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Found 9 results

  1. SiXtYnInEfEaSt

    [SOLVED] '{' encountered instead of ','

    RPT: My Pastebin: I can't find what's wrong. Please help. ;-;
  2. SiXtYnInEfEaSt

    '{' encountered instead of ','

    RPT: My Pastebin: I can't find what's wrong. Please help. ;-;
  3. Soo i launch my server on my laptop in my eyes it looks like it works, but it dosent i check ingame in Lan Tab NOTHING! thats my RPT file THX IN ADVANCE!
  4. VIPsheriaVIP

    (FIXED)a lil help would be nice

    been sitting for hours to find out what my problem is been searching and stuff didnt find much of usefull things sadly btw idk whats wrong with my server/client like i can see my server but i cant join it bcs i dont have the dlc bundle but i do apex and exile for some reason but i do have them O_O soo there is client and server side problems here RIP or just server side not sure prob serverside if someone could help me with this would be awesome. and 1 more thing my port forwarding dosent work either. i have done firewall turn off antivirus and all that portforwarded 2301-2306UDP even my minecraft server works but not my arma 3 exile server O_O
  5. VIPsheriaVIP

    [SOLVED] Cant see my own server (FIXED)

    hey i cant see my own server in arma 3 i dont know what i have done wrong, if someone could come and help me would be really appricated skype: aqw0072
  6. VIPsheriaVIP

    navicat error FESH SERVER (fixed)

    i am watching this youtube video. and there i see i need navicat for database. here is 2 pictures of whats going on. ehm if someone could come and support that would be great. My Skype is: aqw0072 Thanks in advance
  7. [SiN] Pvt.Dancer

    Loot spawning issues since 9.34

    Hey guys, So I've had 5 people all have problems getting loot to spawn even after re-logging. I've had the issue my self but in a much more limited capacity. Everything else seems to be working pretty good but not loot. I did everything in the instructions for the update EXCEPT the server wipe. So my question is, is anyone else having this problem and if so did you do the wipe? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. [SiN] Pvt.Dancer

    Script restriction #48

    Anyone know how to figure out whats causing this to happen? I believe if I read this right it's in the "Scripts" filter? Fixed by adding the following to scripts !="icons\compass.paa' color='%6'/> %10</t>",\n\n"%",\ncount playableUnits,\n_damage,\n_wallet,\n_serverFPS,\n_stamina,\n_colourDefaul" AND !""\mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\initPlayerLocal.sqf\" Mod can close this thread.
  9. Hey Guys, I've tried to do this one on my own but I can't get it to work. Remoteexec #0 "fnc_adminreq ["p63o3swzdj5dnfk",[1234,R Alpha 1-3:1 ([SiN]PvtDancer) REMOTE,"76561197970509208"],"2:543"]" So This is what I did. !="fnc_adminreq" and It won't let me in. Anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for the help! EDIT: I do know this has to do with infistar's admin menu as well and as far as I know I am using the most up to date BE filters provided with the latest build dropped today. Edit 2: This is what I put in to fix it. !="fnc_adminreq ["p63o3swzdj5dnfk" !"fnc_AdminReq"