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Found 10 results

  1. Hello guys, this has been a while that I have not been posting in a forum so I'm sorry for posting this in the incorrect category. I will post links to specific threads or posts or website and I will do my best not to mirror any files just to be sure I am not breaking any rules. Notes : Due to my limited (almost none) skill of scripting, there might be some cases I might not be able to help you out. This thread is meant to have collective support from other guys of forum (Exile community) to help each other out. P.S. THIS IS A TUTORIAL TO START FROM SCRATCH ========================================================================================== OPERATION : ESSEKER Requirements: @Exile (duh) @ExileServer (and again, it's basic server installation) @AllInArmaTerrainPack NOTE: HAVE THE LATEST AIA:TP VERSION AND APPLY THE HOTFIX. @Esseker (You can also find Esseker map within the Steam WORKSHOP) Esseker server .bikey Esseker Loot Spawns by @Hollow (DISCOUNTINUED) unPBO tool OR Eliteness (Can be found easily with a small Google search, depends which one you prefer) Notepad ++ (or if you use Eliteness, you don't need N++) m3Editor by @Maca134 ------ This is used for custom trader zone. Installation: In this stage, it is straight forward if you understand and have known before how to setup an Exile multiplayer server. If you do not have the prior knowledge, you may continue to read. A few notes before going in the installation stage: This is a tutorial made for self-hosted servers and I am not familiar with online services offering to host in a dedicated area. 1. For convenience sake I will cite @Maca134's guide / server package that includes the client files and server files of Exile. "" 2. Please, make sure your vanilla server with Altis does function correctly. If not, you may ask for help within this thread or search around in the forums. 3. After all of the above is done, extract the remainder in your server directory folder. In my case, it is located in "C:\Arma\Server\". 3. a) When you have successfully extracted @Esseker and @AllInArmaTerrainPack in the directory. INSTALL THE .BIKEY OF ESSEKER AND AIA:TP (add them to your Keys folder in the directory. 3. b) Proceed to go in @ExileServer and edit "config.cfg". 4. You need to modify a line under the class Mission (then class Exile). You have to modify the template so it goes from "template = Exile.Altis;" to "template = Exile.Esseker;". I have provided an example below. class Missions { class Exile { /* template = Exile.Altis; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore */ template = Exile.Esseker; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; }; 5.To enable Esseker within your startup parameters, edit your [whateverName].bat to be similar to this : @echo off color 0a title Exile Monitor :Serverstart echo Launching Server C: cd "C:\Arma\Server" echo Exile Server Monitor... Active ! start "Arma3" /min /wait C:\Arma\Server\arma3server.exe -mod=@AllInArmaTerrainPack;@Esseker;@Exile;Kart,Mark,Heli; -servermod=@ExileServer; -filePatching -config=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2300 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit ping -n 15 >NUL echo Exile Server Shutdown ... Restarting! ping -n 5 >NUL cls goto Serverstart 6. After modifying your startup parameters, head to your mpmissions folder and rename your Exile.Altis to Exile.Esseker (Or do a copy if you want to preserve an Altis copy). 7. From there, you should unPBO the mission file and head to mission.sqm and open it with a text editor of your choice. 7. a) Add "Esseker" to the lines under addOns. I will provide an example. Like at the beginning = version=12; class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "Esseker" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "Esseker" }; And the end = class Intro { addOns[]= { "Esseker" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "Esseker" }; randomSeed=3611332; class Intel { startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; }; class OutroWin { addOns[]= { "Esseker" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "Esseker" }; randomSeed=15572598; class Intel { startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; }; class OutroLoose { addOns[]= { "Esseker" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "Esseker" }; randomSeed=13194853; class Intel { startWeather=0.30000001; startWind=0.1; startWaves=0.1; forecastWeather=0.30000001; forecastWind=0.1; forecastWaves=0.1; forecastLightnings=0.1; year=2035; month=6; day=24; hour=12; minute=0; startFogDecay=0.013; forecastFogDecay=0.013; }; }; 8. Now everything should be set, it is time to add what is missing : Traders, Safezones, Spawns and Loot spawns. ====================================================================================================== MAKING SPAWNS The rest of this tutorial will be time consuming. You will need to tinker around and find what markers, sensors (triggers) suits you best. 1. Fire up your ARMA 3 Editor with Esseker and AIA:TP loaded and scout for any possible spawnzones you want your players and yourself included to spawn. 2. Make a new mission file and add markers of where you want it to be. 3. After saving, get to where you have saved your newly made mission file (it might be named Esseker.Esseker). 3. a) There will be a mission.sqm inside that folder, open it up with your favorite text editor and copy all : class Markers { bla bla blah }; and replace (or add) to your mission.sqm file of the server. 4. I will provide an example of how it must look like (this is one of my spawns). REMEMBER THE " type="ExileSpawnZone"; " OR YOU WILL NOT SEE THE SPAWN IN YOUR LIST AFTER ENTERING YOUR SERVER. class Item0 { position[]={6678.9189,256.49823,3904.5002}; name="SpawnPlavaVranaMilitaryComplex"; text="Plava Vrana"; type="ExileSpawnZone"; }; Configurations (Trader, Safezones and Loot Spawns): This is where things might get tricky for some (myself included at the beginning). ======== LOOT SPAWNS ======= 1. Follow @Hollow's tutorial within his post for the installation of Esseker loot spawns. ======== Trader / Safezone ====== Due to the complexity and the anger-inducing process this might do to some, I will include a tutorial that has already been done by @spear. Things to remember : Within the mission.sqm, the marker for the trader will look something like this: class Item7 { position[]={9395.5059,6.7335639,4709.9023}; name="Maxwell"; text="Maxwell Trader City"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="Empty"; colorName="ColorBlue"; fillName="SolidBorder"; a=100; b=100; drawBorder=1; }; and the trigger (class Sensors) must look something like : class Item0 { position[]={9395.5703,6.7335668,4710.1016}; a=100; b=100; activationBy = "ANY"; repeating = 1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; text="Maxwell SZ"; name = "ExileTrader"; expCond = "(vehicle player) in thisList"; expActiv = "call ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone"; expDesactiv = "call ExileClient_object_player_event_onLeaveSafezone"; class Effects { }; }; THESE LINES ARE IMPORTANT TO HAVE THE SAFEZONE FUNCTIONNING PROPERLY. DON'T FORGET OR THE BOGEYMAN WILL GET YA. name = "ExileTrader"; expCond = "(vehicle player) in thisList"; expActiv = "call ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone"; expDesactiv = "call ExileClient_object_player_event_onLeaveSafezone"; =========================================================================================================================== This is all I have to add, if I'm missing something please tell me and I will fix it right away. My server folder is so full that I might have skipped something so message me up here or Skype me if you guys want. Have a nice day everyone. - RX-777 "BAO".
  2. Yesterday, our server was working fine with players joining throughout the day. When two of our moderators attempted to connect at night, the Exile loading screen got to about halfway and froze. After a few more minutes an error ("connection with the server lost") appears. When I check my RPT log all looks mostly fine ( This problem seems totally out of the blue considering we have made no edits to the mods or game files in days now. Since then the server has worked fine until our connection issues last night. I know I dont have much information to give but we are totally at a loss.
  3. OK, Im trying to get ExileZ running on my Exile server. I am running into the issue where the server loads but players wont get past the SQL load in. You know the good'ol lookin at ground as a ghost character on that damn island issue. I have the Exilez.pbo in the @Exileserver\addons folder and @Ryanzombies in my server directory on my server as well as my client, but only active on the client. My Startup parameters are: -ip= -port=2307 -noPause -noSound "-cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg" -ranking="" -par="" "-config=A3DS\server.cfg" "-profiles=A3DS" "-servermod=@Exileserver" "-mod=@Exile;@Ryanzombies" -malloc=system -enableHT -world=empty -autoinit -maxMem=6144 I modified my Mission.SQM in the addons section. With the following. class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "Ryanzombiesanims", "Ryanzombiesfaces", "a3_map_altis" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "a3_map_altis" }; I have also Modified my Config.cpp in @Exileserver\addons\exile_server_config.pbo with. class CfgPatches { class exile_server_config { requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = { "ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "Ryanzombiesanims", "Ryanzombiesfaces"}; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; magazines[] = {}; ammo[] = {}; }; }; In my logs I am running in to this. 16:21:01 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectFull.sqf, line 16 16:21:01 Error in expression <uery_selectFull; _numberOfClans = count _clanIDs; if (_numberOfClans > 0) then > 16:21:01 Error position: <_clanIDs; if (_numberOfClans > 0) then > 16:21:01 Error Undefined variable in expression: _clanids 16:21:01 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_world_loadAllClans.sqf, line 20 16:21:01 Call extension 'extDB2' could not be found 16:21:01 Error in expression <"extDB2" callExtension _query); switch (_result select 0) do { case 0: { (format> 16:21:01 Error position: <_result select 0) do { case 0: { (format> 16:21:01 Error Undefined variable in expression: _result 16:21:01 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectFull.sqf, line 16 16:21:01 Error in expression <uery_selectFull; _numberOfClans = count _clanIDs; if (_numberOfClans > 0) then > My server is hosted by Host Havoc. Any help would be great thank you for your time! #LostAF
  4. Mraweshumsauce

    Where to get started?

    I just really need some help, I do have a good tech person helping me along the way but I just don't understand how to install exile for a server. yes yes, I've read all the forum posts on how to do it but I just keep having issues and can't get it going. I know how to install a arma3 server without issues and so on, I just really need someone to walk me through the steps of a exile server. I have a map in mind (chenarus) but all and any downloads I find for it are in big big packs that takes ages to download. Hopefully I didn't post this in the wrong area..
  5. Soo i launch my server on my laptop in my eyes it looks like it works, but it dosent i check ingame in Lan Tab NOTHING! thats my RPT file THX IN ADVANCE!
  6. Man-Bear-Pig


    My question is why the hell when i put dms, and occupation on my server they work but as soon as i unpack one and change a value they go to shit and not pick up? I open occupation and edit the number of crates to spawn from 6 to 3, repack and it wont even load up? I open dms and change the map marker from true to false, repack, and it wont even load up?? Try to turn the transport heli off, mod wont load anymore??? I know how to unpack and repack, i can edit other mods with no problems, but these two seems like they only run if you copy and paste in their original setup is the only way i can get them to stay running, i cant edit shit in them...???!!! Really!
  7. Can anyone shed any light on this error I keep getting within my logs. I've checked the file in question and its not something I've changed so curious as to what's causing it?
  8. Takeo64z

    Unable To Locate "extDB2" Extention

    Hi, I've been searching google and the topics on this website constantly for the last couple of days i seemed to not find anything about this I created a exile server and i keep getting "Receiving Server Version" And I go Into The Logs And This Is What I See What I Think The Problems Are: The Server Cannot Reach The Database The Server Cannot Locate extDB2 Extension I Keep Getting Receiving Server Version When my friends or I join the server I Have gone through "extdb-conf" And checked that all the information in that file matched my SQL database. And Made changes to match the database. I Have Searched The Forums And Google But have yet to come across something that fixes this problem. My Operation System: Windows Server 2008 R2 I Am Using TADST for my server. My Skype: nathan.zazo1
  9. Hi there, i do have some questions in regards to a few Problem's i do see, but let me first show you what i did I installed the following addons: From my point of view all of them are the latest and greatest Version " on the market " please correct my if i am wrong. I am well aware that the AllInTerrainPack is outdated, but hey i am also not the youngest anymore and still do have some cool features All of this is running on a nice Linux Debian: Kernel Version 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt20-1+deb8u2 including the Database ( Mysql 5.6 Something ) Now that was the clear bit in my head I then started to read about the whole Zombie Story, but already just by reading all the posts and tutorials my brain is starting to get damp So i found: 1.)ügen/ Where they are talking about using the " MODLess " Version of this stuff, in short what i got from it: Put these files into your MPMission folder, wire it up with the init scritpts and off you go. ( Dont forget to fix your BEfilters Well after getting beaten up by Warnings and Errormessages because of "\" and "/" or "Zombie" and "zomBie" I finaly got rid of all the Error messages, but nothing is happening in the world of Esseker Now i thought well if they dont spawn something with the trigger is wrong so i did some research and found a nice comment: "//Object type that triggers zombies when player in range use HouseL for A2 maps if no spawns" Thank you very much for that hint, but for me there is no " HouseL " on the map ... only "House_L" according to this list: 2.) In here they are talking about a " Server Spawner Script " which should do the same but different Also followed the instructions, packed up a PBO File and so on. This did not work for me at all as i got stopped by some strange Errors like Error position: <_position, _civilrole]]; }; while { tr> 3.) Then i read about a guy who sticked some static spawnpoints, in the Editor, and wired them up in the mission.sqm ( cannot find the link anymore ) Now my question, what is currently the correct and working way to have this Freaks walking around punching my guests on the server ? As given at the very top of this Post, i am running Exile and Exile Server on the latest version on map Esseker 0.75, infistar is looking after everybody not to cheat ( i hope ) Thanks a mil for your replies ! - Apraxas
  10. Please sticky this, I've seen at least 10 posts about it sprinkled throughout the forums. If you are having issues loading mods on your Linux based server, please make sure that your custom mods and addons do not contain capital letters in the folder or filenames. If you are lucky enough to have ssh or local access to your linux arma server, this link will help you automate de-capitalizing all of your files and folders recursively and is a huge time saver. Alternatively, you can run it on your own pc before uploading your mods to your server. (use mingw to run bash scripts on windows) Common mods that this affects: All in Arma Terrain Pack CUPS TRYK MAS Austrailia Anything that has a capital letter in the @folder name, or any subdirectories and files. Example: TRYK won't run on my linux based server. Solution: Rename @TRYK to @tryk, the Addons folder inside tryk needs to be renamed addons, and all of the files that are in the addons folder that have capital letters in them need to be renamed to their lowercase equivalents.