and 2500 possible AI. Mods: ExileZ - 1500 total zombies, 100 Zombie Hoards, Roaming, Harrassing, etc. DMS + Occupation - 1000 AI, roaming, flying, driving, and even on boats... Mean ones too. Base attacks, heli crashes, etc.. Balanced (Easier) AI (WIP) RHS Weapons + Vehicles (Russian and USAF) MAS Weapons & Vehicles Extended Base Mod Tryk Uniforms CBA_A3 Enhanced Movement Optional Mods: Bloodlust JHRS Sound Pack Advanced Rappelling, Urban Rappelling, Sling-loading, Towing Blastcore Teamspeak:
  22. McGyver

    !XCS Exile Tanoa

    we are a small gaming squad just having fun with friends. ** Required Mods ** CBA A3 CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Zombies and Demons Exile 1.0.3
  23. aNNDREH

    EXAD App Info

  24. aNNDREH

    EXAD Airdrop Problem

    Hallo, ich benutze die APOC Airdrop App. Die App erscheint im XM8 und der Huron spawnt auch mit den Quad auf der Map. er bleibt dann aber mitten in der Luft stehen. Sobald ich hin teleportiere und unter den Huron stehe fängt er an und fliegt los zum eigentlichen Zielpunkt. Nach 4 km bleitb er circa wieder stehen und wenn ich wieder unter ihn stehe liegt er bis zum Ziel durch und wirft sein Drop ab. An was könnte das liegen ? Habe schon verzweifelt in den Daten nach irgendwas brauchbaren geschaut.
  25. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED] Exad / Hacking Installation

    Hello Guys, I am trying since Hours to install the Exad Hacking without success... I followed this Guide: (Core is already Installed) I have done all Steps much Times, but it wont work. If I try to Hack a Safe with Laptop, my character sit down and do nothing. No Hack starting, no Hack Message.. Nothing.. I hope so much someone of you can help me and know how to fix my problem Capone.