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Found 10 results

  1. Brother_B

    Problem with battleye and lockers.

    Moved this into the open thread with the same problem. /Brother_B
  2. Hi! I've been struggling with particular annoying Battleye filter(s) on my server. I'm using BattlEye Auto-Exception Generator to create exceptions since I know jack shit about them and don't want to mess anything up but one of those filters is giving me serious headache. 22.02.2018 20:50:17: Reynevan ( 42cf3e073ee08a65581a28c5ae26bd6f - #3 "imple without class;"; if (_autolog) then { "bi_Logger" callExtension format["_diagSimpleObjectPerformance.csv<<trunc<<%1",_csv" This appears every other log-in attempt and won't go away no matter what. However if I decide to re-log without doing anything it just drops me straight into the game without any issue. I already Googled shit ton of threads about similar restrictions but I found only one about this specific one and even those guys didn't manage to solve it. For now I just made it so Battleye doesn't kick for that restriction, it just logs it, however that caused loads of other Battleye restrictions to pop out, again, every other log-in attempt. I've been adding them one by one since I don't know any better method but there seems to be no end to them and at this point (since #3 wasn't going away) I'm wondering if they'll ever stop popping out. I've cleared every other Battleye restriction that was appearing directly in-game and I don't have any issues except those log-in motherf's.... My current scripts.txt: Last .rpt after ~15 minutes of mission testing: Could someone help me? EDIT: Yes, I am using InfiSTAR and no, I haven't been messing with Battleye exceptions before installing infiSTAR EDIT2: Example of "post #3" restriction: - I obviously see that it has something to do with RHS however not only I don't know how to tackle them all at once they also have been popping in such a ridiculous amount that I'm literally helpless... As for the mod list, I'm using CUP Terrains Core, DS Houses, Chernarus Redux, Ryan Zombies, Extended Base Mod, RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF, RHSGREF
  3. Blake2394

    Value Restriction #0 "IL_SetScore"

    Hi guys! I installed IgiLoad and am getting kicked for the following restriction. Value Restriction #0 "IL_SetScore" = [R Alpha 1-2:1 (Blake2394) REMOTE,20] So I made my publicvariable.txt look like this. //regex 7 "" !="IL_SetScore" !"IL_" 7 "AH_KICK_OFF_" 7 "i_am_global_banned" I also tried !"IL_SetScore" but that did not work either. I went trough the release post for it here on the forums and on page 16 someone posted their filters for it but the publicvariable exception is not working. I searched the forums but could not find anything on it other than the guys battleye filters on the release post. I also remove the publicvariable.txt to try and bypass it but it still kicked me. I hope someone can help me out! Thanks in advance!
  4. BeastT

    Zeus problem, battleye

    Hello guys, i want add ZEUS to my server, and its working (with UID) but i have problem, i fix some problems in filters (i got problem in mpeventhandler etc) But now i got error: Set variable value restriction:0 And i dont know how to fix this. LOG: Value Restriction #0 "bis_fnc_addcuratorplayer_handler" = 0 2:577 Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer #0 "bis_fnc_addcuratorplayer_handler" = 0 2:505 Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer setvariable.txt: //new 7 "" !="exilexm8isonline" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" 1 "realname" 1 "ExileScore" 1 "ExileMoney" 1 "bis_fnc_addcuratorplayer_handler" Can someone help me? please, how to fix this, or pro tip how to intall zeus in my mission without filters problem Thanks, and greetings.
  5. David1197™

    Battleeye filters help needed

    Hello Dudes, i need a lot of help for my server. I read more then 3 Threads here for Battleeye filters and fix the problems and so on. But its never work, sometimes a part work and later no more .. I would ask you for help me with my log datas. First i had following problems: Thank you Greets
  6. I've had a quick scan through the forums, tons of posts about script restriction kicks etc from battleye. This is part of my problem, although I know how to fix it so that's not really an issue. The issue I have (and please don't think I'm being rude) is that I've just setup a completely vanilla server, no mods other than exile. Running on centOS 7. You cannot join the server without battleye kicking you. I've copied over all the required files but it still kicks. I spent well over an hour last night with a friend adding in the filters for every kick we were getting but after finally hitting the end of the script restrictions, we're now onto publicvariables. Surely this can't be right that we have to add all these filters manually on a vanilla exile server? From past experience of running multiple Epoch servers (original ArmA 2), they used to provide a current and complete set of battleye filters as default with the server builds so you could literally build and run and players could connect without any fuss. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this? If this is the case and I need to run through all the kicks manually then I guess I'll just have to do it but if I've missed something and there is in fact a set of battleye filters available then please let me know. Thanks in advance! kaotix
  7. Enter... [magda] I got tired of comparing new suggested Battleye (BE) filters and the existing ones I had every time an update released, so I wrote a script to do it. This script will provide you with a comparison table detailing how many filters for each keyword are present in the new file and how many are missing as compared to the new filter file, and it also has the power to add them automatically for you. Designed in and for CentOS-7 for command-line usage. Before using this script... BACKUP YOUR FILTERS! BACKUP YOUR FILTERS! BACKUP YOUR FILTERS! Download it here on the Git: If you have issues or problems with the script that you'd like assistance with or questions you'd like answers to, please construct your inquiry with a respectable amount of information. The more information you provide me with the better I may be able to assist you. If you have large amounts of info to contribute with your question use <spoiler> tags.
  8. TBsThug

    Script Resriction #34

    Everyone on the server keeps getting kicked for Battleye script #34 when ever someone gets close to a mission and I mean all players. This is what is in the log. 05.04.2016 11:24:05: FiRe (IP: Port) GUID - #34 " then {} else { if (random 10 < 6) then { if (count units group _this>1) then { _this playAction "gestureFreeze"; }; " This is what I put in on line 36 !=" then {} \nelse\n{\nif (random 10 < 6) then \n{\n\n\n\n\n\n\nif (count units group _this>1) then\n{\n\n_this playAction \"gestureFreeze\";\n\n};\n" I even tried this !" then {} \nelse\n{\nif (random 10 < 6) then \n{\n\n\n\n\n\n\nif (count units group _this>1) then\n{\n\n_this playAction \"gestureFreeze\";\n\n};\n" Now I have set the 7 to a 1 to see if we still get kicked. Anyone know whats going on. This is what is installed on server: Australia Exile CUP CORE CUP MAP a3 dms, a3 exile occupation, infistar,exile vemf reloaded, and exile server vehicle.
  9. any solution for this restriction? thx log: #27 "sbar\icons\body.paa' color='%10'/>%21</t>", "%", count playableUnits, _damage, _wallet, _hunger, _thirst, _serverFPS, _ene" filter i used: !="sbar\icons\body.paa' color='%10'/>%21</t>\",\n\n\"%\", \ncount playableUnits,\n_damage,\n_wallet, \n_hunger, \n_thirst, \n_serverFPS, \n_ene" any help is much appreciated
  10. This is a short tutorial on how to fix BattlEye filters. Scripts.log Example: First find what type of error it was. For example, if it says: Defent (X) XX - #43 "To _playerUID)exitWith { _playerObject = _x; }; } forEach allPlayers; _playerObject"You simply put a \ infront of every ". So a backslash before every quotation mark. Then you put \n where the there is a new row. Backslash n. So it would look like this: "To _playerUID)exitWith \n{ \n_playerObject = _x; \n}; \n} \nforEach allPlayers; \n_playerObject\"As you can see here, I have removed my nickname, my single X which represents my IP and the XX that represents my GUID. Now when you've done it like this, we can format it abit to make it look neater and easier to read. Then it would look like this: !="To playerUID)exitWith\n{\n_playerObject = x;\n};\n} \nforEach allPlayers;\n_playerObject"Notice how I have added != in front of the first quotation mark. This is to make this line of code an exception and make it so that it does not kick you. How to add it to Scripts.txt As you may have noticed, when being kicked a number is mentioned. #43 in this case. This represents the line of code you need to edit inside the scripts.txt. However if you use the latest BattlEye filters you will have to add +2 to #43. Meaning that you will have to modify line #45! Now open scripts.txt, find line #45 and add the exception we made above to the end of that line! CreateVehicle.log Example: Defent (X) XXX - #0 "R_TBG32V_F" 16:102 2:2956 Exile_Unit_Player [13757,19530,23] [-26,137,5]As you can see here, I got kicked for trying to spawn an item that was not whitelisted. To white list this I would simply take the item within the quotation marks and do: !="R_TBG32V_F"Then open createVehicle.txt and add that to line number #2! Becase we apply the same logic here if we use new BattlEye filters. #0 + 2 = 2! How do I know if I use new filters? Quite simple, if the .txt file contains this on line 1 then it is new. //new Footnote and another example: As an example from the other thread here: #58 "line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\VEMFclient\fn_vemfClientInit.sqf" if (isServer) then { uiNamespace setVariable ["vemfClientMsg"You will have to add another quotation mark " infront and in the end of the restriction message: !=""\mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\VEMFclient\fn_vemfClientInit.sqf\" \nif (isServer) then {\nuiNamespace setVariable ["vemfClientMsg\"" How do I apply my changes? It's simple. You save the file and you DO NOT HAVE TO RESTART your server. You can simply open the rcon tool of your choice and click "Refresh Scripts". This will refresh the scripts.txt file and the exceptions will be added. All done neatly and fast! No problems here. Any suggestions or pointers is appreciated. You can also post your error here and maybe some kind soul will help you with adding it as an exception.