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Found 9 results

  1. @Horbin was generous enough to allow me to continue the development of the Fulcrum Mission System (FuMS) and we have just pushed the updated version of FuMS to his GitHub site, which is here: CURRENT VERSION: 0.420 RELEASE DATE: 04/20/19 NOTE: I recommend you reinstall the system, then add your custom content. If you want to submit content please do and I’ll add to base system. IMPORTANT!!!: I didn't fine tune the loot (YET). You should go through the loot tables and make your own custom loot. I have included examples and comments in the file LOOTDATA.SQF in the Theme directories to show you how. They are VERY generic. If the author had provided custom loot files, I tried to incorporate those as well. Don't be surprised if a difficult mission has crappy loot, it's not the authors fault. I will fix this is the next release. I just wanted to get the update out ASAP, but I am updating all loot tables now You can read more about this awesome mission system here in the main thread. And here is some info about what makes this such a cool mission system So far, the following issues have been resolved: 1. Exile Toast notifications and SystemChat messages have been added to address the issue of Global Hints being blocked 2. AI aggression has been updated to correct issues that occurred after the last major update to Arma 3. Poptabs have been added to soldiers and loot chests 4. Minor tweaks and corrections While this is great progress, there is more work to do to repair some of the base functions. Additionally, i would like to expand the system and activate as many of the features as we can. This thread is dedicated to that process and will include several additional posts to track new features, showcase videos and bug tracking. I will offer support while I can, but as this is a work in progress, it's still sort of rough. This is not really intended for beginner admins until we really polish the system up, but it is not difficult to set up at all, and works out of the box. All feedback and testers are welcome, but understand this is a labor of love. We're all just trying to have fun so let's keep it positive. -WW (TheOneWhoKnocks) Special thanks: The following people have been instrumental in this process and I wanted to recognize them for their efforts: Programming: @Horbin - The creator of FuMS Testing and Support: @Brenner - Thanks for all the help supporting guys getting the system running. Contributors: @red_ned @GolovaRaoul @=CF=Dragunov @HeadlessRocket @Mythbustar @Kimi_Hunter Thanks for allowing me to port over your missions. This was critical in pinpointing issues and expanding the system to maximize your content.
  2. palipr

    {ICA} Exile Tanoa

    Icarus Gaming - Exile Tanoa Server Mods: CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, Ryan's Zombies and Demons, Enhanced Movement*, and CBA_A3, Vcom_AI * Not working at the moment, but we're workin on it! Missions: DMS, DMS Occupation, VeMF, and FuMS mission systems running to keep everything frustratingly interesting. Custom Content: Custom locations are on the map. New missions are in the works. Server Info: Dedicated OVH server with an Intel i7-4790K, 32GB RAM, 2x240GB SSD RAID 0 array* * Don't worry, be do regular backups! How to get started: We're hosting an ArmA3Sync server on a separate server to make mod download fast and easy. See our forum for ArmA3Sync configuration instruction videos Teamspeak: We have one! Get the info in-game or on our website! Community Website:
  3. Shaitan

    Forgotten Island

    PvP-сервера. Много различной техники, адекватная администрация, 0 доната. Arma 3 изгнанник мод Для игры на сервере требуются моды: Exile, РИТ: Вооруженные Силы Российской Федерации 1 и РИТ:. США Вооруженные силы

    Tacticalfin Exile Server (ALTIS)

    $30k Start + Zombies + AI + Missions PvP server located in Texas, with players mostly from the US and latin america. Mods (not mandatory) @Ryanzombes, @RHSAFRF, @RHSGREF, @RHSUSAF, @Extended_Base_Mod, @TRYK Constantly improving the server, switching mission systems and applying latest mod updates (e.g. latest RHS 0.4.1 applied). Events with high rewards: PvP, Coop missions, PMC and Air battles, some of them with +500k$ reward. Tanks, Jets, Attack helis and Boats; makes the server hardcore and players have lots of fun!!! Multiple vehicle lifting for helicopters and ground vehicle towing. Extended base items allows you to buy and place military constructions in your base. Let an admin know you are willing to stay and we will help you with the building materials. Server admin open to suggestions for changes.
  5. Brit

    Hardstyle Exile Infection

    IP: Port: 2302 This will be a public PVP-PVE server. SERVER FEATURES ✔ AI Headless Client All unit management offloaded to a headless client (HC) which improves AI responsiveness and overall server performance. The HC allows for more simultaneous missions and a larger number of concurrent AI spawns. ✔ FuMS: Fulcrum Mission System Several mission types including: town invasions, vehicle convoys, captives rescue, soldier patrols, and more traditional "AI guarding a crate" missions. Most missions spawn with a large group of AI. Zombie missions are currently enabled, with 60+ FPS. There is a group of helicopters that patrols the map. ✔ Custom Trade Cities There are 6 traders on the map - Zelenogorsk - Stary Sobor - Lumber Mill - Olsha and two other traders with one bandit. ✔ UI Customizations Kill Messages, Status Bar, Custom Map Markers. SERVER INFO - Server restarts are every 4 hours with warnings and server lock before restart. - Server logins are locked 3 minutes before restart. - New Exile releases: server will usually be updated within 2-4 hours. SERVER RULES - No racism or any other form of discrimination. There is zero tolerance. - No parking in safezones - vehicles are unlocked after server restart and considered FAIR LOOT. - There will be no compensation for lost vehicles or gear in trade zones (due to auto-unlocked vehicles). HOW TO CONNECT The following addons are required: ✔ Exile Mod ✔ CBA_A3 ✔ Extended Base Mod ✔ CUP - Vehicles - Weapons - Units ✔ Cherno Map ✔ Ryan's Zombies - The simplest way to obtain/update the required addons and connect to the server is A3 Launcher: a) In the "Mods" tab, download/subscribe* to the required addons listed above. b) Search for "Hardstyle Exile" in the "Servers" tab. c) When you click on the "Play" icon, the launcher will ensure all required addons are loaded. *Addon downloads will be placed in the folder specified in A3 Launcher settings. *Addon subscriptions are Steam Workshop content and will be managed by the Steam API. TROUBLESHOOTING - If you encounter issues and require support, please post in the server forum or send a PM to BRIT - If you encounter a Battleye kick, the following info would be great to have: --> The full kick message (screenshot or text) --> Date and time of the kick PLANNED Infected areas (CUP Loot will be available if you succeed) KNOWN ISSUES Trader objects need work (Scheduled to be fixed on 22/05/2016

    |G3N| Welcome to the Jungle

    The best server in south africa!!!!
  7. StonedReality

    Hostile Territory PVE

    Dedicated Server - 2 Headless Clients HTUK was designed to be a truly challenging PVE server. This is no turkey shoot, or a place for noobs to come and have an easy ride. This is for the players looking for a real challenge while still enjoying the cooperative aspects of the game. We have removed all thermal scopes and lock-on projectiles. Your skill is the only thing going to keep you alive. Hostile Territory provides an AI rich, extremely hostile environment for players. Using both FuMS and A3XAI running on headless clients, there is constant action and a very real threat of death. If you can outsmart and survive the roaming parties there is still plenty of action to be had with the many missions available at any one time on the server. For those looking for an even tougher challenge we have an exclusive randomised AI Stronghold. Every server restart our AI Stronghold is randomly placed into the southern peninsula of Altis, providing a huge mission area. 500 AI, plus AA and tanks are waiting to pop your skull. The AI Stronghold consists of 2 components, the vehicle pool and the chopper fleet. You will need to locate both and safely lift a vehicle out in order to be successful and claim your winnings. The Stronghold AI are the toughest on the server, brave, unforgiving and relentless. Mods and scripts we use: FuMS Mission System -- A3XAI Roaming AI -- Tow -- Re-arm Vehicles -- Player Revive -- Air Dropped Care Packages -- Kill Messages -- Status Bar -- XM8 Apps: Player Stats -- Craft Recipes -- Player Scan -- View Distance Are you tough enough? Only one way to find out...
  8. JakeHekesFists

    Operation Lucky 7 - @FuMS Mission

    Been writing a few custom missions for @‌FuMS over the past few days. Took some screenshots using the splendid camera of some players attempting to complete this mission. Thermal imagery from above the mission AI Garrison at Tower 7 - Hence the name... Operation: Lucky Seven Smaller guard towers, H-Barriers and AI guarding the area One of the mounted gunners Just in case anyone is foolish enough to come over in an attack chopper. Mounted Titan AA Launchers (And AT launchers for those with tanks) Aerial shot of the mission compound The prize for completing this bullshit hard mission... a BTR80a which sells for 40k poptabs If you destroy the BTR it triggers the mission fail condition. So hitting the mission with artillery isn't really an option if you want to win. Some players thought they could come along with a BMP to clear the mission easily Enroute they encountered, and easily dispatched a hostile helicopter patrol The BMP makes it across the bridge A second squad moves in on foot nearby Cruz from the second squad scoping the area out Unfortunately for them, the BMP didn't even make it within 200m of the mission center The guys on foot continue to the mission... and promptly dispatch the mounted gunners One of the guys on foot gets beaned through a tree, leaving only Cruz to complete the mission... This however, is the last photo of cruz before he was swarmed by AI and ultimately killed.
  9. burschi

    Fums Zombie Mission beenden ?

    Hi Leutz ^^ weis zufällig jemand wie man die Zombie Mission bei Fums beendet. Wir haben die Sprengladungen angebracht und ausgelöst, aber der Turm bleibt immer noch stehen. Es wäre schön zu wissen wie das funzt. Mfg Burschi