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Found 10 results

  1. Dear Exile Community, Today i've got something special for one of you! My team and I have a spare dedicated server left from our previous project and we're looking into giving it to someone who is able to build and lead an awesome and hopefully huge exile project and community! So, do you have some ideas for an awesome exile project, or already have a project running and want to expand to a bigger server, then keep on reading! The server you'll be getting i7 3930K 6x3,20GHz 24GB RAM 1000MBits Connection Hosted by Hetzner in Germany You're probably asking yourself now:"What does it cost? What do you want?" Well, we actually want nothing, but we do have some requirements. Requirements re/Naming the project so that it gets an recall value and players will be like:"Ohh, yeah lets play on Exiliron (just an example)!" Website, forum, and a teamspeak server! This will help growing a bigger community. Every Map you want except for Altis and Stratis! Mainly PVE but with an optional PVP Area with loot! No Pay2Win, everything that is in the Donator Shop needs to be available by normal playing too! !!! One thing that is really important to us !!! Commitment! If you know that you won't have much time working on the server because of your work/school and your real life than you should probably take care of those things first instead of thinking about creating and leading an exile project. That means, only apply to this sponsorship when you're confident to invest some time, that you really have, into this project. Also, if you don't have a lot of knowledge in arma3, exile and administrating and programming for such a server we probably won't choose you! We want to give this server to those who are really able to get the most out of it. Other things needs to be discussed out in a teamspeak conversation. How can you apply to this sponsorship? PM me here in the exilemod forums with some information about you (age, occupation,where you live, knowledge regarding arma 3 (sqf, etc)). Email me: Thats it! Hope that someone will take the chance. Regards, Loohney
  2. Heyo, I am the Director of an Australian Gaming Community named [ADogs] Aussie Dogs. I am currently the only developer on the team and we have so many projects going that I am starting to require help from others, this is where you come in! We are looking for an Arma 3 developer to assist in growing our Arma 3 Servers! I am rather new to the Arma 3 Server Development scene and have only a small amount of knowledge. I mainly deal with website related development. Now before I go on, I'll give you a little information about our community: The [ADogs] Aussie Dogs Community is looking to become a diverse and all accepting gaming community, having multiple servers on different games, all customised and all unique. We currently have enough donations to sustain the continued development and running of our servers for the foreseeable future. Some of the unique things we will focus on doing are listed below: No Corruption within Staff Non-Toxic, friendly community Issuing public warnings, bans and information on suspicious or confirmed individuals (For example, we currently have a "Hall of Shame" where we put all our bans and warnings, for the public to see) Staff should almost be like regular players, there will be no Staff Offices or In-Game Staff Perks (Other than of course development rooms) Customised Content Customised and Connected Website Presence Now more about this developer position: This position currently being offered is a development position for our Arma 3 Server('s). I would like this developer to have experience with running and creating their own scripts/servers/missions on Arma 3. We currently put most of our developments to a vote before deciding to implement them into our server, for example, if the community wants zombies, that's what we will add, but if they don't, then we won't. You may not always be working on the most fun of projects but you will always be praised for helping this amazing community grow! How do I sign up/How do I ask more questions about this position or the community? Well it's quite simple, just come over and join our TeamSpeak 3 Server! Find me [ADogs] -=Jaffa Cakes=- [Director] and poke me saying you'd like to apply and find out more information. If I'm not online at the moment of you joining then also feel free to add my Steam Account and message me! | I am happy to accept multiple people into the development team, so don't worry if you see other people also applying for the position, you should still have a go! Also, if possible, please comment below that you are interested in joining! Thanks, Jaffa Cakes Director of [ADogs] Aussie Dogs
