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Found 5 results

  1. Smithyy

    [DoGB]|UK| //|Exile Esseker

    [DoGB] Are a Friendly Clan , Active Admins At all Time , Any problems there is always a DoGB Member online If not feel free to Add Admins on steam Will list below names, we regualy update server and apps and add more features. we stride to get as much as possible to be going on at one time but also keeping a stable 45-60FPS At all Time , 20k start, We have many scripts running I.e Exad Deploy Quad, Random Bombing Towns (AceMeTNT), Enigma Revive , xm8 compass App Etc. So Feel Free To Join And Start Having fun! Updated to 1.0.4 Pineapple You Can also join The Teamspeak Server Listed Above And come and meet the clan! Admins [DoGB] Faron602 - [DoGB] Smithyy - IWG Andy - To be Added
  2. So I have this problem when I'm trying to connect to a server I get this warning-sign ''Addon 'extendedbase' requires addon 'exile_assets'' I have played on the same day and then it worked without issues. Then I was AFK on my computer then I was trying to get back on and it didn't work. I re-installed all mods and it still didn't work. Link to Gyazo: Please help (my English isn't very guuud)
  3. derfeldarzt


    Ein Ort mit trügerischer Schönheit . Private Millitärs die damit beauftragt sind die Städte von der untoten Plagge zu säubern und gnadenlos alles bekämpfen was sich bewegt und eventuell infiziert sein könnte . Wie willst du überleben ,stellst du dich den Kampf oder wirst du eine Bastion errichten in der dir niemand was anhaben kann .Welchen weg du auch wählst sei gewarnt du wirst immer zwischen den Fronten sein und solltes dich niemals sicher füllen .
  4. [FaTz]Ballermann96

    [GER] Exile 0.9.8 Tanoa by FaTz

    Required Mods: Exile Mod FaTzMods | Download Arma3Sync: | Includes: CUP Weapons Extended Base Ryanzombies CBA Jonzie TRYK Uniforms Server Features: Vanilla Exile/Arma 3/CUP Weapons items 5000 Pop Tabs Start 4 Hours Restart Normal loot spawns Player status-bar Dynamic AI missions Ryanzombies XM8 Apps Virtual Garage Towing Halo Parachute Deploy Bike Server Setup: Server is hosted in Nürnberg (Germany) Server is running on SSD-Drive
  5. C&C | Burp of burpton

    Command & Control

    Dear players! We welcome you to visit our server and enjoy the warmth of a friendly community with active admins. When there are problems or questions, feel free to ask for an admin in the sidechat. If you have an idea that would improve the server, or would really like to see some other content in the server, you can post your suggestions on the website! ( We look forward to meeting you! Kind regards, The admin team, Spoof, Burp of Burpton, Blessed and Country