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Found 7 results

  1. CrypticLegend

    The Last Stand Exile

    About the server: The server is brand new with a whole list of addons/ scripts. Designed to give players a sense of survival. Server Addons / General Info: -AI missions and Capture Points - Roaming AI -Zombies -18k start -Revive System -Speed up Day/Night Cycle - DayZ style heli crashes - Custom XM8 Apps - Custom Locations - Extended Base building (Mod) - Base Respawn - Abandon Flag feature - Semi Militarized (A2 DayZ style) ____________________________ - 3 Trader Cities (Safe Zones) - 2 Aircraft traders - 2 Radiation Zones - Several Spawn Zones to pick from (Parachuting Spawns) ____________________________ - Server Rules located on the second page of the XM8 - Friendly and helpful staff - Discord Information found here and in game via XM8 _____________________________ Mod Downloads: Required: Optional:
  2. CrypticLegend


    Server is no longer available
  3. OwerGrowen

    Austrian Jagdkommando Exile

    Hello Player's I just bought myself this server and i thought why not a exile one. Currently setting it up so it's playable. If you have any problems add me on steam or contact me here hf
  4. Seemingly have everything working, just stuck on this snag. I've read 3-4 other threads where this was an issue, and the fixes aren't working for me or the fix in unclear. I have my config setup correctly (persistent=1). I think the problem lies with the server start bat. I've tried several permutations when editing the bat file, assuming it's some kind of formatting error. Nothing has worked. Looking for some input. Thanks.
  5. MrRebo

    We Wuz Kangz

    Fresh Chernarus ExileZ Server We have opened an Exile Chernarus for everyone to enjoy. This server is a form of Dayz & in retro-spec, we have added Ryan's Zombies to the server. To join the server you will need the following add-ons : Exile CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CUP Units CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains Maps Mas Weapons Mas Vehicles Ryan Zombies RZInfection NI - Arms TRYK TRYK Fix Community Based Addons If you have any issues joining please let us know by posting a comment here, or by sending an admin a private message.
  6. Nathan

    [TAC] Exile Tanoa Militarized

    Server Mods Exile RHSUSAF RHSGREF RHSAFRF TRYK CPC_TRYK (TRYK patch) Features: Xeon, 16GB RAM, 3 x 120GB SSDs in RAID 1 for amazing server performance and stability Hourly database backups in the case of a hacker/server issue Fully militarized server, includes basically every weapon/vehicle in RHS (tanks, jets, IFVs, etc.) DMS missions with nice rewards Underwater stash sector mission from DMS with a massive payout Roaming AI Set View Distance in XM8 Rules on base locations to avoid trader/military zone camping Active admins with tons of experience in Exile + Arma 2/3 so we know what people want
  7. Heisenor

    Hello guys, This server is fresh and has missions. This server is still in development. We will be happy to have your input as our goal is to make your stay enjoyable. If you have suggestions don't hesitate to create a post on our website or come on our TS and tell the staff what you think, we will always listen to you, as long as it's constructive of course. Now to technical points. The server is located in Kansas City Missouri. It has 32 Gb of Ram and 8 cores clocked at 3.33 Ghz. In case of performance issues it is possible to allocate more resources.