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Found 22 results

  1. TPG Apollo

    Arma 3 Server in development

    Hello, I am looking for some dedicated developers who would be interested in helping build an arma 3 exile mod chernarus server. I am mostly looking for scripters and map devs. Pm me through my discord if you are interested. SERIOUS inquiries only please.
  2. jazons


    Welcome to Altis polish server ExileMod. Active admins - jazons(Multi_1), TOMI. Exile server on a linux dedicated root host. >> Server Details << Name: [PL]BEST->[Exile|PvP+E|10k]<-Server IP: Website: Discord: TeamSpeak: Style: PVP+PVE 50 slots Polish server PL/ENG XM8 Apps Virtual Garage 3 Hour Restarts 50.000 Pop Tabs Start Custom AI Missions Roaming and static Missions (DMS) ZCP Capture Missions Parked cars in safezones are unlocked after each restart!

    Exilemod Signature wont work

    Hey all, i am creating an dedicated exile server, and i have an error with the exilemod. I downloaded the clientside and serverside and put them both into my server folder. I downloaded exactly the same to my client and tried to connect. I am getting now the error, that the signature is not the same. Here are some pictures My folder Here is my log Thx for your time and help
  4. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [ECN]Exile Chernarus 2035 WE ARE BACK, HOPE YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WELL!! COME PLAY ON OUR NEW SERVER Chernarus was the last place on earth after the wipe out of the ZED's the only people are the remaining survivors, people are still traveling over to get to the Chernarus safe land! Although some did not make it... The **only** way people are able to get out of this hell storm is to fight and survive! This is why it's your job to conquer the land either by yourself or gather friends and fight together! Oh we also did not mention that there will be some friendly people and some not so friendly people! Using your radios you get information of rogue survivors hiding or trying to transport gear across the land, FIND THEM AND KILL THEM! All the best -Darkzy ## **Features** + HIGH FPS! + High Spec Dedicated Server + 20k Starting money (Good starting money) + ZCP Capture Points (Customized to the server layout) + DMS AI Missions (Customized and edited to server) + Vector Building + Virtual Garage + Revive + Lone Survivor Virtual Garage Script (Vehicle Trader) + XM8 Apps + Base Painting + Hundreds of enter-able buildings!! + Weed Farming (GOOD MONEY EARNER) + Fully Customized Map (When we say "Customized" we mean **FULLY** customized! :D) + SafeZonePlus Script (NO VEHICLE OR ITEM STEALING FROM TRADER) + Black Market Trader (NO SAFE ZONE) + Building Supply Trader (NO SAFE ZONE) + Base Spawn + Custom Traders (Fine tuned to server game play) + Custom Kill-feed + Customized Mission File For Optimizations + 4 Hour Restart + Day and Night Cycle (3:15 day and 45 Mins Night) + Base Hacking / Safe Hacking (USING LAPTOP) + Towing (All vehicles) + Roof Rappelling + Heli Rappelling + Customization Status Bar + Crate Loading and loading into vehicles + Rearm Service Points + Salvaging Dead Bodies From Exploded Vehicles + Halo Jumping (Possibly survive from being shot down! :D) + Deploy Quad / Deploy Kart (Customized to be packed) + View Distance (Editable) + Announcements for paying territory protection + Customized loot spawns and loot positions for server game play + Journal to tell yourself Stories or use as reminders + Anti Sky base script + Anti Stuck Script + Realistic Suicide (USE A HANDGUN) + Trader Fixes + Active Admins + Custom Spawning UI + Login Rewards + Custom Loading Screen + Hundreds of bug fixes + InfiSTAR Anti Hack + Server worked on every single day! We always like busy Admins ##### **Behind the work** We have spent the last couple of months planning and then working on making one powerful and solid server for everyone to enjoy, the server was scripted and created by **[ECN]Darkzy** he has spent days working and tinkering with the server to make it perfect for players to enjoy without issue! Everything in the server has been fine tuned to suit the environment of the server and how it plays. **Credits: ** [ECN]Darkzy [ECN]BigBoiBaggy [ECN]Frankie [ECN]Beanomate
  5. johnyboy2o11

