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Found 22 results

  1. Salut, j'ai commander un serveur Arma3 Exile sur Nitrado, et il se trouve que les mods "Extended Base Mod" et CDAH modpack" empêche mon serveur de fonctionner (impossible de se connecter), c'est pour cela que je viens vers vous pour demander si vous auriez une idée du problème. J'ai beaucoup galéré sur le CDAH car le readme n'est pas très claire, en revanche, j'ai suivis les instructions de Extended base en anglais comme en français, c'est pourquoi je ne comprend pas d'ou peut venir mon problème ! readme anglais: readme FR (trouvé sur un forum) :
  2. Finner


    Gamezone PvE - Exile Chernarus Redux - Zombies - AI - Helicrashes - Extended Base and Survival - WIP (1.40) Ich freue mich unseren Exile Server zu präsentieren, wir haben verschiedene Mods und Scripts am laufen, testet es einfach aus! Id like to present this server to all players around the world. We got various mods and scripts activated. Join the server and test it out!
  3. LawlessBaron


    Server hosted in Perth, Australia Join our Discord server and make mod suggestions
  4. MegaWAffle

    SuperWaffles [LHG] H.C. Exile

    Hard mode exile serer realistic looking to build a community looking for moderators, admins and a good player base looking for time played and returning players to be on admin team taking ideas from player base to improve server
  5. MegaWAffle

    SuperWaffles[LHG] Exile

    hard mode exile server as realistic as possible CUP mods RHS mods rappel tow and extended base mods
  6. Sebas

    ***K3B*** Custom Chernarus

    K3B*Chernarus*Custom|20K|VECTOR|RHS|DMS|ZCP|HACK|GRIND||QC|FR|US| Hello everyone. KEB GAMING [K3B] Is a Arma 3 Exile Mod Community since 2016. We currently have Exile Mod servers. Both PVP. Please visit website for list of rules and features. It is made by 2 guys. (Uwilldie and Baklava) and is hosted in New York. Maintenance every 10 days. Protection, vehicles, safe. Mods Required: Exile RHS AFRF RHS GREF RHS SAF RHS USAF Extended Base CUP Terrains Maps CUP Terrains Core DS House (which opens several houses) Enhanced Movement (to climb on the roof) Mr Sanchez (which gives a chance to burst their heads with a head shot) Features: Custom Traders Custom Crafting Custom Static Mission (has 78 AI and 4 boxes of equipment of all kinds) Custom ZCP Mission DMS Mission Voting day/night Vector (move the walls in all directions) Hacking safe and Virtual garage Grinding doors Mobile XM8 for Android Advanced towing Spawn base Claim vehicle 20k to start your journey View Distance Virtual garage High FPS Loot crate ground and underwater Rocket and grenade launchers Armed and armored vehicles (Cal .50 max) Deploye Quad Heli crash Igiload (Load crate on vehicle) Status bar 4H restart MORE... We have: Facebook: Website: Discord: See you there!
  7. 4amMadman

    Cherno Redux: Soviet Invasion

    Tactical Rabbits Coalition: Chernarus Redux PVP Server Following the 2042 nuclear war in the Balkans, the belligerent Russian Federation re-organized into a Neo-Soviet bloc of states and began exerting its remaining power on neighboring nations. Neo-Soviet backed militia forces increase tensions in the small border state of Chernarus as a pretense to seize petroleum resources. Neo-Soviet militias clash against the wasteland dwelling Pro-Chernorussian nationalist faction in the wake of the nuclear fallout. Features: Chernarus Redux: the ultimate in post-apocalypse Chernarus maps. Engaging PVP. Custom painting for base walls,bags, uniforms and vehicles. Vector building. Custom extended base mod pricing structure. Capture points. Custom view distance app. Movable crates & boxes. Player revive system. Vehicle repair & refuel. Mission system. A3 Launcher listed: get all of your mods in one place and log on. Embedded PUBG styled compass HUD. Custom spawn points. Our highly active staff are adults that understand the value of customer service. Custom trade zones hand built by our team to fit our server theme. Custom stats bars and modified Exile UI. 60 player slots Part of a greater gaming community of 400 members. Never play alone! 4 hour restart. Required Mods: Exile Mod Extended Base Mod Frith's Ruin CUP Terrains - Core DS Houses Chernarus Redux TRYK's Multiplay Uniforms TAC Vests Optional Mods: Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling About Tactical Rabbits Coalition: Tactical Rabbit Coalition (TRC) was founded at the beginning 2017 by members with deep roots in the ARMA community. Our founding staff members met on community servers and saw that none of those servers provided a stable environment conducive to a player's needs. We operate an Exile server, several Patrol Ops mod servers as well as sponsor an in-house competitive PUBG team, community XBOX division with intent to expand to new game servers. Come for the games, stay for the community! Website: Server Rules: rules Discord: Exile Server IP: Port: 2342
  8. [=PUG=]webbie

