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Found 8 results

  1. Smithyy

    [DoGB]|UK| //|Exile Esseker

    [DoGB] Are a Friendly Clan , Active Admins At all Time , Any problems there is always a DoGB Member online If not feel free to Add Admins on steam Will list below names, we regualy update server and apps and add more features. we stride to get as much as possible to be going on at one time but also keeping a stable 45-60FPS At all Time , 20k start, We have many scripts running I.e Exad Deploy Quad, Random Bombing Towns (AceMeTNT), Enigma Revive , xm8 compass App Etc. So Feel Free To Join And Start Having fun! Updated to 1.0.4 Pineapple You Can also join The Teamspeak Server Listed Above And come and meet the clan! Admins [DoGB] Faron602 - [DoGB] Smithyy - IWG Andy - To be Added
  2. PatrickxXx75

    PrometheusRP Exile

    Heute möchte ich euch meinen kleinen noch sehr neuen Server Vorstellen(02.08.17). Zur Zeit sind wir 2 Leute die sich um den Server und Homepage kümmern. Wir spielen auf der Map Altis Mod/Script´s die auf dem Server laufen: R3f Logistics Script Boden und Halo Spawn Advanced Tow Enigma Revive CUP Units/Vehicles/Weapons ExAD (Grinding,Hacking,Virtual Garage) Exile Occupation DMS (Dynamic Mission System) Extended Base Mod Wiederbelebungs Script. XM8 Crafting App Bundeswehr Mod Rearm/Repair Script Schaut auch gern auf unserer Homepage Dort könnt ihr euch den kompletten Changelog anschauen. Weitere werden auch noch folgen. Wir haben die Map auch hier und da noch etwas verschönert um etwas leben in diese „fast„ triste Welt zu bringen. Mod wünsche können gern auch im Forum oder bei uns im Teamspeak geäußert werden. Des Weiteren wünsche ich mir auch auf alle Fehler/Bug´s oder unstimmige Preise bei den Händlern hingewiesen zu werden. Gern können auch hier noch Fragen zu uns oder dem Server gestellt werden. In dem Sinne viel Spaß auf unserem Server
  3. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED] A3 Exile Occupation Vehicles Explode

    Hello Guys, I have an Problem on my Server, we add yesterday A3 Exile Occupation and all works fine, but the motorized AI make some Problems. If a Player kills all AI then the Vehicle explode. Is there any way to disable the vehicle explode?
  4. I've added the a3_exile_occupation addon to my server. I changed the config file to only spawn 1 roaming heli on my entire server. Although when i play on my server i notice that there are 2 planes and 1 heli roaming about. In the config.sqf file it only says SC_HeliClassToUse, nothing about planes. Do planes also go under the category heli? If not how can i disable or simply configure that there is only 1 aircraft at once on my server?
  5. paulgali

    SevenDrunkenNights DayZ-style

    Want to get rekt? Join us! Hardcore PvP server on the island of Tanoa AI missions and random patrols - Exile DMS, Occupation Mod and A3XAI Zombies! - Ryan's Zombies, Exile Z Custom Zeus missions, CUP rewards from admins on completion Admin events Special CUP rewards (no spawns, unique items!) Install the following from the workshop (besides Exile, duh): CBA_A3 (server running the newest version 3.1.2) CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod We want to create a strong community where players can both enjoy the game and experience the challenge it presents. We are open to suggestions from the community on what you would like added to the server, so speak up! And yes, we want to create memetastic scenarios and events If you want us to implement teamspeak/discord, we can do it, however we are currently using the IG ARMA channels (side, group, etc.) Note we are tweaking difficulty settings based on player feedback - let us know what you think! For Zeus missions, admins will let you know when they're active. The northern part of Tanoa Airport is protected by friendly AI (Independant Force snipers) to give players a central hub to do missions together. These forces also protect you from zombies and any other AI from the other mods. This area will also be a specific CUP trader zone, we are currently building this zone. See you online! paulgali
  6. ZoEx Staff

