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Found 1 result

  1. LordRampantHump

    Items Pack for Arma 3

    Today I would like to introduce my Items Pack for Arma 3 Its a small mod that includes 4 fruit items for use in Arma 3 Mods such as Exile Mod The pack contains a Green Apple, a Red Apple, a Banana and a Pear I hope in the future the Mod will contain many many items free for anyone to use to enhance their gameplay. All Consumable Items have food / water and health defined I am no animator, but I have done my best with this, although i will re-do the apples soon as I learned a few things with the pear! I hope you guys enjoy this and find a use for it. Please feel free to request further additions. I plan to add much more as time goes on The mod is now available on the A3Launcher! Im on holiday until 7th Aug 2017 but if you have any questions I will try to check on this post Subscribe Here: Information: Size: 4.3mb Items Count: 4 Signed: Yes Steam Workshop: Yes A3 Launcher: Yes Classnames: Pear: items_pack_pear Apple: items_pack_apple Red Apple: items_pack_apple_red Banana: items_pack_banana test: player addItem "items_pack_apple";