  3. Exile Territory Management v0.8.05 Description: Hello Exile Community! My name is JustCallMeAPro and I am a C# programmer of about 4-5 years and I'm here to bring you something I have been creating for the community for about 3 weeks now. As you can see above, the name of the program is called Exile Territory Management. This is a desktop app which allows the user to manage their territories for multiple servers if they play on multiple servers. Or even just a few territories on 1 server. You can set payment dates and get payment notification reminders when your PC boots up for every territory you've opted in to receive notifications for. I think this will help people pay their territory payments on time, and will better help the exile player overall. So far its a pretty basic program. I created this app to better myself in C# and learn more about how everything works. I do plan on releasing updates, however I felt that an auto-update system would not be worth it if I only plan on releasing like 1 or 2 updates. This program was developed on a Win7 64bit OS and was tested immensely and works. I have not tested it on Win8 (too lazy to download the .iso and make a vm), but I have tested it on Win10. From what my testers say, it works on Win10 without any problems. Please reply here if you have any issues, concerns, questions, or feedback. Thank you! This is my way of giving back to the community, and if you don't need it, don't use it. This is still a work in progress and I am not the most experienced programmer out there. This is only the second time I have messed with Visual Studio Installer. If anyone would like to help me out with either inno setup or anything similar to that, please contact me! I DO plan on releasing the source soon whenever I finish the documentation. This program is provided 'as-is' and is provided free of charge. Use at your own risk. How to use the program: Please note everything in this program is manually managed by the user. Nothing connects to your server, pings your server, or modifies anything of your server. To add a server: If your program is not open, you can open it by either double clicking on the exile logo in your system tray in the bottom right or right clicking on the exile logo and click 'Restore Main Window' Right click on 'Servers and Territories' in the TreeView Click 'Add New Server' Either type in your server name manually, or if you have the IP of the server, you can type/paste it in the IP box and check the 'Automatically grab name from the internet' checkbox. Click OK To add a territory: If your program is not open, you can open it by either double clicking on the exile logo in your system tray in the bottom right or right clicking on the exile logo and click 'Restore Main Window' Select the server you want to add a territory to in the TreeView Right click the server Click 'Add New Territory' Type in your territory name, and territory owner GUID (which is your SteamID64). Then select the date your payment is due (click on the drop down arrow), and then check whether you would like to receive notifications for that territory (daily or day before payment). Click OK Changelog v0.8.05: Source included (documentation is not complete however) Fixed an autosave bug with setting new payment date Main window now shows when opening from desktop shortcut or applications folder Added command line parameter support for two commands: -showmainform and -shutdown [type] ("all" or "other") Download (password is exile): Virus Scan (msi): Virus Scan (exe): Screenshot: Credits and Special Thanks: Jens Thiel (thielj) - MetroFramework UI Noxad + jmcilhinney - cToastNotifications Base Bohemia Interactive - Creating Arma 3 All the Exile Devs <3 Everyone on Stackoverflow <3 All the BFC admins for helping me test <3 JustCallMeAPro - Creating this program Admins please move this thread if it is not in the correct section.
  4. You all hate it to update your current Exile installation without installing any heavy Software? Then this is the way to go! So I am currently working on a small lightweight Exile Launcher and Downloader and i would like to ask you about your opinion on my small project. It Downloads all data via http! You can download it here: Link (requires .NET 4) (note if your download is to slow i cant do anithing about it it is not my server) Windows 8/8.1/10 skip SmartScreen: Link Changes: Link In case you do not trust me or have any ideas (i can undersand this) here you have the source code: GitHub (all Controls are designed by me feel free to use them in your Project) VirusTotal: Link Some Screenshots: You want to develop something? This is how you can open this code in VisualStudio: License: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
  5. XaneXXXX

