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Found 109 results

  1. [NEW] Corentis Media Exile Altis

    Corentis Media Exile is a small group of friends that have come together to create an Exile server. We listen to our player's suggestions, and place votes on what features to implement onto the server. We are in no way a community, we do not believe in "staff", our administration team in no way get involved with users, unless the user is reported on our discord, or caught breaking a rule. Our rules are very free, with only a handful of them, so freedom is the biggest thing in this server. I mean, it's exile, there's really no rules if this was real life, it's basically a free-for-all deathmatch. So, if you're into servers with limited restrictions and the ability to do literally whatever you want, then what better place to start than Corentis? Our server currently only supports a maximum of 4 players, as this is just a start up to see how well this goes. If it becomes more populated, we will definitely upgrade as soon as we can. But right now, we need to save the money until we actually need it. I hope you can understand our position. Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you in EXILE!
  2. Nexus Exile PVP

    Welcome to a no BS, simple, clean, adult operated Exile experience. Choose from Cherno, Tanoa, or Altis Features: NO Virtual Garage Balanced Respect System Advanced Rappelling Grinding Hacking Revive BaseSpawn Towing Load Crate in Vehicle Lifting Deploy Vehicle Statsbar Custom ViewDistance Custom TerrainGrid settings Security App Vehicle HP Bar XM8 Handy App FAIR FRIENDLY ADMINS ACTIVE ADMINS EASY TO FOLLOW RULES..(just don't be a dick)
  3. Dusk Till Dawn

    New server 100k start locker Towing Lifting. Picking up/ Loading in. Sell crates at wastedump Full militarized Revive Dms/Zcp (adjusted AI for the best experience) Town invasion Hacking Grinding Garage Spawn hunter Spawn quadbike Vote day & night 3 radiation zones (extra loot) Blacktrader
  4. SilentDespair|Exile Chernarus

    New server looking for players, I have hosted many servers in the past and i am excited to launch my Arma 3 Exile Server It has high loot, slow zombies, towing 25K start and much more to offer! We look forward to seeing you on the server!!
  5. The Nexus Atlis PVP

    Welcome to The Nexus ..brought to you by nexus gaming Server ip: VISIT OUR DISCORD AI missions, loot crates and sunken treasure. No military vehicles....(this means tanks or attack helicopters) High loot (loot is authentic to the location being looted) Starting Tabs...15k to get you going Spawn via HALO or on the ground World spawn avehilces XM8s by infistart XM8 mobile app supported Friendly Admin Simple rules 24hr/7 support New Community, come plant your flag! Starter kits and much much more! The owner of The Nexus has been running A2 Epoch and A3 Exile servers for years. He has over 3k hours in Exile alone. Come be a part of a NEW great community! New maps to come, with new content!
  6. The Nexus Atlis PVP

    <h1 style="text-align: center;">Welcome to The Nexus</h1> <h3 style="text-align: center;">..brought to you by nexus gaming</h3> <p style="text-align: center;">Server ip:&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">VISIT OUR DISCORD</a></p> <ul> <li style="text-align: left;">AI missions, loot creats and sunken treasure.</li> <li style="text-align: left;">No military vehicles....(this means tanks or attack helicopters)</li> <li style="text-align: left;">High loot (loot is authentic to the location being looted)</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Starting Tabs...15k to get you going</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Spawn via HALO or on the ground</li> <li style="text-align: left;">World spawn avehilces</li> <li style="text-align: left;">XM8s by infistart&nbsp;</li> <li style="text-align: left;">XM8 mobile app supported</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Friendly Admin</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Simple rules</li> <li style="text-align: left;">24hr/7 support</li> <li style="text-align: left;">New Community, come plant your flag!</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Starter kits</li> <li>and much much more!</li> </ul> <p>The owner of The Nexus has been running A2 Epoch and A3 Exile servers for years.&nbsp; He has over 3k hours in Exile alone.&nbsp; Come be a part of a NEW great community!&nbsp; New maps to come, with new content!</p>
  7. im wanting too get extended base mod on my server but how would i go about that ?
  8. A3ProjectGaming ACE3

    We want to introduce you a custom Exile server running on Chernarus Redux currently, and we are the first Server including the full ACE3 System (Currently only in Steam Workshop)! To see more and how to join us visit our Website at: Features: - Towing - Lifting - Crate in Vehicles - 64bit server framework (Normal 32bit for exile) - Zombies dropping Pop Tabs - CUP Mods - Crafting Recipes shown in the XM8 - Extended Base Mod - JSRS Soundmod Support - Airdrops - Statsbar - Rearm pods for Helicopters/Ground Vehicles/Planes - Nice Admins - Custom Safe Zones/Trader Citys - Many XM8 Apps - High Performance - TRYK Uniforms - New Spawn Screen - Tanks/Attack Chopper for endgame content - Daily login Reward - 10k Start Money - The only Exile Server with Custom ACE Mod and many more!
  9. Can anyone help me? I downloaded the extended base mod and it seemed to work until you decided to place the object. It doesn’t render in. Everything pops up to place the item except the item.
  10. A3ProjectGaming

    We want to introduce you a custom Exile server running on Tanoa currently. To see more and how to join us visit our Website! Features: Towing Lifting Crate in Vehicles Zombies dropping Pop Tabs 64bit CUP Mods Crafting Recipes shown in the XM8 Extended Base Mod JSRS Soundmod Support Airdrops Statsbar Vehicle Garage Nice Admins Many XM8 Apps Bridges from the Main Island TRYK Uniforms New Spawn Screen Daily login Reward 10k Start Money and many more!

    In seiner Art einzigartiger Exile Server! / In its kind a unique Exile Server! Da es bei Exile um eine Survival Simulation geht, haben wir den Server entsprechend aufgesetzt: / Since Exile is a survival simulation, we have set up the server accordingly: --> 400 km² dichter Dschungel / 400 km² dense jungle --> KEINE asphaltierten Strassen / NONE asphalted roads --> Etwa 150 km schiffbare Wasserwege / About 150 km of navigable waterways --> Viele Eingeborenendörfer / Many indigenous villages --> Einige wenige Militärposten / A few military posts --> KEIN Food/Drinks Händler (geh jagen und koche Wasser ab oder loote) / NO Food/Drinks Dealer (go hunt and boil water or loot) --> KEINE Tankstellen (such Kanister oder Fässer) / NO gas stations (search for canisters or barrels) --> Ausrüstung, Waffen und Fahrzeuge aus der Vietnamkriegsära (vor 1972) / Equipment, weapons and vehicles from the Vietnam War era (before 1972) --> Extended Base Mod --> Mozzie --> A3XAI als Vietcong (Ausrüstung und Waffen) als roaming AI auf der gesamten Map (zu Fuß, im Fahrzeug oder Helikopter, KEINE Marker) / A3XAI as Vietcong (equipment and weapons) as roaming AI on the whole map (on foot, in the vehicle or helicopter, NO markers) Spiel es nicht wie ein Spiel oder du wirst scheitern! Spiel als ob es um dein eigenes Leben ginge! / Don't play it like a game or you will fail! Play as if it's your own life! CBA_A3 ZOMBIES AND DEMONS CUP TERRAINS CORE G.O.S SONG BIN TANH UNSUNG VIETNAM WAR MOD EXTENDED BASE MOD MOZZIE
  12. Added EBM and all was well. Then added ZCP, DMS Occupation, HAP-ALL (already had HAP). after restart it looks like ZCP and Occupation are working good, the missions and the roaming AI are there and doing their thing. Went to my Base to add some more items. They show on the traders, you can buy them and add them to vehicle and personal inventory, but when you try and Construct (open personal inventory, double click item, click construct) the construct screen comes up but the item (Large sandbag wall 8m for example) is not visible. After placing the item they are still not visible. I have removed HAP and HAP-ALL because they were not working at all (Going to reinstall HAP now that some one gave me some instructions on it). Any ideas on why items are not visible? The items that were placed and working are still in place and visible, this just seems to be effecting new items.

