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Found 37 results

  1. Ace [Stark]

    [Dire Wolves] Exile Server

    DireWolves' NEW EXILE SERVER! Come try it out! Militarized Server Hey guys! We are a group of friends that have played together for years now since Arma 2 Epoch and we have had our fair share of servers during our time and haven't really seen a server that has quite been the perfect server with good administration. WE ARE GIVING BASE KITS TO ALL NEW PLAYERS! On that note. We have started our own server with ----> Chernaurus map! Custom Missions with AI HeliSpawns Carrier Refuel and Re-arm! Mods: NIArms All in One Mozzie Mod Extended Base Mod Enhanced Movement Advanced Urban Rappelling RHSSAF RHSGREF RHSUSAF RHSAFRF DS Houses Cup Vehicles Cup Units Cup Weapons Chernaurus Isles Cup Terrains Maps - Core CBA Exile So if you guys want to join our IP: and you can also find us on DISCORD: Have fun!
  2. Rasha Maklawa

    Tower Rush

    On my way to complete a mission, I get attacked by some guys in a tower, so decided to try and go for the rush Enjoy if you do
  3. Cookies2302

    CLE - Classic Exile

    CLE -Classic Exile Welcome to CLE- Classic exile. CLE is a newly started exile server which has been designed to give players a challenging yet fun experience. It is not your typical 100k start exile server where you have tanks that cost 50k or less. This is a server which will challenge you and encourage you to get your gear and vehicles from missions rather than buying them. Being based on Chernarus, it offers players a familiar sight, one that has been liked for a lot of years. You will notice that buying a territory and upgrading it will be a challenge and will feel rewarding once you are able to gather the money to purchase your base or your next base upgrade. The same applies for buying vehicles. Who are we? We are a group of friends who have been playing the arma series for thousands of hours across several years. After years of playing we have started to notice that most exile and overpoch servers have begun shifting to the easy path with easy loot and lots of money. This is something that we and a lot of other players do not like. We have thereby decided to start our own exile server which focuses on making it challenging for players to buy and upgrade their territories, challenging to buy expensive vehicles and challenging to get money. Features: * Challenging missions * Challenging to get money * Advanced Rapellening * Advanced Urban Rapelling * Advanced Towing * Advanced Sling Loading * DS Houses (Almost all buildings are enterable). * Custom XM8 apps * NIArms * TRYK * Custom traders (done completely from scratch by us). * Custom economy (created from scratch by us). * Good performance. Connection info: IP: Port: 2302 Discord: Hope to see you on the server!
  4. Tazhar - | Zombie Survival

    Hey folks! Over here at Metanix we've set up and custom built a brand new Exile Zombie Survival server. To keep the description short, Metanix is a community full of mature, 18+ gamers and our server reflects that! We offer exactly what you'd expect from a survival-based game mode and we are constantly developing the server, adding new features as well as bug fixes and improvements. Come and join us on Discord to find out what we're about! We look forward to seeing you in the wild.
  5. metta.

    Virtue Exile | Chernarus Redux

    Virtue Exile is a new and upcoming Community offering a fun and exciting Exile experience. With weekly updates, the server is constantly changing to what you, the player wants. With incredible FPS, amazing custom locations and intense missions, it is the perfect server for you and possibly your group. With friendly and active Admins, we are always there if you have any questions. It's your experience that's important to us. So come on in. Here are some Features that may tickle your fancy: Custom Missions Custom Locations Wages +Loot +FPS Anti Theft Safezones Halo Jump Vector Building Vehicle Deploy +XM8 Apps Base / Vehicle Painting 25K Start Balanced ... a lot more!
  6. Cpt.LgtoMcho