    Make recepies free tips?

    So for example: class CraftWoodPlank: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe { name = "Craft Wood Plank"; pictureItem = "Exile_Item_WoodPlank"; requiredInteractionModelGroup = "WorkBench"; returnedItems[] = { {1, "Exile_Item_WoodPlank"} }; components[] = { {2, "Exile_Item_WoodLog"} }; tools[] = {"Exile_Item_Handsaw"}; If i want to be able to craft this item for free, what do i need to change? I tried changing the 2, "Exile_Item_WoodLog to 0, "Exile_Item_WoodLog but that didn't work, tips? Thanks The reason that i wanna make recepies free is that i want some kind of "creative mode", i just wanna build some stuff for fun.
  6. Ultima-weapon

    UwU Chernarus(Winter|Summer|Nor)

    Ultima-weapon's Universe [UwU] UwU Chernarus (Winter|Summer|Normal) - ip: port: 2302 (Seasons randomly cycle each server restart) MILITARIZED - FREE SERVER Apex | Exile 1.0.2 | CUP Terrains Core | CUP Terrains Maps | Chernarus Winter A3 UwU A3 Upgrade Pack | Advanced Rappelling | Advanced Urban Rappelling | Arma Enhanced Movement Hi, I am Ultima-weapon. My vision for this server was to get back to the roots of what the DayZ Mod on Arma 2 was really about... Survival, Struggle, and PvP. When you first begin on this server, you will be dropped somewhere near the coastline of Chernarus with a basic set of items. From there, you will need to build up your resources and reputation. Many of the traders will not sell items or equipment to you until you have built the appropriate reputation. In the beginning, you will need to find everything needed to survive. You will be challenged with starvation, dehydration and hypothermia. You will be hunted and risk losing everything you own. You will experience adrenaline pumping, blood curdling PvE and PvP encounters. You will need to truly earn everything you own on this server. As you advance, you will gain access to unique, high level traders who will sell you equipment that cannot be found anywhere else on the server. Eventually, you will gain access to the end-game traders who will sell you the most powerful weapons and equipment on the server. End-game content will not be easy to reach, nor will it be easy to maintain access to it. Reputation needed for access to end-game content can be just as easily lost as it was gained. In some cases more easily lost. It will likely take you weeks of enjoyment in this server just to be able to lay claim to high-end content. I have put exhaustive hours, days and weeks developing a unique new feel, yet maintaining an old-school feel in this server. I truly hope you enjoy your time playing with us. - New Accounts get 5k Reputation & 10k Pop-tab in Locker - - Map Spawned Vehicles can be Claimed - Persistent Base Painting - - Virtual Garages - Base Hacking - Costomizable Status Bar - - Adjustable View Distance - Deploy Bikes/Quads/Jetski - - Completely Custom Trader Zones - Legacy DayZ Trader Locations - - Advanced Tow / Lift System - Advanced Cargo System - - Advanced Reppelling - Advanced Urban Reppelling - - Enhanced Movement - Customized Loot Spawns - - 1mil Locker Pop-tab Storage Limit - Underwater Weapon Firing - - 90+ New textures for most vehicles - Persistent Vehicle Painting - - Customized Service Station Features - All Base Arma 3 Vehicles & Aircraft - - Customized Mission System - Capture Point Missions - - Dynamic Roaming AI System - Personal Journal - Realistic Weather System - - Realistic Temperature System - Warm Clothing System - - Base Raiding - Personal Base Locator - XM8 Mobile App Enabled - - Friendly Community - Active Admin - PvE & PvP - - High FPS - 4 Hour Restarts - Dedicated Server Box - - New Custom Content Added Often - - Owner Operated Zeus Missions (at player request) - - Community Website: - - Community TeamSpeak 3: - - Discord:
  7. TNGxSusheji |

    Gratis Admintool das sich lohnt?

    Hi meine frage, gibt es irgend wo ein Admintool das man gut verwenden kann ausser infistar finde ich nicht´s hab aber zurzeit kein geld für so etwas noch extra geld in meinen server zu stecken....
  8. Looking for a clan i own a few (3) teamspeak server and want a clan to join for free and have there own section on theres servers and there slots go from 30-100 i would like a clan of any size to come join the owner/leader of the clan will get permissions and the memebers with get a permission to show there in said clan then they can use the teamspeak all they want i dont want any money all i want is some activity in the servers and i have a forum and i will happy make there own forum or section for free as long as they join and bring there clan with them
  9. 핀들톤

    Going to start a server

    Hi guys, I'm going to be upgrading my CPU soon from an i5 4670k to an i7 4790k. I've also got an extra R9 270X lying around. With the extra CPU and GPU, I want to go the whole mile and just setup my own Exile server. Specs will be: CPU: i5 4670k @ 4.2Ghz GPU: R9 270X RAM: GSkill Ripjaws 8GB @ 1600Mhz SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 120GB I have two questions: First, what operating system should I try to use? I don't want to shell out for another Windows license. Then again, I have absolutely no experience with Linux. Any suggestions? Second, with the rig mentioned above, what kind of server FPS might I be expecting? P.S. I'm thinking of setting up this server because I live in South Korea. I have a very fast and very stable internet connection. The main reason that I'm considering starting this server is that there are quite a few Korean players, but there is a dearth of Korean servers for whatever reason. Anyway, thanks for the input in suggestions, it will all be appreciated. Regards, pindleton