    hello all im forsakenReaper AkA BloodRaven .we have opened up a new exile /ryans zombies/Extended Base Mod server.the server is a 60 man server located in texas usa on premium hardware. we are currently looking for members and players to join our server. the server is mostly vanilla exile/ryans zombies but we have editied a spawn point over the terminal for ease of play for beginers. we are a layed back clan who doesnt have many rules just obey any admin requests,stay out of admin base/territory, and dont cheat/hack into bases other than that just come play and have fun ! the server is pretty much clean at the time of this post so bring your friends and come claim some land also we try to admin the server 24/7 our server features: Extended base mod ----------------------------------------------------- DMS Missions/to add pve content ------------------------------------------------------ Zombies !/to add pve content ----------------------------------------------------- Virtual Garage -------------------------------------------------------- Status Bar /to further enhance you gaming experience ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PVE/PVP ------------------------------------------------------------------- Base building /raiding ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Territories/ Own your own land and build your clan empire ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Increased Locker Storage up to 9 mil caps ---------------------------------------------------------------------- earn reputation and money from pve/pvp ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trader spawn point added for ease of access to traders and airport .no more walking 100000 miles --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Random supply drops to get a chance to find weapons and goodies ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. OSG ChernarusRedux

    Welcome to Outsiders Gaming (OSG)! We are using the Chernarus Redux map. You will need to ensure you have all the mods in order to play on our server. They will be listed below. Our community has been around since 2014, we first started out on the Arma 2 Overpoch server and finally made the switch over this past September to Arma 3. Admins are active on the server but they are there to play. When it comes to using their admin powers, it is to monitor the server when required. They are not to be using their powers unless it is required. All logs are checked daily. The server runs infiSTAR & Battleye. Our features include: Zombies 20,000 Pop Tabs for new players Virtual Garage Safe Hacking Door Grinding MarXet Most Wanted Vector Building Halo & Ground Spawn System DMS AI System Occupation AI System ZCP (Zupa's Capture Points) R3F Logistics Claim Vehicles Repair Vehicles at Trader Cities Safezone Change View Distance Custom Stats Bar (Editable) Server Info Enigma Revive Vote Day/Night Maintenance: Protection = 21 Days (Must pay protection money before this) Vehicles = 28 Days (Must move the vehicle before this) Stolen Flag = 14 Days (Must pay ransom money before this) Stolen Flag = 5 Days (Door & Safe pins are reset to 0000 and will mark the safes as abandoned if the ransom money isn't paid after the flag is stolen) Abandoned Safe = 7 Days (Must access your safe before this to prevent a marker from displaying that the safe is abandoned and the pin is reset to 0000) Safes & Containers outside of Territories = 7 Days Thank you for checking out our server information! This server is still fairly new so best time to get yourself and your clan established! Please join our Discord for more information!

    Hi guys, I am running game servers for more than 10 years now but first time an Arma 3 one. Server hosted in a good dedicated machine. My main goal is to give everyone a good gaming experience so I was trying not to overload the server with useless stuff. Enjoy
  16. [DLG] Exile Chernarus

    Our server has a pretty fresh sever but already has so many options. We are open to suggestions and feedback. Come check us out to see what Chernarus has to offer. Server details below. On the server we have: -> 150 AI Roaming Air and Ground crews -> 50k Poptabs in bank for fresh players -> AI DayZ Heli Crashes, AI Loot Crates, and AI Missions. -> Custom Military buildings all over the Chernarus Map. -> Custom Loot tables for increased loot and less junk -> Halo Jumps, Status bar at the bottom, deployable bike/quad (free bike, Extension cord needed for quad) -> Cars at spawn points for easier movement around the map -> Tons of cars scattered all over the map -> Day & Night Cycle (Fast Night) (Vote Enabled) -> Virtual Garage -> Extended Base Mod -> Working on fresh content daily with more additions to map -> North American Server! -> Soon to have Cup Vehicles/Weapons
  17. BigSL Altis Survival-ZedAi PVE