    [GER] Warthogs

    Wir sind bisher eine Kleine Gemeinschaft von rund 15 regelmässigen Spielern mit einem Altersdurchschnitt von rund 30 Jahren. Auf unserem Server laufen verschieden KI Scripts u.a. Zombies, mobile KI Patrouillen, KI Missionen, Dynamische DMS Missionen und statische Missionen mit bis zu 40 KI. Zudem kann jeder bei uns eine Base mit bis zu 350 Teilen bauen, einen Clan gründen und am PVE und PVP Geschehen teilnehmen. Fair Play steht bei uns an erster Stelle. Auch sind wir stehts bemüht unseren Spielern etwas Neues zu bieten und modden auch selbst die Map. Wer Interesse an einer guten Gemeinschaft hat oder einfach nur zocken möchte, der ist bei uns gern gesehen. Wer möchte kann ins TS kommen und mit uns zocken, wer seinen einen eigenen Clanchannel bei uns möchte, kann dies auch gerne bekommen. Für Bugs, Probleme und auch Anregungen haben wir ein offenes Ohr, denn letzten Endes macht die Community einen guten Server aus, und das wollen wir sein. Das erwartet dich bei uns: -Server Restarts alle 3 Stunden -verschiedene Missionen -Towing/Lifting Script -Creepy Nebel bei Nacht -Virtuelle Garage -Zombies -Safezone Transporte zwischen den Safezones -Highloot -Airdrop - Bestelle dir Fahrzeuge etc per Helikopter -Defibrilator - Hole Freunde zurück ins Leben -Doppelklicke auf dein Funkgerät und erhalte jedesmal ein Bike oder einmal ein Fahrzeug -Server Events -350 Teile pro Base -... und eine verdammt gute Community!!! LG Micha aka Ripsaw IP: TS: Mods: VSM| Ryan Zombies | EXILE Mod | Extended Base Mod oder über den A3 Launcher einfach nach WARTHOGS suchen.
  7. b3ck

    b3XILEd Vb|DMS|ExO|ExAd|APEX|5k

    Hello everyone in the Exile Mod world! I decided to start up my old exile server again due to old members asking it be revived. (Ghost, Irish, Vulcan and many others) Anyways, since then I have decided to move it from a Windows OS to a Linux OS, and let me tell you it was a real humdinger setting it all up.. good thing is I was able to finally get everything going. Connection Details: Host name: Port: 2302 IP Address: Port: 2302 So what does the server offer? What MODs does the server have? Which ones do I need? Serverside MODs (DON'T need to download) Exile Mod: The mod we all know and love of course (By the Exile Mod Dev Team) Vb: Vector Building (By MGT) DMS: Defent's mission system: AI Mission system (By Defent) ExO: Exile Occupation: Roaming AI and Dynamic Loot Crates +Helicopter Taxi Service (By secondcoming) ExAd: Exile Addon Client: Virtual Garage, Grinding Locks, Full Customization of the Status Bar +Much More (By Bjanski) Clientside MODs (NEED to download and enable/load into ArmA3 before joining the server) APEX: Using the Tanoa map, must have APEX installed (BiStudio DEVs) Purchase/Install >> ( ArmA3 DLC ) Advanced Rappelling: Adds support for helicopter rappelling. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Advanced Urban Rappelling: Rappel off anything that's more than 4-5m high. This includes buildings, cliff, towers, etc. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Advanced Towing: Adds support for towing vehicles using ropes. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Advanced Sling Loading: Full replacement for in-game sling loading. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Enhanced Movement: Allows you to parkour in ArmA3 (By badbenson) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Enhanced Movement Compatible EXILE PBO: Fix that allows you to parkour on EXILE servers (By badbenson) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) I know it looks like a lot, but I just wanted to make sure I covered everything, please join our community as it is a great one! Kind Regards, -b3ck
  8. D-Day Josh

    Exile looting ai bug

    hi, anyone else got an issue of not being able to loot items out of ai clothes? Can take the guns, nvgs etc but nothing from their shirts, vests, backpacks i can get naked then take their clothes with all the gear inside, but i can't take individual items..... Yes i have room in my inventory... hahaha newest version of exile (1.0.1) sweet potato