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Found 1 result

  1. Monkeynutz

    Ammo and flares display in HUD

    In other Arma 3 game modes, there is a little display in the HUD that when you are in a vehicle, it displays the amount of ammo in the guns and flares left etc. I know there is the fuel, airspeed and altitude implemented into the Exile HUD but it's lacking the information when you are in a Helicopter, Plane or in the gunner of a vehicle that displays weapon ammo and countermeasures availible and when in a vehicle such as the Pawnee which does not have a pilot HUD displayed, you cant see how much ammo you have left or how much you've used. I understand that with it being a scripted HUD for Exile, it changes the layout but this feature would be a nice addition to the default HUD. (See picture below for example of what i mean. Any comments and help would be appreciated Thanks