    EXILED TO ALTIS by webbie

    This is a custom server I've built from Vanilla for my clan. It includes all the usual refinements, Missions, Roaming AI, Zombies, etc. and is 99% bug free. The 1% would be the bugs that I haven't dug out. Im a good admin and I like to help players out as long as its in reason. I pay for this myself and is a personal hobby of mine. I am constantly tweaking and adding to the server and have close to 800 hours in dev time and 1500+ with Arma. I've worked on a wide array of servers and run an insurgency server as well. My contact details are in the xm8 and Im pretty happy to help anyone out but if your an idiot youll get banned.
  9. Grant7O2O

    Grant's Exile Zombie's Server

    Grant's Exile server is a Tanoa Zombies server, with lots of zombies, guns, heavily armed vehicles, and a special trader on the USS Freedom! It is easy to install, (all the mods are on the workshop, except Exile, of course) and has high FPS Mods Required: Exile 1.0.3 Temp Fix for Exile Miniguns Zombies and Demons Extended Base Mod Nato & Russian Vehicles Nato & Russian Weapons Here's a link to subscribe to all the workshop mods except Exile! I am a single server owner, and am open to lots of suggestions, please Join my TS and talk to me if you have any suggestions, comments, or problems... And together we can make this community great!!!
  10. Unser Arma 3 Exile Server sucht noch ein paar nette Spieler, unser Server Beinhaltet: Custom Configs, Infistar, RyansZombies und Extended Base Building als Mod Wir sind derzeit 3 Aktive Spieler und würden uns über mehr Besucher Freuen, auch ist unser Server nicht Gemietet, sonder Steht Inform einer Dedizierten Maschine in meinem Haus Erwünscht wären Leute über 16, (wir machen auch teils Ausnahmen) wir suchen nette Leute mit denen man viel Mist Bauen kann, welche auch Locker sind und sich nicht scheuen Ihre Ideen und Gedanken mit uns zu Teilen, vielleicht kann man ja noch etwas an unserem Server anpassen, die Configs kenne ich ja mittlerweile so gut wie Auswendig. Fühlst du dich angesprochen oder hast noch mehr fragen? Teamspeak: (An Dj970708/ Jan, Rhino "Max" oder Frittenfuchxsdeiwelswild Wenden) Steam: Dj970708
  11. Hello I need help with the server I'm looking for configs for CUP and Extended base mod on Tanoa because everytime we try to add them they don't work also we're trying to add ghost hawks and other arma vehicles into the server aswell please help we're new at this and we don't fully get it or get why none of our changes are sticking
  12. broland278

    Elite Gaming Exile

    Hello and welcome to Elite Gaming, We are a new community that's looking to get the name out there and also give people a fun and dedicated place to play. We are a group of people that have known each other for awhile and decided to start up a community with team work and reliability. Feel free to hop in the Teamspeak or Discord and hang out. We are fresh and learning as we go, but do we have a good team put together and a very good Developer that puts a lot of time into putting the servers together. This Exile Chernarus Server Features: DMS Missions ZCP Capture points Custom added areas/towns on the Chernarus map Various traders placed in specific parts of the map a3xai - Roaming AI's Extended Base Mod - More options for building CUP Weapons/Vehicles/Units TYRK Uniforms Respect Ranks and various others for you to see ingame!
  13. 1stScots