    Nashira Company-Exile-Tanoa

    We just opened up, Team of Fun and active Admins who are always willing to help. We have fun events, PvP arenas (never seen before) and many other surprises for you guys.
  7. Heyo, I am the Director of an Australian Gaming Community named [ADogs] Aussie Dogs. I am currently the only developer on the team and we have so many projects going that I am starting to require help from others, this is where you come in! We are looking for an Arma 3 developer to assist in growing our Arma 3 Servers! I am rather new to the Arma 3 Server Development scene and have only a small amount of knowledge. I mainly deal with website related development. Now before I go on, I'll give you a little information about our community: The [ADogs] Aussie Dogs Community is looking to become a diverse and all accepting gaming community, having multiple servers on different games, all customised and all unique. We currently have enough donations to sustain the continued development and running of our servers for the foreseeable future. Some of the unique things we will focus on doing are listed below: No Corruption within Staff Non-Toxic, friendly community Issuing public warnings, bans and information on suspicious or confirmed individuals (For example, we currently have a "Hall of Shame" where we put all our bans and warnings, for the public to see) Staff should almost be like regular players, there will be no Staff Offices or In-Game Staff Perks (Other than of course development rooms) Customised Content Customised and Connected Website Presence Now more about this developer position: This position currently being offered is a development position for our Arma 3 Server('s). I would like this developer to have experience with running and creating their own scripts/servers/missions on Arma 3. We currently put most of our developments to a vote before deciding to implement them into our server, for example, if the community wants zombies, that's what we will add, but if they don't, then we won't. You may not always be working on the most fun of projects but you will always be praised for helping this amazing community grow! How do I sign up/How do I ask more questions about this position or the community? Well it's quite simple, just come over and join our TeamSpeak 3 Server! Find me [ADogs] -=Jaffa Cakes=- [Director] and poke me saying you'd like to apply and find out more information. If I'm not online at the moment of you joining then also feel free to add my Steam Account and message me! | I am happy to accept multiple people into the development team, so don't worry if you see other people also applying for the position, you should still have a go! Also, if possible, please comment below that you are interested in joining! Thanks, Jaffa Cakes Director of [ADogs] Aussie Dogs
  8. Scarat

    [DNR] Community ExileZ Tanoa

    Willkommen bei der [DNR] MG Community! Wer wir sind: Wir sind der mit Abstand am meisten durchwürfelte Haufen, den man im Internet finden kann. Würfelt man sieben Mal, erhält man sieben verschiedene Ergebnisse, weil sich beim letzten Wurf noch eines der kleinen Blättchen des Würfels löst und dadurch eine 7 erscheint. Spaß steht bei uns an aller höchster Stelle und wird nie vernachlässigt. Obgleich wir versuchen, erfolgreich aus Spaß eine wettbewerbsfähige Truppe zu stellen, scheitern wir mangels Talent, Skill oder einfach nur Lust, sich mit irgendwelchen Faggots zu messen, obwohl wir wissen, dass wir die Coolsten sind. Seht ihr! Macht ja eigentlich auch keinen Sinn. Lieber suchen wir in internen Wettkämpfen, die wir mit externem Frischfleisch nähren, nach dem größten Spaßbold unter den Spaßbolden. Wer wir sind, ist ja nun schon mal klar. Wer mehr von uns wissen möchte, der darf uns gerne besuchen kommen. Jeder, der sich uns anschließt, hat wahrscheinlich seine eigene Meinung und Intention, warum er dies tut. Meine Absicht, weshalb ich damals diesen Clan gegründet habe war, dass ich gerne zocke. Spaß am gemeinsamen Spielen ist unsere Orientierung, aber auch die Aktivitäten neben dem Zocken werden hier groß geschrieben. Gemeinsames Besuchen von Spielemessen und Events, Clantreffen, Unterstützung bei der Jobsuche uvm.. Man könnte fast sagen, dass wir füreinander sorgen wie eine Familie. Wir sind wie die Mutter ohne Brust! Integriert man sich bei uns, dann lernt man dieses Gefüge zu schätzen. Deshalb unser Slogan - "More than a Team" Ihr habt noch mehr Fragen zu uns? Dann kommt doch einfach auf den TS! Wir beißen nicht (zumindest nicht grundlos)!
  9. Rabid Panda

    Nexus Exile Chernarus PVP

    NEW EXILE PVP SERVER Pvp Cup TRYK HVP Missions Starter Kit Tabs all the goodies I've made some changes since the last time I posted, not sure if reposting is against the rules or not. If so, feel free to delete. I've been running A2 and A3 communities with Dayz and Exile for years now. I have over 2000hrs in the game, most with A3 Exile. I'm looking for some cool players who can keep the douchebagery to a minimum and just have a good time. It's a new server things are quiate, but I am sure once we get some population growth things will be rad! Feel free to PM with questions and I hope to see you in game!!! Cheers! Panda
  10. DrJ4Y