    BigSL's Altis server is customized with lots of roaming and mission ai's. Zombies are balanced accordingly and demons are only at the loot&death mission. Tools are only found by looting for a survivalesque experience and traders offer you anything from basic foods to jets on the tarmac. Respect system is used as well for trader items. We are looking for like-minded players to join our family on ts3 for some quality discussions and ArmA3 co-op fun.
  18. BigSL Malden Survival-ZedAi PVE

    BigSL's Altis server is customized with lots of roaming and mission ai's. Zombies are balanced accordingly and demons are only at the loot&death mission. Tools are only found by looting for a survivalesque experience and traders offer you anything from basic foods to jets on the tarmac. Respect system is used as well for trader items. We are looking for like-minded players to join our family on ts3 for some quality discussions and ArmA3 co-op fun.
  19. capacity of 300 objects height ~50 meters Base is ready on ~90%

    Moin, Ihr sucht Abwechslung? Ihr sucht nen Server der NICHT durch allerlei Regeln kaputtgemacht wird? Ihr sucht die Möglichkeit Mods wie JSRS zu nutzen? Ihr habt Lust auf massig Missionen und/oder PvP? KEIN PROBLEM! Kommt auf die Bierbude und freut Euch auf ne momentan noch leider kleine aber feine Stammspielerschaft bei stets sehr guten ServerFPS und aktiven Support durch den Admin (mich)! Ich biete euch Vector-Building, DMS, Occupation-Missionen, ZCP, Shipwrecks, Advanced Movement, Rappeling (abseilen), Advanced Towing, Custom-Trader / Spawns und ne Menge mehr. Zudem nen eigenen, 100 Slots umfassenden Teamspeak-Server. ALLE Mods sind OPTIONAL bzw. Serverseitig und damit das ganze auch rundläuft, ist es auf nem Haswell XEON mit 3,7GHZ, 8GB RAM, SSD und Anbindung ans Deutsche Forschungsnetz gehostet. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!
  21. SnowyChernarus - ChernarusWinter

    The Fifth Neatwork™. We opened our first Arma 3 Exile Survival Server based on a harsh winter survival, balanced with thermal removal and many addons to paint your base, vector, virtual garage. Events, snowstorms, custom ambients, custom traders. How to play? The whole necessary package can be found at : Mod package You also need Exile Mod : A movie will be made out of it! IP : 2303 Also on gametracker here! Can be found via A3Launcher by searching for 'SnowyChernarus'! Our steam group. Join us on Discord for a 100k start bonus! A new step, new design. A whole new crew to welcome you! WIP ------- The Fifth Neatwork™. Nous avons ouvert notre premier serveur Arma 3 Exile Survie axé sur un environnement hostile enneigé incluant tempête et plus encore! Vous avez aussi accès à de nombreux addons tel que le Garage Virtuel, Missions custom, musique custom, peinture pour base/vehicule, script de soin et plus encore! Jouer maintenant? Le package de mods nécessaire pour l’expérience est ici : Mod package Vous avez aussi besoin du mod Exile : Nous préparons un film sur ce serveur! IP : 2303 Visible sur gametracker here! Vous utilisez A3Launcher? Cherchez 'SnowyChernarus'! Our steam group. Rejoignez-nous sur Discord pour un bonus de nouveau joueur de 100 000 poptabs! Une grande étape. Nouveau design. Une grande équipe pour vous accueillir bientôt! En construction.
  22. [DE] Eisengrind Exile

    mehr Informationen folgen...