    Exile Reborn Altis

    Exile Reborn on Altis, Hardcore - only the strongest will survive, if your extremely lucky. Warning: Very high chance you will get your ass handed to you on this server.
  14. arrestingdog

    NEW!! - BDS - Custom Chenarus

    NEW!! - BDS - Custom Exile server, Chenarus. RHS, CUP. IP: BDS Custom Exile server, Chenarus. RHS, CUP. IP: Server highlights Custom map Custom missions Revive Deploy bike RHS: AFRF RHS: USAF Extended Base Exile Cup Terrains Core Cup Terrains Map Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Frenzied Mod Pack The Black Dragon Society are a mature community of gamers. We are pleased to annouce today the opening of our new Exile server. After several weeks of testing we are proud to offer you a custom chenarus map, elements of the old DayZ map have been retained and blended with new map additions: 4 new cities (Tikhaya, Skalisty, Ininicity, Medvedskoye) Custom Trader City Bor All 3 airfields upgraded New extensive road system (including connection between NWA and NEA, Pobeda dam road is extended, plus brides, etc.) Many towns villages have also been modified/extended for better map balance Checkpoints, encampments, castles are amongst many other small additions AI spawn (with low probability) in military areas AI vehicle patrols (both bandit and survior) Also custom AI missions, with more to follow. Come and explore Cheranrus, as you've never seen it before..... As a mature community we do have some rules and will do our upmost to police them... •Anyone causing unnecessary drama or being abusive in game or on the Facebook page will be kicked from the group and server. •Base raiding is allowed but griefing people by emptying the contents of peoples vehicles/safes/crates onto the floor so it despawns is not allowed. •There will be no compensation for items lost due to Exile / Arma bugs nor admin teleports for your character. •Hacking/glitching/duping will earn you an instant ban. •Profiting from duped items will result in the poptabs and respect being removed from your account •Random spawned vehicles cannot be locked and are deleted on server restart •PVP is allowed but give people a chance to rebuild or re-gear after killing them •No killing fresh spawns or camping near the trader areas. Killing unarmed people elsewhere is not good form so don't do it unless you have a good reason. The exception to this is repeatedly running back to your body to get your gear in a firefight. This will get you killed, don't complain about it. Either wait or re-gear elsewhere. •No blocking roads with bicycles. •No dropping vehicles on bases from helicopters. •There are no rules regarding stealing, ensure your vehicles and bases are locked and don't land at safe zones if you can see other players. That being said, players who are seen to be always attempting to steal and be a nuisance (griefing) at traders for long periods of time will at the very least have their gear removed and be teleported to a remote location this includes camping the traders and trying to kill people as they leave. •Airlifting/loading locked vehicles and hiding them is considered griefing •Do not use safe zones to park your vehicles when you log out, build a garage or hide them somewhere. Vehicles left in safe zones automatically unlock on server restart. •No ramming/pushing vehicles or players in safe zones or attempting to shoot in or our of a safe zone. •NB. Accusations of cheating/hacking must be backed up by evidence otherwise it is just your word against someone else. •Parked in safe zones - Unlocked at restart •Parked in range of your flag - Deleted after 10 days of inactivity •Parked anywhere else - Deleted after 48 hours of inactivity Bases need to be maintained (protection money paid to the Mafia) before 14 days is up. •When base protection expires, everything in your base is deleted automatically on the next server restart. •Containers (safes and crates) and also vehicles have a time stamp in the database of the last time they were accessed. There is a script running which deletes any container not accessed in the last 7 days. As long as your base protection is active, just make sure you either put something in or take something out at least once every 7 days to stop them from being deleted. Empty crates are removed automatically after 48 hours of inactivity •No building near trader areas •No blocking of water and fuel sources •No blocking roads with built items •No building in high loot military areas •Building is allowed in all other areas The following limits apply to territories when building: •Level 1: radius 15m 45 items •Level 2: radius 30m 90 items •Level 3: radius 45m 135 items •Level 4: radius 60m 180 items •Level 5: radius 75m 225 items •Level 6: radius 90m 270 items •Level 7: radius 105m 315 items •Level 8: radius 120m 360 items •Level 9: radius 135m 405 items •Level 10: radius 150m 450 items •No voice in side, repeat offenders will be kicked or banned. •No racist or sexist comment in chat or voice. •Being abusive (sexism and racism included) will result in you being kicked or banned. •Don't scream for an admin repeatedly for issues which you can resolve yourself. •Demanding an admin to come to you wont end well for you. •The admins decision is final, arguing with an admin will get you kicked or banned. •Don't park vehicles on constructed floors or too close to other items over a restart or you run the risk of the vehicle exploding when you log in again •Don't log out in a vehicle •If you have towed or lifted a vehicle, if you don't drive the vehicle before the next restart then the vehicle will return to the place you picked it up from. Vehicle locations are only written to the database when the vehicle is used. •Try to have a unique player name, duplicate names cause issues with infiSTAR and will more than likely result in you getting kicked automatically from the server. •Be aware that Exile is in alpha and sometimes random explosions and deaths occur as a result
  15. wilderness