  11. ------------ ABOUT US ------------ The LMCT is a freedom-loving, multigaming community based around dark humour and social gaming with zero tolerance for drama, snowflakes, and political correctness. *Update*: Forming a Scrimm Team! ---------------- REQUIREMENTS ---------------- - 18+ - Be able to take jokes - Have access to Discord and a microphone ------- FAQ ------- - Q Can I join just to play one game? - A No. We are a multigaming community. - Q Do i need to be a skilled gamer to join? - A No. We are all equally worthless. - Q Is the LMCT a gender specific community? - A No. We have both male, female, and Apache members. ---------- Join us today! [Click me!]
  12. DoDGaming

    Exile Remastered DoD Lythium

    Do or Die Gamers [DoD] operates two dedicated servers running two maps - Altis and Lythium. Both server feature high FPS, Enhanced Movement, RwG Mosquito XM8 spawning, DMS/CUP missions, roaming AI, Extended Base Mod plus a host of other mods. Check out our website to learn more about our servers and community.
  13. Orbitus

    Die Bolognese zieht weiter ;)

    Hey zusammen, am Sonntag Abend hatten wir nichts zu tun, interessante Missions waren auch nicht gespawnt und der Großteil der Leute hat schon geschalfen und es waren nicht mehr viele da. Was macht man dann mit so einem angebrochenen Abend? Na klar man setzt sich in die Save Zone und unterhält die Leute! Erst gab es eine Bolognese und anschließend gab es Ifrit Weitwurf Wir hatten auf alle Fälle unseren Spaß zusammen
  14. Raider

    Team Kronik

    TeamKronik's Exile is running Extended base mod ryan's zombies open chernarus project Cup vehicles Cup weapons cba and of course exile We also have a lot of extra things added to the server like ai bases, quarintine zone's, active admin's, server event's and more. Just join our teamspeak and get to playing!!!!
  15. Killsquad


    Very fun server top play in still in development.Just here to have fun
  16. slatemiester

    TNXS Gaming Exile

    This server welcomes anyone who just wants to play exile and have fun. We are also open to suggestions if you have any! Check us out and have a great day
  17. [TSG]Madros55

    [TSG] Looking for staff

    TSG has open for staff application we have 3 different classes of staff A1: (A1) = /* Admin class 1*/ root Access - Full access admin Closed for apps A2: (A2) = /* Admin Class 2 */ In-game Support - Spawn in missing/glitched items/vehicles, kick/ban, Teleport, Spectate, delete Vehicles Open for applications A3: (A3) = /* Admin Class 3 */ In-game Moderator - Kick and/or ban offensive or abusive players. Open for Applications Forum: ✮✮✮✮ ✮✮✮✮ Application info ✮✮✮✮ ✮✮✮✮ -Madros55 Even a Lone wolf needs a Family Dont forget to leave a like on our facebook page
  18. Bonjour, LeCartelGroup a le plaisir de vous annoncez l'ouverture de 2 nouveaux serveurs Exile : - [FR] LeCartelGroup Tanoa survie 1.0.2 | @Extented_Base | : IP : Ces un serveur Exile avec toutes les missions DMS, Gear create, RAID de Gendarmerie et bien sur pour vos construction de base l'Extented_Base. - [FR] LeCartelGroup Altis survie 1.0.2 | @Ryanzombies | : IP : Ces un serveur qui a été fait pour ceux qui veulent déchiré du Zombies (si je voi que le serveur fonctionne bien et que vos commentaire sont positif, je rajouterai les missions et le reste pour que le serveur soit plus complet). -Le serveur marche bien donc on a rajouté les missions DMS et occupations pour une meilleur expériencede jeu Et l'adresse de notre TS : Plusieurs salon on était créé pour pouvoir communiquer avec vos potes pendant le jeu et surtout si besoin il y a le channel "Besoin d'aide". N'hésitez a me signaler tous les problème que vous pourriez rencontrer, nous sommes la pour les régler et surtout pour que vous passiez du bon temps sur notre serveur Bon game a tous et a bientôt sur LeCartelGroup
  19. [DD]FreedomHolland

