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Found 22 results

  1. Cloud22

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    Made yesterday. It utilizes CfgExileDelayedActions for optimal performance (like exile does it). If the hack succeeds it picks a random vehicle and takes it out of the garage. I'm too lazy to give my fix claimVehicleOwnership but if you feel like it, you can fix it and submit a pull request/ do whatever. Anything named compile needs to be compiled with missionNamespace. Pretty much add stuff to your configs. (someone else can make an install guide). Credits: Exile
  2. ZCP - Zupa's Capture Points V3.1 Latest checked exile compatibility: 1.0.2 Now with city capture points! An independent addon for your Exile server. It will spawn random bases on the map which the player can go to and start capturing. This creates PVP magnets with decent rewards. It uses some DMS code so credits for that to them! Features Cap as a group! Timer stops when enemies are in the area. Everyone is alerted with notifications -> High level pvp area. Decent loot ( Vehicle, Respect ( Reputation ), poptabs, Weapon & Build & Survival boxes) AI (If using DMS) first line of defence and waves to retake it. Airplane carpet bomb as cleanup for the base ( configurable) Marker explanation Green -> Not being captured and not contested. Blue-> Being captured by a player ( and his group) and not contested. Purple -> Being captured and being contested by someone else. All INFO at the repository:
  3. I have a few flags at my altis terminal flying. I want to know how to add a different flag desigb to the server. I have my flag.paa design but i want to know what todo to change my flags to this new design. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A BASE FLAG. My flags are just for decoration. I found out how to change the exile billboards to my design, but cant find any info about flags added to the terminal etc
  4. 0:59:49 "<>netids| ~Delta~(*************) - R Bad Blood:1 (~Delta~) REMOTE, Exile_Unit_Player - 2:815 - 3 [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorynumberofconstructions] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [0] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorymaintenancedue] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [[2017,9,22,22,51]] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileflagstolen] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [0] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileowneruid] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [76561198023660562] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorymoderators] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [[""76561198023660562""]] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritoryname] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [Bad Blood] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorybuildrights] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [[""76561198023660562""]] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exilelocation] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [Bad Blood] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorylevel] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [1] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileradiusshown] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [false] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorysize] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602:
  5. Hi, So I have made a kinda DayZ server for some friends that have never played that kinda game style before and I want to keep the stuff we can build limited in style. So I have made it so you can only build things like tents and crates. But I would like to make it so they can build wire fences and water coolers. But we need to have a flag to build the last 2 objects. Is there any way we can change this so we don't need a flag like the crates and tents? I have looked and found this, but not much help ;( Cheers Just realised this maybe should of been in content/objects ---- My bad!
  6. Midnightclub

    Territory data stored outside the db?

    Is territory data stored anywhere other than the territories table in the SQL db? The territories table is empty yet I keep getting the 'You've reached the maximum number of territories per person' message so I can't build.
  7. Hi, I've noticed on our server that water barrels are indestructible and therefore, being used to hide flags to prevent the flag from being stolen. Is there something I've missed and you can actually destroy them somehow? Or, is there an easy way to make them destructible? How's everyone else solved this?
  8. [FR] zakhy


    Hello, I have a problem on my server.When I buy a territory and I want to put the flag, it is impossible to ask. As if the space key no longer worked, I verified that do not come Of my keyboard .... Please help?
  9. is there anyway to stop vehicles being stolen from a player base. can the hotwire feature be disabled if the vehicle is parked within the flag pole radius? Many thanks SWEENNDAWG
  10. AlexeiStukov

