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Found 7 results

  1. Below are links to torrents for previous versions of exile. I put these up for people who are playing on servers that have not updated. These are the original files released by the Exile team. I claim no ownership of the content and just wanted to make the files available for those who need them. If anyone has unmodified original .zip files of previous releases please contact me and I will get them added. Client Files 0.9.4 Lime 0.9.41 Clementine 0.9.6 Pomelo 0.9.61 Plum 0.9.61 SP1 Plum hotfix 0.9.8 Kiwi 1.0.0 Potato 1.0.1 Sweet Potato 1.0.2 Kohlrabi 1.0.3 Lemon 1.0.4 Pineapple Server Files 0.9.41 Clementine Server Files 0.9.6 Pomelo Server Files 0.9.8 Kiwi Server Files 1.0.0 Potato Server Files 1.0.1 Sweet Potato Server Files 1.0.2 Kohlrabi Server Files 1.0.3b Lemon Server Files 1.0.4 Pineapple Server Files Map Files Namalsk 1.0.0 You can also find all of the torrent files on Google drive at This link A big thank you Claytonia Gaming for hosting these files and another thank you to Frogmeat and <CG> ClayGarth for digging these files up from our server.
  2. YETEH

    Second Server not working.

    Hi. So we have a Exile Tanoa server running fine. And we wish to make a Exile Altis server. So we did a fresh install on the same drive in a folder called "ExileAltis" Fresh configs. And in MYSQL we made a fresh schema called "exile2" with the port 3307 (Main is running on 3306) The DB is set in the extdb-config.ini and the config file template is set to Exile.Altis. Yet when we load the map we are just seeing a hill? Is there something we are missing? Appreciate it.
  3. mikekozowsky

    vehicle as part of map

    Yellow, i was just wondering how to make vehicles spawn as a map object in my server. Cuz i want them to be a part of my trader, but just putting them in whit the editor doesn't seem to work. Help plz
  4. im have a problem where my server wont boot after installing infistar this is wat its saying 11:02:31 Error 5 reading file 'C:\TCAFiles\Users\LaykeL\1488\@ExileServer\addons\a3_infistar_exile.pbo' ErrorMessage: Cannot open file 'C:\TCAFiles\Users\LaykeL\1488\@ExileServer\addons\a3_infistar_exile'
  5. I've been poking around files and i'm actually getting much better at understanding how to change/adjust lines in the pbos, etc. At the same time, i always end up forgetting to back it up when i mess up and i have to completely restore the server to default and start again. Can you guys share a working server so i can work from that? At this point in time it's just for research purposes. I want to be able to learn how to tweaks things but if i can't get it to work, it gets very hard. I made it to work a few times but loot was not spawning or i decided to add a few scripts such as Status Bar and server stopped working. What i'm trying to achieve is basically to have a Frankie Edition Exile Server but with custom missions, rarity of loot which can't be bought at traders, rarity of vehicles spawned in server, roaming AI, black market with no safe zone, etc. Reading around through different forums i have a basic idea on how to start and i know where to gather more information. The mods i will be installing on my server are: hlc, zombies and demons, arma 2 cutscenes, jsrs3 dragonfyre, psylandrover, ace, aem, joint rails, mocap, rh acc, rh pistols, ianscope, identizee, flay archery, tao map, task force radio, baf vehicles, bg_wef, xcam, chinook, cba, rhs russia, rhs usa, humvees. Anybody is invited to join if you like the idea and you're done messing around with servers etc. Any help is appreciated. In order to achieve all that, i really need a working server as backup so anytime i mess up i can basically restore it to a working server rather than default. You can easily use github, google drive, private message, whatever you guys feel best! <3
  6. TBsThug


    I hope I posted this in the right place. If not let me know and I will move it. This is very important information. There are SERVER HOST out there that when you shut down your server, DO NOT DELETE YOUR FILES. Many times when I rent a new server I find other owners files. Like today, I just found JustChil!'s files. Everything from scripts to PASSWORDS, YES I SAID PASSWORDS. When I shut a server down, I DELETE ALL MY FILES i.e. @ExileServer, MPMissions, server/config.cfg and more. That is after I backup my files. This is not just an EXILE problem, I find this goes for other mods. Just thought I would put this out there.
  7. I have downloaded most recent file 'coconut' update and cannot extract the file with any program at all, have downloaded it four times from four different mirror downloads. Apparently file cannot be extracted due to unexpected end of archive, it also does not work through arma A3 Launcher. please help!!