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Found 27 results

  1. Batu786

    Coyote-Exile TANOA

    We have spend hundreds of hours to make this server unique. Creative world in which you have to survive against other players and zombies! Custom Trade Zones Missions to keep you entertained! Custom Apps to make your in-game life much easier! Make teams and meet new people!! FEATURES: - 60 Slots!!! - Zombies. - Base Building. - Reworked Tanoa Map (all Buildings have loot). - Custom Military Bases. - More than 30 Missions. - Extended Base Building. - Town invasions. - Capture Points. - NIArms All In One. - TRYKS Gear. - Vehicle Claim. - Spawn Lead-out. - Spawn at Territory. - Spawn Quadbike. - Hacking. - Crate Loading + Pickup. - Virtual Garage. - Friendly and Helpful Admins. - Keeping server lag to a minimum. - Militarized. - Loot+ (Gear your self up from scratch in minutes)!! - Custom Loot. - Heli Crashes. +More custom scripts coming soon.
  2. i have installed and uninstalled the Exile mod, several times, every time i attempt to play on any given open server, gives me the error message of the either not recognizing the mod files, or missing the entire mod. This would cause my game to freeze, and then crash. I have tried all remedies know to me, such as using the A3launcher, uninstalling the whole game + reinstall + re download + install mod = same problem. I really love this mod, and it has been a while since i have been able to play it. i plead for some help, any pointers, or if by any chance; anyone that has had the same experience? thank you in advance.
  3. shuri

    [FR] - Exiles Genesis

    Présentation du serveur Operation Genesis Communauté System Gaming Perma Admin actif - Nombreuse mission - Event - NO WYPE Un Ts est à disposition pour votre confort en jeu Le serveur tourne sur un serveur dédié a fin d exploiter le maximum des capacités du mod Exile. Pour tout problème vous pouvez contactez un admin sur TS : ou ajouter sur Steam : Appo - Druidou Voici quelques information sur notre serveur ci dessous Arma3 Exile Tanoa -Mod exile1.0.1 -Mod Extended Base Mod (Exile) Ts3: Régles du serveur -Le respect en général. -La politesse envers les joueurs. -Le Fair-Play en jeux est apprécié. -Insultes. -Propos raciste. -Interdiction de parlé dans le canal camp (Général). -Glitcher est interdit idem pour la duplication. -Déconnexion dans une base
  4. Kyrik

    SnowyChernarus - ChernarusWinter

    The Fifth Neatwork™. We opened our first Arma 3 Exile Survival Server based on a harsh winter survival, balanced with thermal removal and many addons to paint your base, vector, virtual garage. Events, snowstorms, custom ambients, custom traders. How to play? The whole necessary package can be found at : Mod package You also need Exile Mod : A movie will be made out of it! IP : 2303 Also on gametracker here! Can be found via A3Launcher by searching for 'SnowyChernarus'! Our steam group. Join us on Discord for a 100k start bonus! A new step, new design. A whole new crew to welcome you! WIP ------- The Fifth Neatwork™. Nous avons ouvert notre premier serveur Arma 3 Exile Survie axé sur un environnement hostile enneigé incluant tempête et plus encore! Vous avez aussi accès à de nombreux addons tel que le Garage Virtuel, Missions custom, musique custom, peinture pour base/vehicule, script de soin et plus encore! Jouer maintenant? Le package de mods nécessaire pour l’expérience est ici : Mod package Vous avez aussi besoin du mod Exile : Nous préparons un film sur ce serveur! IP : 2303 Visible sur gametracker here! Vous utilisez A3Launcher? Cherchez 'SnowyChernarus'! Our steam group. Rejoignez-nous sur Discord pour un bonus de nouveau joueur de 100 000 poptabs! Une grande étape. Nouveau design. Une grande équipe pour vous accueillir bientôt! En construction.
  5. LordRampantHump

    Assets Pack - Mod

    Hi guys been searching but not having much luck. Is anyone aware of an assets pack/mod that just has a load of items that are placeable/pickup I foud this but 99% of this is in exile already Im looking for food items, fruit, stuff like that Anyone?
  6. LordRampantHump

    Fire Zombies

    Well, this is it, what ive been working on for the last 3 days. Lemmi know what you think:
  7. LordRampantHump

    Exile Cherno DayZ

    My New Cherno Server, theatrical screenshot! More shots with new simple objects:
  8. is this a normal error worth looking into and is thi the cause of why my exile server (battleye) kicks me saying my game needs a restart? errors is wayyyyy at the bottom.
  9. kryptedbbkick

    Exile Sandbox

    I have deleted the post information I will better explain when I am home and have time. I must not have explained myself clearly for some and will do so when I am available to do so. Thank you
  10. System_Shock

    [EU/UK] This Is How You Died

    Very new Exile PVP Zombie server , has all the essential mods you would like to find in a zombie apocalypse.. like the ability to scale walls to Eecape {Enhanced Movement). you would be surprised the amount of zombie servers that do not think this is essential. we have R3F to help you load those pesky loot crates into your car for a hasstle free journey back to the traders. Plenty of weapons mods to keep you interested. All those fancy XM8 apps you know you need, spawn bike/Quad, private chat, Cook book, Lock grinding a Fair pop tab economy were weapons and ammo are expensive. but on the flipside you will also find they sell for a bomb too. (whooo loot crates are actually worth money!) a whole host of other features and open to suggestions Check us out!
  11. SoaP BoX


    Hi there, were are a player friendly Admins and we are always happy to help with any arma bugs so please tell us if you have a problem like if your cars explode because they bugged through a wall and blew up but that doesnt mean that you can get a free car, tank, heli... We are pretty much always active so if you need anything we are always happy to help. you can join our discord and talk to us if you have a problem with anything. The server is always on and we are a french, dutch and English speaking server so we are always happy to help. our mods: we have CBA, cup units, vehicles, weapons that are needed to join the server we also have optional mods like advanced rappelling and advanced urban rappelling so you may climb down buildings and jump out of choppers and have some fun. The SG Team
  12. Hello all, We have the means to make this happen, now we need a few brains to make this a reality, now please be invited to make this vision turn into people's favorite exile destination on the web. We are creating this post on to attract some talent to Rogue Warrior Gamers itself. We have the players, I am talking about people whom are familiar with coding arma 3 servers in general. We think we will need 3 coders so there isn't too much load on one another but enough to team together and get this project off the ground. Our server ideology: To be somewhere in between dayz hardcore and wasteland surplus of action! have a look at where we have started deliberating about what kind of server we would like and see if this project is something you would like to be apart of. Currently we all play on a exile server and if you want to just play with us then follow this link Rogue Warrior Gamers! If you may be too lazy to surf over there here are a few ideas we would like to mash out but also some we have decided on; player count, and mission limit, including mods, what vehicles, economy, and custom respect, up to level 3 armors, no top tier armor, no top tier guns spawning about, loot crates having one or two guns with ammo, and spawn sporadic ai in towns including the missions and have 70 slots 5 reserved. I want this server to mean something, not to be wasteland but not to be dayz either, but when you lose your gear, it take you 2 hours to get back up there unless you have been playing awhile and have saved money at the safe zone.... also only have 2 safe zones, and 2 trader spots un protected with the best gear with no lockers there.... locker limit 25k with the top vehicle costing 25k, avg gun sell 200 and avg gun buy 800 Our server will accept donations but only to secure costs and provide a guaranteed slot to one or a few depending on amount which will have to be worked out but nothing over 15 bucks for four people! We would like all to feel welcome, the rich i7 and the poor i5! (lol) Some about RWG, We are a gaming community that has been around since 2005 and currently have servers on ARK, 7 days to die , and rust! We operate with teamspeak 3 and already have a full blown website and forums with a dedicated community of 500+! We have values which include to be respectful of one another, to not irritate others with politics nor hot button topics! We like to remain laid back but have a structure to function well as a gaming community and as a unit on the battlefield. A simple structure but structure indeed. We will run a dedicated box for the server to run independently on, which we have the means for and already have one for our other servers( no renting here or lease!) PURE POWER IS WHAT ARMA NEEDS AND WHAT IT WILL GET! Summary: Contact us at, Teamspeak: Thank you for your time, Rogue Warrior Gamers
  13. {ONYX} Sin {}


    I am looking for help with installing, and getting an Exile Server running with the Jurassic Mod, and Ryans Zombies, I know nothing about setting them up, I've never done it, but I'm tired of the Altis Life mod, if anyone would be willing to help, any help is appreciated
  14. alehN

    [ARG] Exile Tanoa

    Some our features Bandit traders Custom Xm8 apps Code lock grinding Custom Missions Custom standalone loot system Custom Vehicles DMS Missions Player scan Private messaging Safe lock picking Thermal Scanning 30 Min timeout Virtual Garage Hack System Virtual Garage Custom Loot ,Building and Position in Radiation Zone New isle active to play
  15. Jeepers

    Help required

    Hi. We are in need of some help to grow our server. Its the only really active exile server in South Africa and we require some assistance with the mods and various other scripts. Our scripter has left and we want someone new to join us and jam with us as well as want to help our South African Arma community grow. Please message me here or add me on steam under Jeepers if you are interested. Thanks and Regards.
  16. Here is a little video I made for the 3Den editor using the Exile and M3 3Den plugins. Shows you how to export to the initserver.sqf and initplayerlocal.sqf. Also doing the markers. The video was taken down due to copyright reasons (most likely because of the music i added), so i apologize for the no sound LOL Open a youtube tab and choose your favorite tunes. Also, Exile moderators. if this is the wrong section, please move it to the correct section. I sent a PM to one of the moderators asking where I should create this thread. The message was read, but i didnt receive an answer. So i'm posting it here. Any questions, don't hesitate. Ill answer what I can.
  17. b3ck

    b3XILEd Vb|DMS|ExO|ExAd|APEX|5k

    Hello everyone in the Exile Mod world! I decided to start up my old exile server again due to old members asking it be revived. (Ghost, Irish, Vulcan and many others) Anyways, since then I have decided to move it from a Windows OS to a Linux OS, and let me tell you it was a real humdinger setting it all up.. good thing is I was able to finally get everything going. Connection Details: Host name: Port: 2302 IP Address: Port: 2302 So what does the server offer? What MODs does the server have? Which ones do I need? Serverside MODs (DON'T need to download) Exile Mod: The mod we all know and love of course (By the Exile Mod Dev Team) Vb: Vector Building (By MGT) DMS: Defent's mission system: AI Mission system (By Defent) ExO: Exile Occupation: Roaming AI and Dynamic Loot Crates +Helicopter Taxi Service (By secondcoming) ExAd: Exile Addon Client: Virtual Garage, Grinding Locks, Full Customization of the Status Bar +Much More (By Bjanski) Clientside MODs (NEED to download and enable/load into ArmA3 before joining the server) APEX: Using the Tanoa map, must have APEX installed (BiStudio DEVs) Purchase/Install >> ( ArmA3 DLC ) Advanced Rappelling: Adds support for helicopter rappelling. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Advanced Urban Rappelling: Rappel off anything that's more than 4-5m high. This includes buildings, cliff, towers, etc. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Advanced Towing: Adds support for towing vehicles using ropes. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Advanced Sling Loading: Full replacement for in-game sling loading. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Enhanced Movement: Allows you to parkour in ArmA3 (By badbenson) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Enhanced Movement Compatible EXILE PBO: Fix that allows you to parkour on EXILE servers (By badbenson) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) I know it looks like a lot, but I just wanted to make sure I covered everything, please join our community as it is a great one! Kind Regards, -b3ck
  18. hello since i am japanese grammar of english will be funny, but please understand that. i have tried to build a server in both of windows7, windows10 does not take into absolutely server with the same error. error is waiting for server to load. it was or try a mysql itself different version did not improve. other will successfully put in that it is the server that was built in the mod. exile server is a state that does not put only. also put it's exile server of others. thanks to the help of everyone.
  19. Mike Bravo

