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Found 7 results

  1. SynysterDemon

    [REQUEST] Family / UID traders?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to go about making a trader that only deals with certain UIDs or even better members of a certain family? Cheers!
  2. Tazhar - | Zombie Survival

    Hey folks! Over here at Metanix we've set up and custom built a brand new Exile Zombie Survival server. To keep the description short, Metanix is a community full of mature, 18+ gamers and our server reflects that! We offer exactly what you'd expect from a survival-based game mode and we are constantly developing the server, adding new features as well as bug fixes and improvements. Come and join us on Discord to find out what we're about! We look forward to seeing you in the wild.
  3. I am currently scripting a script that moves players to an AI controlled aircraft. Couple of issues i ran into, if the payer is in a different group then the AI the AI WILL automaticly land. They ALWAYS do this. Tipical arma AI lacking the ability to turn this function off (FSM, TARGET etc is all disabled). So i recoded it such that when the player gets put into the vehicle, the AI is assigned to the same group as the player. Then it wont trigger then landing procedure since they are in the same group, and the AI will continue normaly on its path. This works perfect for single player.... not so much for MP. Say player 1 joins the aircraft... both aircraft and AI are assigned to his group. Now player 2 joins. Again both aircraft and AI are assigned to THAT players group. Thus there is 1 vehicle, 1 AI and 1 player in that group. And 1 player that is no longer in the same group. This will again trigger the pilot to start landing or use evasive maneuvres since there are 2 groups pressent in the aircraft. Now my question is... can i, instead of changing the aircraft/AI's group to the players group. Change the player to the group of the AI? Will this work in relation to the Exile parties/families or will it remove them from their current party? Here is the code im trying to get working. Works fine, but just for 1 player with 1 group. Im trying to make a battle royale type spawnpoint (aircraft flying specific waypoints across the map). This will allow players to jump out whenever the aircraft is in the most favorable position for their wishes. If i get this to work flawlessly i will post it in the scripts section for everyone to use.
  4. Ace Rimmer

    Looking for Players on PNG

    Hi there, are you already tired of doing missions to make some money? Are you tired of looting the whole city just to get killed on the way to Trader ? Are you tired of making own money ? Do you want a clan which provides you with a high end vehicles, guns and a lot of money and easy rollin' respect ? Are you looking for a team players which you could use just as a Taxi to get from point A to point B ? Are you looking for team which will clear out the mission for you so you can just come in and take the loot? Are you tired of sharing your vehicles and loot with your Teammates? Are you tired of helping out the guy in your Team who constantly asks for help? Are you tired of your Teammates killin' your targets ? Are you tired of giving the bearing of every single target you see ? Are you tired of being gunner in a Heli and all the respect for killing goin to Pilot ? "Yes ?", then go fuck yourself, we are looking for teamplayer ! If no, you can find mich unter steamname: Neserma, not the Nazi guy! The guy named Mário from Zilina
  5. First up, I seem to remember seeing this somewhere before but I couldn't find it. I may have just overlooked it or something so sorry if I did. I'm interested if it's possible to set it up so that you can only have 1 flag per family. Or set a specific limit to how many flags a family can have. A large family can pretty much blanket a map on a server with base spawns, and even small groups can set up many small bases around. It would create a very different dynamic on a server if you had to be in a family to create a flag and then that family only gets 1 or 2 bases. To sum up, is it possible to change the settings to only allow people in a family to place a flag, and then limit the amount of flags that a family can place?
  6. crckdns

    Tiny family markers on map

    Hey there, I'm not sure if it's client or server side, but since I can only see the client side, I'm posting it here. Server is running 0.89 on Tanoa. I've created a family and wanted to add a family marker on the map.. but what I get while adding.. see the attachment. They are so tiny, you can't read anything written on them. The question is, is it just this server or is there a bug in the exile package? I've asked the admins, they didn't even care to looking into it..
  7. Welcome! Small Time Gaming is a community built on brotherhood. We don't mind your creed, all we want is you to try your hardest and excel at the games you play alongside us. Small Time Gaming originated from a small MMO. From there we branched into other games and have taken up a love for all things Arma. Having played through the Arma series since the first days of DayZ Alpha, we have a plethora of experience on the Arma platform! We really are like a close knit family., We laugh at each other, we joke with each other and we sometimes shout at each other but we have FUN and we want YOU to be a part of it ! We're a relaxed group (most of the time) and we're fun to play with, but we abide under a mixture of semi- strict rules, of which I'll explain later. Our main game is Arma 3 but we play all sorts of different games as well! Our focus is always competitive multiplayer and we like (and do) excel at everything we touch. The bottom line is we're looking to excel because that's how you have the most fun. This doesn't mean it has to be a stressful experience it just means you and I need to follow the same set guidelines to maintain a fun time. Want to know more? Our current active player count is around 50. We play in various sized groups with a loose hierarchy of leadership to keep the group goals manageable. What we are NOT is even more important: We are NOT a clan, and we don't expect you to obey like a dog, yet you're always going to be furthering STG's goals just like everyone else! What to expect? We're always looking to expand our community, we're trying to get some real firm roots in some sound gaming platforms that allow us to strategize our growth and bring more people to our side. This is why we're aiming to win every game we play, when playing you should expect to be using strategy and tactics on a loose basis. Our goals? To expand the community slowly, bringing in numerous quality players. To keep having fun, deepening our connection with all community members Making our group and it’s members proud of their abilities. To laugh, joke and have a brilliant time in the games we play See our members enjoy themselves and not feel isolated by playing with one group We want to be smart about gameplay. We don't want to start simulating military style leadership. It's not needed. You can expect to have your voice heard. We work as a group and decide everything by votes. We feel a Democratic take is the soundest strategy. This allows freedom of choice and means that we minimize mistakes happening. Please be aware that we will be constantly giving you advice. We expect you to ask a multitude of questions on everything to do with the new games you play so that we can teach you to be the best. Requirements / Rules? Speak English Must not ragequit or sour other members experience Follow the group dynamic and don’t deviate from whom you’re playing beside Must be 18 years of age or older and mature. Must have a minimum of 100+ hours on Arma 3 to ensure a decent amount of experience. Must be an active player. DO NOT whine about deaths. There's a close to zero-tolerance policy on this, we play it cool and we return the kills in spades. DO NOT tarnish STG with needless complaining. Let other clans/communities act like that. *If any of these requirements are not met, But have the ability to be achieved, add on steam.* How do I join? Add on steam. [STG] Poh: http://steamcommunit...61198027470332/ and [STG] Goober: