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Found 7 results

  1. LordRampantHump

    Fire Zombies

    Well, this is it, what ive been working on for the last 3 days. Lemmi know what you think:
  2. =GcG= DirtyPede

    Adding fire and smoke to specific place

    Hi there. I found out that i can make fire and smoke on the ground with the functions ModuleEffectsFire and ModuleEffectsSmoke. I can get to work in 3den, but i dont know how to make work in Exile. Example: ModuleEffectsSmoke function: ModuleEffectsFire function:
  3. Eichi

    Camp Fire

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  4. Eichi

    Box of Matches

    Kill it with fire! A box of matches has exactly one use: To light a fire. In Exile you can only do that if you have some matches with you. One box of matches contains ten single matches. Each time you light a fire, a single match is consumed. If you end up having multiple boxes with you that only have a couple of matches left, you can use the combine magazines function to put remaining matches into a single box, ending up in more inventory space. You can find a box of matches in civillian lower case and super market loot areas.
  5. Some Fun on our Server
  6. Eichi

    Fire Extinguisher

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  7. Hey, There is still a error in the check for a fire in file ExileClient_object_item_craft.sqf: The check should use getPosATL and not getPosTo fix it just use getPosATL in the file. Cheers, Found in: