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Found 3 results


    Chernarus CUP Complete

    I like to switch to chernarus. I found this My question is now: Do I have to take this and upload this 10GB big folder to my server? It would take 2 days =D Thank you for your help
  2. alright so i started renting a server from survival servers a day ago and had numerous problems right off the bat. they took care of most of them immediately until i mentioned that i still couldn't get into my server because i would get kicked after loading in for battleye script restriction #0. i have looked up vids and even previous forums on here but i simply need more detailed instruction when it comes to doing anything on the ftp if you could maybe tell me what info you need to assist me and how to get it that would be great.
  3. I have recently gotten into the whole setting up an Arma server ordeal and all is well so far except for one little thing, I cannot for my life get the server to register Exile as an Expansion. It just won't show up whatsoever. There is no map coming up along with it. I have no clue where to go from here and could us some assistance.