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Found 11 results

  1. BrutalBirdie

    UGV Stuck/Frozen after restart

    Hello guys, my UGVs get stuck/frozen after restart. I can see via AI ESP that both AIs for driver and gunner. I use DMS ,Occupation, infiSTAR, Ryanzombies, Enigma Revive, ExileZ. I set in DMS AI Freeze all to off, also offload to client to off. Here the RPT log after restart when the stuck/freeze happens
  2. RussB

    Exile Servers Cause Freezing

    I'm having a really frustrating problem with some Exile servers. I'm experiencing audio/video freezing up to about 2 seconds long on a regular basis when playing servers with certain mods. I feel like it's only servers with Ryan's Zombies installed. I have experienced the problem consistently on two different servers with very similar mods: [AWG]DayZExile Cherno Redux and a new server with very low population at the moment [ABC]DayZExile. I have uploaded a vid of the freezes happening on the [AWG] server complete with timestamps of the freezing happening. Can someone take a look and possibly help me out with this issue? @kuplion because I know you're familiar with Ryan's. 1st freeze @ 1:10 (out of sight spawned zombie can be heard @ 1:33) 2nd @ 2:25 3rd @ 3:40 4th @ 4:55 5th @ 6:11(I believe a zombie spawns in shortly after but I have to wait for player to go by to confirm @7:10) 6th @ 7:26 (previous zombie seems to have now despawned) Video after 7:45 irrelevant.
  3. I am running two servers on a dedicated machine from GameServers. I have applied all fixes in this thread and still my server crashes after 1 hour of play or if more than 8 people join. My PVE server is fine and has not crashed. Its my PVP Lythium server at keeps having memory dumps. Also my Players are getting access violation BAD_Module_info messages when they are kicked from the server. The Server Side FPS will be at 46FPS with like 30 threads then jump up to 144 threads. The FPS will slowly drop over time before it freezes the server but doesn't kick anybody. The server then goes into a background process in the task manager. What gives? I just spent a month getting this server to run like a dream and the update broke it but not my other server. I tried turning BE off still crashes. Any help would be appreciated. We had upwards of 40+ players daily and now nothing. Banging my head against the wall at this point. Server Report
  4. Jangbyung

    UAV keep stuck middle of ocean or land

    it happens very often when crossing river, ocean. just stuck, more like freeze. can't do anything like engine off or turn camera or move. it takes random time till uav back online. happened various server, and saw various victim of freeze. once i saw a almost 4 uavs are just freeze on ocean.
  5. Hello Exile-Members, I have a problem with Arma3. Whenever I play (SinglePlayer or Multiplayer does not matter) my Screen freezes for 10 sec. and then everything continues as nothing has happened (sometimes also I loose connection as a result of the freeze, but not very often). There was a time when I could play the game (mostly exile on ccg) without these Problems. Maybe it has to do with the latest Arma3 update! What I already did: 1. Reinstall Arma3 and all its mods 2. I updated the drivers of my grapics-card 3. I checked the temperature of my cpu 4. I changed graphic ingame settings to low / disabled v-sync 5. I changed the swapfile management of win7 from automatic to manual None of the 5. points helped! Maybe you have another Idea... I love this game and help would be great. Sincerely newbie
  6. par4na

    Freeze when entering vehicles

    It is not at all times that this happens. Does anyone know how to help?
  7. Hello! I have a issue with Arma 3 - exile.... So the problem is that the game and my computer are crashing sometimes and when it does it continue with a damn blackscreen....! It has happend a few times only to day... But It has happened quite often the last weeks. It happens only ingame, after i've played a while and when it happen it start with some sick fps drops down to minimum: 1 and max: 5..... Please, need help...!
  8. frido911

    Game freeze?!

    hi dudes, since a few days my game runs perfect and sometimes it freeze. I tried it on every setting (Low,high,ultra,etc) and played around with parameters, but nothing makes it better i just get more fps but my problem is still here my frames are general between 29 and 50-60 ( 2560x1440 ) have or had anyone the same problem? please help me i'm bored as fuck frido911
  9. =SWF= Iwazzio

    Database error/wont load

    I have an issue getting the server to get past vehicle database it gets to an error and just freezes Heres my rpt
  10. I am attempting to host a lan, so I can test the Esseker mod by myself first.I have all the required Mods installed. I choose the Esseker map and Exile.Esseker as the mission. But I always get "Picture Exile_Client\texture\mod\logo.paa not found" after I click okay on the Role Assignment screen. I should also mention that the game freezes at that point, I can move the mouse around but none of the menu buttons work and I cant exit out of the game. =/ Please help, I can't wait to play this! =D
  11. Khronos

    Exile Freezes - Arma 3 Bug

    Hello! I have been getting three kinds of problems during the past week (I think it was after the change to .35 version), all related to freezing. I get stuck on the loading screen and it freezes on me, having to force exit the frozen game.I load the game and manage to hear sounds for a split second, the screen goes gray or black, often I can see the chat (snapshot, it gets frozen as well.), then I have to force exit the frozen game.The one I'm getting the most right now, is; I can enter the game, and move around like usual, BUT if I look at a certain direction, like into the town of Esseker, I freeze immediately, otherwise if I look at the forrest, or anywhere outside of the town, I can move and play exactly like usual.My attempts at fixing it: Verifying ArmaRemoving a DirectX dll, then verifying.Removing my mods and putting in fresh ones.Resetting my launcherResetting my general settingsLowering settingsChanging priority on arma to maxChanging Malloc to SystemChanging MaxMem and MaxVRAMEnabled and Disabled Hyper ThreadingForced Nvidia to do V-SyncResetted my Nvidia settingsDeleted my Profile mp_missions map in both documents and %appdata%.Probably something more.I love the Exile mod incredibly much and this is heartbreaking for me, having the game not being able to be played is such a tradic event to my life of Arma. I thank all whom might know the problem, or at least helps me in the bit. <-- This is the .rpt file i'm getting.