    [DD]Elite Server

    Join us for a beer and some fun! where all 18+ on our TS and community. We like to laugh and have fun. We started a new server, After we keep getting disappointed. By server that have Bad/no admins at all. We wanna stand out for our friendly behavior and great support on and off TS. That`s our focus to help every one we can. Addons Custom traders (1 main trader with all the traders proteced) Custom airport traders (all airfields are protected) Custom missions (this is in WIP at this moment) Custom loot (we changed the Loot spawn to make it difficult for finding High end loot within 2min`s) Roaming AI in the city. high end server to make sure all go`s smooth. Join us for a beer and a laugh. See you on the DD server !
  20. AJDJ Studios

    Last Stand Gaming - Exile Tanoa

    Welcome to Last Stand Gaming Last Stand Gaming's Exile server will have you hooked with: Intelligent Zombies Challenging Missions w/ Ai Tanoa! Base Building 15k Poptab Start Friendly Admins Experienced Programmers An Immersive PvP Experience If we can fill up all 20 player slots I will by more! Enjoy the server and have fun! If you need any assistance, feel free to join our discord here We are always happy to help. ------- *Last Stand Gaming is sponsered and maintained by The Silent Hand; a gaming clan involved with games like Arma 3, Counter-Strike, Elder Scrolls Online, and many others.*
  21. ExiledSpecialForces is recruiting! Exiled Special Forces is a highly organised European group that has been borne in July 2016 by splitting off of a old clan, into this new, organised group. We are a small group with a tight play style that has PvP and Fun as main goals. We generally operate with a disciplined comms system for when we’re in the field, just so we can actually know what's going on. But we also have a good laugh between times, or sometimes even while we have contact. One thing to accept is that from time to time team members die, and you should be prepared lose all your gear and run halfway across the map to rejoin us. The trait we look for most in a recruit is a good attitude and mentality that fits ours. You don’t have to be the best player right away, just have the ability to communicate, take orders when needed and be open to learning from the more experienced players and you should be as good as the rest of us in no time. When the current commandos feel that you are up to standard, you will be promoted to full membership and can then earn more badges and rewards furthering your own ability. Games we mainly play: - Arma 3 (Exile mod) - DayZ (standalone) What do we offer? - Active, organized and damn good Squad play - Dedicated TeamSpeak and Arma 3 Exile server - A modern Website at - Loads of gaming experience (average hours in DayZ/Arma around 500-2000) - No drama or ego-trips Requirements to join: - Correctly enter your Steam profile link (eg: - Understand and speak English (on a decent level) - TeamSpeak (with a decent mic) - Be Mature (18+) and respectful to others - Understand basic tactics & callouts - Be active regular - Have common sense - No hacking/cheating - Good attitude & willingness to learn - EU based (We are sorry but we are not currently accepting US or RU applicants) - Have fun! To join us, simply fill in our Application Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Contact: ESF | VirtualMechanic™ Happy hunting! ESF | VirtualMechanic™ Our Exile server: ExiledSpecialForces|NEW|PvP|Exile Altis|5k|Tow|Miss+Cap|Occ AI
  22. Hi! I am looking for player or two, who would like to play exile mod with me. I find it very boring if I play alone. It would be a pleasure if a player isn't totaly new to arma. Pm me, or reply on my post.
  23. jd004g

    [UK/EU] Exiled Bandits | PvP

    Exiled Bandits is a fun pvp server where every playstyle is welcome. We have DMS which is a missions system, we like to have almost no scripts to keep it as lag free as possible. We have 1 admin and 1 moderator at the moment. So would you like to play on a server thats just starting out and doesnt haev alot of players on then join ours!
  24. Nathan

    [TAC] Exile Tanoa Militarized

    Server Mods Exile RHSUSAF RHSGREF RHSAFRF TRYK CPC_TRYK (TRYK patch) Features: Xeon, 16GB RAM, 3 x 120GB SSDs in RAID 1 for amazing server performance and stability Hourly database backups in the case of a hacker/server issue Fully militarized server, includes basically every weapon/vehicle in RHS (tanks, jets, IFVs, etc.) DMS missions with nice rewards Underwater stash sector mission from DMS with a massive payout Roaming AI Set View Distance in XM8 Rules on base locations to avoid trader/military zone camping Active admins with tons of experience in Exile + Arma 2/3 so we know what people want