    Exile Stoners Lounge

    Server is now up and running had a few Issues. [NEW][ESL]Exile Stoners Lounge 1.0.3 Server Features Real-Time Restarts 00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00 30k Start Custom respect based Loadouts Virtual Garage Hacking + Grinding DMS + ZCP Enigma Revive Deploy Bike + Quad + Boat Claim Vehicles Mostwanted Apoc's Aidrop Custom Bridges Custom Trader's (Thank's S.) Salvage Vehicle Service Rearm + Repair R3F_LOG + Igiload + Sell Creates from Vehicle XS-Spawn Chop wood directly into vehicle Store 120k Safes Height Limit base Build (No more Sky Bases) Trader 3D Preview Bigfoots Shipwrecks + Random Guarded Loot Crates Lot's of fixes Protected And Highly Punished with Infistar AntiHack
  6. ☭ Bendz CS.MONEY

    Looking for US Based Players

    Hello, I'm looking for 1 person or a couple of people to play Exile Mod on Esseker with. I already have a base and some vehicles. Playing Exile Mod solo isn't very fun so that's why I'm looking for someone to play with, I live on the West Coast of the United States (Mountains Standard Time), and I play daily. I'm looking for someone who does the same. Please be from the US so we can play at roughly the same times. Add me on Steam: The server that I play on is: ExileEsseker #1
  7. ☭ Bendz CS.MONEY

    Looking for People

    Hello, I'm looking for 1 person or a couple of people to play Exile Mod on Esseker with. I already have a base and some vehicles. Playing Exile Mod solo isn't very fun so that's why I'm looking for someone to play with, I live on the West Coast of the United States (Mountains Standard Time), and I play daily. I'm looking for someone who does the same. Preferably be from the US so we can play at roughly the same times. Add me on Steam: The server that I play on is: ExileEsseker #1
  8. Hello Forum Users hope you can help with our Private V-Server. Here are first my rpt error, a window error from ArmA 3, my Batch Parameters and Mission.SQM details RPT: 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 Missing addons detected: 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 Exile 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CBA_A3 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CUP_Terrains_Maps 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CUP_Terrains_Core 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CUP_Weapons 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CUP_Vehicles Window Error is: ExileServer requires Exile_Client. All where in ArmA 3 Root Folder and like this in Batch without underline: -mod=@Exile,@CBA_A3,@CUP_Terrains_Maps,@CUP_Terrains_Core,@CUP_Weapons,@CUP_Vehicles,Kart,Mark,Heli,Apex; -servermod=@ExileServer; In here: Exile.Chernarus_summer.pbo, Mission.sqm it Looks the following: class Mission { addOns[]= { "Exile", "CBA_A3", "CUP_Terrains_Maps", "CUP_Terrains_Core", "CUP_Weapons", "CUP_Vehicles" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "Exile", "CBA_A3", "CUP_Terrains_Maps", "CUP_Terrains_Core", "CUP_Weapons", "CUP_Vehicles" }; I found all the Problems already @ this Forum but nothing helped to resolve mine. Exile Mod was functionally, i installed it first. now Server.log says all the time Mission read from bank but didnt load up. Thanks in Advance.
  9. extr4


    EN Hello everyone, We are a french association focusing gaming/survival Equipped with a dedicated server, we host for the past 2 years some servers on games like Rust, Life is Feudal or ARK:Survival. We're happy to show you today our new Exile Mod Server : [FR/EU] - Tanoa|Exile Mod|ExileZ|Launcher A launcher allowing you to join the Server is available on our Website : Our staff is based on Admin/dev/modos which are actives and availables. A lot of Mods are loaded on the server. It's not recommended to join our server without our launcher help although it's still possible. Some changes have been applyied and you take the risk to avoid them. Hoping to see many of you. Good game everybody ! FR Bonjour à tous, Nous sommes une association française à tendance gaming/survival. Equipé d'un serveur dédié, nous hébergeons déjà depuis plus de 2 ans des serveurs de jeu tel que Rust, Life is Feudal ou ARK. Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter aujourd'hui notre nouveau serveur Exile mod: [FR/EU] - Tanoa|Exile Mod|ExileZ|Launcher Un launcher permettant de rejoindre notre serveur facilement est disponible sur notre site officiel : Notre staff est composé d'admin/dev/modo actifs et disponibles. De nombreux mods ainsi que de nombreux ajustements sont présents sur notre serveur. Il est déconseillé de rejoindre le serveur sans l'aide de notre launcher bien que ceci soit possible. Des changements ont été effectué, et vous risquez de ne pas pouvoir en profiter. En esperant vous voir nombreux ! Bon jeu à tous !
  10. [OZ] El_Gitan