    Widerness Two Tanoa PVE

    Wilderness Two Tanoa gives you an extremely hostile and exciting environment. Using both DMS and Occupation, there is constant action and a very real threat of death. If you can outsmart and survive the roaming parties there is still plenty of action to be had with the many missions available at any one time on the server. For those looking for an even tougher challenge we have a permanent static mission along with capture points. For a fun friendly Exile experience with active admins, come along and check us out.
  16. kenzo47

    Tripwire Exile Lingor EU

    We're working on the website. Welcome to Tripwire Gaming's Lingor server. We're here to stay. Newly started server with active admins and loads of content. Unlike other Exile Lingor servers we use fair trader prices. Not pay to win crap. Teamspeak Password: tgc
  17. [HG]RaVeN103

    -RwG- Australia Exile

    Willkommen im Outback Hier trägt das Känguru Boxhandschuhe, ein Nippel ragt inmitten der Insel heraus und die Autofahrer sind Linksdenker. Die Faszination der Arma 3 Mod Exile hat sich nun auch in Australien breit gemacht. Was heißt das für euch? Ganz einfach... Betretet mit uns zusammen eine Welt die rund 1600km² umfast und keine Wünsche offen lässt. Hier gibt es immer etwas zu tun und jeder kann sich frei entfalten. Doch seit gewarnt!!! Überall lauern Gefahren und sei es nur der Baum am Ende der endlosen Straße weit außerhalb jeglicher Zivilisation. Features Neben's der Waffen und Fahrzeuge aus Arma 3 (Exile) stehen euch auch die Inhalte aller DLC's zur Verfügung. Hinzu kommen die Waffen der CUP Weapons Mod zum Einsatz und für die Modebewussten steht die Kollektion der TRYK Mod im Kleiderschrank. Doch damit nicht genug... Was bringt die dickste Waffe und der schönste Mankini Badeanzug ohne perfekten Stauraum? Mit der Exile Mod könnt ihr euch eure Grundmauern errichten und mit den Inhalten der Extended Base Mod erweitern. Sei es eine Festung aus Sandsäcken, Stacheldraht oder Wasserspendern Full Exile Potato All DLC's Include Arma 2 Weapons More buildables DMS AI Roaming AI Loot Crates Heli Crashs Military Bases with Guards Most Wanted Leveling Russian Roulette Arena Events Respect based Spawn Vehicle Requested Air Drops View distance Rpg7 and M134 Launcher Und, und, und... Wir freuen uns, euch auf unseren Server begrüßen zu können.

    Tacticalfin Exile Server (ALTIS)

    $30k Start + Zombies + AI + Missions PvP server located in Texas, with players mostly from the US and latin america. Mods (not mandatory) @Ryanzombes, @RHSAFRF, @RHSGREF, @RHSUSAF, @Extended_Base_Mod, @TRYK Constantly improving the server, switching mission systems and applying latest mod updates (e.g. latest RHS 0.4.1 applied). Events with high rewards: PvP, Coop missions, PMC and Air battles, some of them with +500k$ reward. Tanks, Jets, Attack helis and Boats; makes the server hardcore and players have lots of fun!!! Multiple vehicle lifting for helicopters and ground vehicle towing. Extended base items allows you to buy and place military constructions in your base. Let an admin know you are willing to stay and we will help you with the building materials. Server admin open to suggestions for changes.
  19. Mindead

    [GER|ENG] KoB Exile

    1. Mods: CBA_A3 CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod 2. Scripts DMS Mission A3XAI R3F Log Advanced Vehicle System Underwater Lootcrates XM8 Apps (Base Security, eBase, Playerstats, Build Base here Check,Brama Craftbook) Chop Wood directly into Vehicle Status Bar HighLoot Aktive, Friendly Admins! We are Running Infistar Antihack Our Website: "" Server started: 15.03.2016
  20. Brit

    Hardstyle Exile Infection

    IP: Port: 2302 This will be a public PVP-PVE server. SERVER FEATURES ✔ AI Headless Client All unit management offloaded to a headless client (HC) which improves AI responsiveness and overall server performance. The HC allows for more simultaneous missions and a larger number of concurrent AI spawns. ✔ FuMS: Fulcrum Mission System Several mission types including: town invasions, vehicle convoys, captives rescue, soldier patrols, and more traditional "AI guarding a crate" missions. Most missions spawn with a large group of AI. Zombie missions are currently enabled, with 60+ FPS. There is a group of helicopters that patrols the map. ✔ Custom Trade Cities There are 6 traders on the map - Zelenogorsk - Stary Sobor - Lumber Mill - Olsha and two other traders with one bandit. ✔ UI Customizations Kill Messages, Status Bar, Custom Map Markers. SERVER INFO - Server restarts are every 4 hours with warnings and server lock before restart. - Server logins are locked 3 minutes before restart. - New Exile releases: server will usually be updated within 2-4 hours. SERVER RULES - No racism or any other form of discrimination. There is zero tolerance. - No parking in safezones - vehicles are unlocked after server restart and considered FAIR LOOT. - There will be no compensation for lost vehicles or gear in trade zones (due to auto-unlocked vehicles). HOW TO CONNECT The following addons are required: ✔ Exile Mod ✔ CBA_A3 ✔ Extended Base Mod ✔ CUP - Vehicles - Weapons - Units ✔ Cherno Map ✔ Ryan's Zombies - The simplest way to obtain/update the required addons and connect to the server is A3 Launcher: a) In the "Mods" tab, download/subscribe* to the required addons listed above. b) Search for "Hardstyle Exile" in the "Servers" tab. c) When you click on the "Play" icon, the launcher will ensure all required addons are loaded. *Addon downloads will be placed in the folder specified in A3 Launcher settings. *Addon subscriptions are Steam Workshop content and will be managed by the Steam API. TROUBLESHOOTING - If you encounter issues and require support, please post in the server forum or send a PM to BRIT - If you encounter a Battleye kick, the following info would be great to have: --> The full kick message (screenshot or text) --> Date and time of the kick PLANNED Infected areas (CUP Loot will be available if you succeed) KNOWN ISSUES Trader objects need work (Scheduled to be fixed on 22/05/2016
  21. littlebear87

    Anarchy Gaming [GER]

    Moin moin bei Anarchy Gaming Wir suchen aktive Mitspieler/Community für unseren Server. Die Spaß haben auf PVP/PVE die sich eine Existenz auf bauen möchten Alleine oder in der Gruppe langfristig. Was wir euch Bieten 1: den Server AG\15kstart\AI+Missions\Zombies\HighFPS + Loot 100 Slots IP: 2: Einen 200 Slots Teamspeak Server 3: Ein Aktives Forum Instalierte Mods ° Ryan Zombies ° Mas Weapons ° Mas Vehicles ° Extended Base Mod ° CBA ° 3CB BAf Vehicles ° und EXILE Ich hoffe man sieht sich mal am Airfield MFG LB87 & HazeProduktion