    Fucking Crossroads Check out my latest video on esseker. Things go absolutely nuts towards the end.
  20. Arma 3: Exile (Series 1) Hello fellow inmates, I have a small Youtube channel and I upload various gaming videos mainly Arma and survival games. I have started a brand new Arma 3: Exile Series on good old Chernarus, So I thought I would put it out there. Every time I upload a brand new Exile video I will update this post. If you have have any feedback or suggestions please let me know by contacting me using the links below: Youtube Twitter Facebook Steam Arma 3: Exile - Part 1 - Getting Started! Arma 3: Exile - Part 2 - Zelenogorsk Base Raid! Arma 3: Exile - Part 3 - Capture Point Bravo Mission!
  21. For some reason recently my PC can no longer connect to some Exile servers. I was what seemed to me randomly kicked and couldn't log back in. I then noticed that when selecting the server it shows all the mods installed, but Exile. I verified my mod through A3 and it was broke. I downloaded Exile through A3 verified and tried again. Same thing. Server didn't see the mod as installed. The odd thing is when I load my game it has the Exile splash screen in the background and it shows the Exile icon for the mod along with the other mods. I even deleted my Exile mod folder, downloaded 0.9.41 from this website server host number 1 and tried again. I still can't play on the server. I tried browsing through other servers. Some give me a green circle for having the Exile Mod installed and others don't. I'm not sure what to do.
  22. george3098

    Exile Developer

    Hi I dont know what part of the fourm to put this in so i am going to put it here. My Server is looking for an Exile developer to help us with the server. If you are intrested please add me on skype themagicmidget. Thanks.
  23. Hi, I've just signed up but i've been searching around these forums for an answer but haven't had much luck, I have been given a dedicated server (from a guy who runs a server company) to play with for a few months to learn how to run my own game ervers etc It's a windows server and I have full access. I have followed the procedure on this tutorial: and also been reading various articles online about dedicated servers including the ones from this forum.. but generally stuck to the one above^^ (and mysql works etc..) Now I think I have installed everything correctly; The server console version 1.52 : port 2032 is reporting this to me: 20:35:48 Dedicated host created. 20:35:51 Host identity created. 20:35:51 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 20:35:51 Mission Exile.Altis read from bank. 20:35:52 Roles assigned. 20:35:52 Reading mission ... 20:36:01 Mission read. 20:36:01 Game started. The problem that I'm having is that I cannot find or connect to the server, and i'm not sure 100% which IP address to connect to. I don't have a client version of Arma 3 on this server/or on the account which runs the server (it doesnt have Arma 3, but as far as i'm aware thats not required). So I've tried using:, tried remoteing to the IP address from their in Arma 3 from my pc but nothing shows. I've tried using ipconfig /all and connecting to the ipv4 address the same way but nothing shows. I've tried searching for my server but nothing shows. I tried making some edits in case the issue was caused by something like the title of the server, so i escaped the . chars using this: hostname = "zXGaming\.co\.uk Arma 3 Exile Test (0\.9\.35)"; in the config.cfg file.. Not sure what to try next? Could it be that the server is only hosting locally on LAN/the way i've set it up? I'm not sure as I'm quite new to this as you can probably tell. Where would I go from here? If you need more info let me know, thanks
  24. suppy

    Kart Troll (Arma 3 Exile Mod)

    Admin plz remove this topic from the forum... I've since deleted this video from youtube. I wasn't happy with the quality. As the video is not accessible anymore I would like to remove it plz