    Sniping Helicopter pilot

    i was hunting when i heard a familiar noise.... On the Anonymousgaming server If somebody knows how integrat the youtube code ... tell me plz. Thx in advance.
  11. Mike Bravo

    HMG Strider Anti Rocket System

    The best way to defend the HMG.
  12. Aboode Altikrity

    Gijoe Server

    Welcome To Gijoe Team server Guys Enjoy
  13. attacknn


    Параметры Название: | FAQGAME EXILE TANOA | RHS / LOOT / SECTOR / AI Адрес подключения: Карта: Tanoa Сайт сервера: Вконтакте: Steam: GameTracker: link Слотов на сервере: 100 Моды: Exile, RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF АвтоРестарт: 1 раз в 6 часов, День длится 4.5 часа и 1.5 часа ночь Постройки и техника: Флаг, постройки и техника удаляются через 30 дней после использования или продления. Преимущества Быстрый спавн лута, хороший % спавна, удален мусор из спавна В торговлю добавлено всё что можно, гранатометы, ракетницы, RHS оружие и техника Вертолётные патрули, на военной технике и Пешие патрули ботов, а так же военный десант. 4 вида AI, с RHS оружием гранатометами и средним скилом Новые места спавна, 15 штук Улучшенный лут, Новый лут RHS на миссиях Улучшенное заселение карты + многое другое Техника в тейд зоне открывается после рестарта (её можно продать в течении часа) Новые уникальные миссии с уникальными предметами) Зарядка, заправка и починка техники на метке Склад (Машины заряжаются от станции ремонта, а Вертолёт заряжается от прямоугольного контейнера). Цены 2500 и 5000, нужно навести камерой на заряжающий объект и покрутить колесико. Сектор Б 70-90 Ботов на острове (Техника, десант, подкрепление). На острове появляется интересная техника с паролем 0000. (new) Бонусы новым игрокам и кланам, группе 1-3 человек по 20000 на человека, клану от 4 и выше по 40000. (для получения обратитесь к админу "attacknn", кланам нужно иметь одинаковый клан тег) Описание Отличный сервер как для совместной, так и для одиночной игры. Есть интересные миссии с умными ботами + у сервера есть свой teamspeak 3 канал, подключайтесь и будем вместе летать на сектор и по миссиям, или даже в местe строить базу ну и воевать соответственно! Правила Что требуется для игры Должна быть куплена лицензия Arma 3 - купить можно у нас нас на сайте Должны быть установлены 3 мода: Exile RHSAFRF RHSUSAF Мы на других ресурсах Контакты админов vkontakte: steam: forum:
  14. Hey guys Here is another video showing stuff coming to exile! Please feel free to correct me if there is anything that i missed. Thanks Eichi
  15. gonzai

    Namalsk Server

  16. Helldog

    Character Creation Timeout

    Hi guys, i got some issues while connectiong to my test server. The first time i connect to the server, everything is fine, but if i reconnect i get the "Character Creation Timeout" Error. RPT Log extDB Log The interesting part starts at Line ~807 Im running the newest version of Exile, AiATP and InfiStar on a dedicated server. I hope you guys can help me! Thank you in advance, Helldog
  17. Yexza

    [FR] Recherche 2-3 joueurs

    Yo, On recherches 2 voir 3 joueurs pour completer notre petite squad ,pour jouer fun à 4, nous sommes deja 2. Nous avons 14 et 16 ans et communiquons par ts. on est implenter sur un serveur (UK mais avec pas mal de francais),donc voila. si vous etes interesser, ajoutez moi sur steam : yexza bon jeu !
  18. Mike Bravo

    Arma 3 Exile Esseker: Money Laundering Check out the latest Video guys. A group of players were successful at robbing the bank of esseker. We went to the launderer to intercept the transaction of cash to pop tabs. First time at the launderer so was unsure of the layout but got some nice kills.
  19. Hello All, We are a new Clan just starting out, we are looking for new players (members, staff and friends) to join us on our adventure. Currently we have an exile server, website, teamspeak and steam group for you to join in on the fun. In just a week or two we will also have a new server up for you guys to play on and enjoy. If you want to join or just say hello you can catch us at the link below...