    Green Flag Exile Server

    MOD EDIT: Advert removed.
  11. ** All credit to the exile mod team for the code, this is just a simple edit and override ** This override addresses the common issue of players burying their flags deep into the ground, rocks, existing map structures or, other terrain by very simply increasing the height on the flag pole from which you can successfully steal it. In your mission file's config.cpp add the following line to your class CfgExileCustomCode section: //Steal Flag Height ExileClient_action_stealFlag_condition = "overrides\ExileClient_action_stealFlag_condition.sqf"; So it looks like this: class CfgExileCustomCode { /* You can overwrite every single file of our code without touching it. To do that, add the function name you want to overwrite plus the path to your custom file here. If you wonder how this works, have a look at our bootstrap/fn_preInit.sqf function. Simply add the following scheme here: <Function Name of Exile> = "<New File Name>"; Example: ExileClient_util_fusRoDah = "myaddon\myfunction.sqf"; */ //Steal Flag Height ExileClient_action_stealFlag_condition = "overrides\ExileClient_action_stealFlag_condition.sqf"; }; Then create a file called ExileClient_action_stealFlag_condition.sqf and copy the text below inside it: /** * ExileClient_action_stealFlag_condition * * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit */ /* Steal flag height adjustment to 4m from default 1.5m to prevent burying exploit by BaroN of GoG's World */ private["_flagObject","_result","_buildRights"]; _flagObject = _this; _result = ""; try { if (isNull _flagObject) then { throw "Invalid flag object"; }; if ((_flagObject getvariable ["ExileFlagStolen", 0]) isEqualTo 1) then { throw "Cannot steal a flag twice!"; }; if ((_flagObject distance2D player) > 2) then { throw "You are too far away!"; }; if (((getPosASL player) select 2) > (((getPosASL _flagObject) select 2) + 4)) then { throw "You cannot steal flags at the top of the pole!"; }; _buildRights = _flagObject getVariable ["ExileTerritoryBuildRights",[]]; if ((getPlayerUID player) in _buildRights) then { throw "You cannot steal your own flag!"; }; } catch { _result = _exception; }; _result Place this file inside your overrides folder in your mission folder. If you don't have one, simply create one. You can put the file in any other folder you have like; fixes, custom etc. but, remember to change the address in your config.cpp custom code section. The steal height I have changed to in the above file is 4m. You can change that to whatever you want. The exile default is 1.5m. To change it to a different height edit the number 4 from the new file above on this line: if (((getPosASL player) select 2) > (((getPosASL _flagObject) select 2) + 4)) then ** Please note that at 4m players will need a 2 story base to cover their flag. A single story base will allow raiders to steal the flag from the roof of the base if the flag is at ground level and the first storey is also at ground level. So, please test what height works for you **
  12. rapt0r

    Can't build with space bar

    Hi, first of all I know this is some sort of a dublicate of this post LINK, but because it is 1 year old, I decided to open a new one. I want to build my Flag, but I can not. Every button in the building-menu is working the way it should, but the deployment of anything will just simply not happen if I press spacebar. I tried to delete every Keybind within the vanilla game that had to do with spacebar, but got no different results. The server I'm playing on is a CCG server with Arma Enhanced Movement Mod installed, wich uses the spacebar to do jump/climb/... I did also change that key; no result, either. Thanks in advance for your help and have a nice day, rapt0r.
  13. First up, I seem to remember seeing this somewhere before but I couldn't find it. I may have just overlooked it or something so sorry if I did. I'm interested if it's possible to set it up so that you can only have 1 flag per family. Or set a specific limit to how many flags a family can have. A large family can pretty much blanket a map on a server with base spawns, and even small groups can set up many small bases around. It would create a very different dynamic on a server if you had to be in a family to create a flag and then that family only gets 1 or 2 bases. To sum up, is it possible to change the settings to only allow people in a family to place a flag, and then limit the amount of flags that a family can place?
  14. I searched for this (I swear we had a conversation on this at one point) but couldn't find it. So apologies if this post get someone's panties in a wad. what is the distance the player's flag/territory stops loot spawning? would it be the radius of the flag? Example: 15m would stop all loot within that 15m radius?
  15. Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to delete a flagpole? Thanks! Update - I ended up deleting it in the database. Thanks anyway
  16. Haven't seen this brought up in a while, but I know a lot of people have been wanting it so here it goes again. With the latest update, base raiding is finally a profitable activity, mostly because of the ability to steal flags. Now that the flag plays a pivotal role in your base, it would be nice to have the ability to move it around after base construction. It is currently impossible to hide your flag in high areas of your base, such as towers and top levels. This makes base raiding too predictable because you can be certain that a team's flag is sitting on the ground level or very close to it. One of the problems discussed with moving the flag pole is that it also moves your building radius, thus opening ways to exploit it. I believe the solution for this is to keep the building radius bound to where you first placed the flag and it can never be adjusted, but the physical flag pole can be moved around within the build radius without affecting construction. Also, another nice check would be: When moving your flag from the original position, the flag must be placed onto an exile floor part or the placement will fail. This would prevent people from levitating flags off the ground.
  17. hello i own a base with a lvl 3 flag, now i changed my computer cpu and i'm no more the owner of my teritory how to channge owner please ???
  18. We've got custom flags in, now we're attempting to so only certain players can use their custom flags. Would this work? class CfgFlags { class USA { name = "USA"; texture = "\A3\Data_F\Flags\flag_us_co.paa"; uid = ""; }; if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["PLAYERUIDHERE"]) then { class CUSTOMFLAG1 { name = "CUSTOMFLAG1"; texture = "custom\flags\CUSTOMFLAG1.paa"; uid = ""; }; }; };Or will the lack of "else" statement break things? Thanks.
  19. Timberwolf

    Flag placement

    So, I've got this issue with building in my territory. Got two flags on the server I'm playing on, neither of them are placed flat on the ground like I've since seen is the recommended practice. One of them is placed on the second floor balcony of a house. This caused me no issues most of the time, except once in the middle of a building session. I'd been placing and moving objects without fail. Decided to pack and move a wood storage crate. But upon trying to place it back down I got the "You are inside enemy territory!" error message. I was initiating the placement in the exact position I'd done it just a minute or two previously, but now it bugged out on me. After waiting for a few minutes, then trying to initiate placement again while standing on the ground level, I could build again. I don't know if it was completely random, or if something I did triggered it. Same with it resolving itself, being either random, or because of me moving/waiting before trying again. The second flag is placed on a fairly large rock formation, probably 20-30 metres off the ground below. In this territory I've been unable to build at all, at any point in time, trying several different days, different places in the territory and different building components. I've considered expanding that territory so it reaches ground level, but I'm starting to suspect it wouldn't matter. So, to get to the point. The question(s). I've seen at least one post on this forum that regards a bug fix relating to getting this error message when trying to build inside your own territory. Could that possibly help, whenever it gets rolled into the next Exile release? Does anyone know the specifics of how this works, and why it breaks when the flag is not flat on the ground? Does the territory sphere get generated around the actual visible flag object, or does it maybe snap to the ground regardless of how high off it the flag is placed? I'm just curious, and also trying to decide whether to request that the server admins remove the flag so I can place a new one, wait for a future release, or try to expand the territory to see if that helps. Not to mention, is there any testing I can do in regards to all of this that would help the developers?
  20. hi guys? we will build a big base =) now we have by the half work one Problem. we cant build because ita "ride maximum number of objects reached". 1- how many is allowed? 2- can the Server Admin change the Limit??? thang you and sorry 4 my english=)
  21. Taity_Ace

    0.9.32 Update Build Issue

    Hey guys. I'm sorry if this has been answered already but I've gone through so much of the forum I might just ask now. Is it just me or is building still not working for anyone after the update? Placed and removed flags, as owner and admin and can't find the issue. Can someone let me know if there is a fix? Cheers
  22. Jagarha

    Question about Flags

    Did a search, couldn't find answer though. Is it possible to destroy other territory flags? We have a group that left the server, leaving their base behind. Without pestering the admin, we were going to try and remove their base but are unsure if flag is destroyable. Thank you!