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Found 5 results

  1. aNNDREH

    Wolfsrudel Cherno Redux

    Server Features - Wiederbelebung - Advanced Waste Dump - Fast Building - Base Respawn - Halo / Ground Spawn - Respect Loadouts - Shipwrecks - Loot Vehicle - Salvage Vehicle - Paintshop - Repair / Rearm Shop - Trader Plus - Blackmarket - Vector Buidling - Claim Vehicles - Crates Logistic - 4 Events - Announce Pay - Login Rewards - Dual Arms - Enhanced Movement - Customs Missions - Gear Crates - Heli Crashes - Abandon Territory - Radioactive Island with Mission "Area 51" ......... Join the server and convince yourself
  2. Kellojo

    ETG Fast Travel System

    ETG Fast Travel System byKellojo Description: This script allows you to travel between markers very fast with a nice camera journey. ETG Fast Travel System Youtube Video Features: dynamic price (based on distance) dynamic travel time (based on distance) a nice camera journey easy to implement (using markers) easy to modify (only one array) server friendly Installation: 1. Add to init.sqf: fn_ftravel = compile preprocessFile "scripts\fn_ftravel.sqf"; 2. Add to description.ext: #include "dialogs\defines.hpp" #include "dialogs\FastTravelDialog.hpp" class RscTitles { #include "dialogs\FastTravelHUD.hpp" }; 3. Add this code to an action or sth. else where you want the fasttravel dialog to be opend createDialog "ETG_FastTravelSystem_Dialog"; or add this action to any object you like... this addAction ["Fast Travel System", {createDialog "ETG_FastTravelSystem_Dialog";}]; 4. Install @happydayz's Update Respect/Poptabs and save to database addon (is required to remove the pop tabs) Update Respect/Poptabs and save to database How can i add new destinations?: How can i tweak the price and the travel time?: Notes: If you have any ideas or found some bugs/errors feel free to add me on Steam ( Kellojo ) and tell me about them. License/Disclaimer: You can use this script on your servers and missions and are allowed to modify it however you want. Its not necessary to give credit to me but it would be appreciated. Download: Link to the GitHub repository of the ETG Fast Travel System Link to the ETG Fast Travel System Screenshots:
  3. kuplion

    [FPS] Exile Malden

    ## Exile on Malden!! If you're looking for a well run, fun, and fair Malden server, check out FriendlyPlayerShooting. We've been hosting Arma servers for nearly 5 years, starting waaaaay back with Arma2: DayZ Mod, then DayZ SA, and most recently Arma3 ExileMod. We're an easy going bunch of guys who admin fair and take a bullet well. ## FEATURES: Roaming AI / AI Vehicles Multiple Missions PVP Capture Points Crash Sites With loot Guarded Random Loot Crates 10K Starting Poptabs SpawnZone Cooldowns (15 minutes) Sell crates at WasteDump Trader Full bounty system. Set bounties, take out contracts, hunt down your target! Custom Kill Feed (shows Weapon, Scope, and a rough location - Great for PVP!) Attach Chemlights to your body (Great for when you don't have NVG!) Claim Vehicles with a Code Lock (Anything that's not already owned!) Custom Randomised Spawn Uniform Loadout (Never spawn with the same clothes again. Randomised each spawn!!) Radiation Zone replaced with Infected Zone, with hardcore zombies and top tier loot (No gasmasks needed, just balls of steel!!) Ship Wrecks spawn randomly each restart with up to 50000 Poptabs (and other loot). Grab a boat/sub and go do some plundering!! Building Height Restrictions (30m) NO MORE COCK TOWERS!! Territory Payment Due Date notifications so you never miss a payment Accelerated Night Time so you get several days/nights per server restart ## FIXES: Fixes for weapon attachment duping (No more infinite scopes!!!) Vehicle Protection (from Arma bugs on server restart) Several custom scripts to fix Arma/Exile issues like wonky/exploding crates and vehicles Fixed Weapon Attachment Compatibility ## QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS: Increased Toast time so you can actually read them Customisable Stats Bar (and XM8 config app) Custom View Distance (via XM8 app) Streaming / Recording Toggle - Hides GUI (via XM8 app) ## SERVER PING AND RESTART TIMES: Three hour restarts = 12, 3, 6, 9, 12.. GMT Server locks 15 minutes before each restart to prevent data loss The ping limit is 250
  4. Been playing exile for a while, and i see some ppl exiting a vehicle gun ready. They can shoot or run instantly i have been experimenting but i cant seem to find how to do it. I have seen this in multiple arma mods/servers im not sure it's exile specific. normal exit and eject wont work, am i missing something?
  5. Skryp _ LotzoTheUltraBear


    Hello everybody. Looking around for a solution if it's possible to use the REDIS DB instead of MYSQL. Why i wanna do it? CAUSE IT'S GOD DAMN FAST (look @ Epoch)!!! So is there someone who has some experience with it? Or do u thinks it's not possible? Greetz Lotzo