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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Exilemod team and community, Yesterday i set up my own exile server just as explained in the Exile Server Installation Guide. After using Google and this forum, I managed to get everything working. I then started the Exile Autorun.bat which loaded up the Arma 3 console. However in the Console it won't get past this: 17:40:40 Dedicated host created. 17:40:44 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217) 17:40:44 Host identity created. 17:40:44 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 I haven't found a solution online and I'm running the server without any addons except the ones required. Any idea where there might be something wrong? Thanks for your Help!
  2. Hello Exilemod team and community, P.S. I'm sorry but I don't know where to find the rpt files... If anyone can help me get my server up and running I would be so thankful! Today I set up my own exile server just as explained in the Exile Server Installation Guide. After using Google search, I managed to get everything working using these guides, Guide 1: Guide 2: I then started up TADST (after having MySQL downloaded, installed, setup then launched) which loaded up the Arma 3 console. However in the Console it won't get past this:
  3. Special Ed

    TCA Game kicks - Mass Weaps & Vehicles

    Hi, Ever since the last update to Arma 3 and Exile (Kohlrabi) my server has developed some game breaking issues regarding the Mas Weapons and Vehicles Mods/addons. I have deleted and reinstalled the mods on the server, as well as replacing the bikey for the addons as well. I've also asked player getting the kicks to reinstall their mods. Unfortunately players are continually being kicked with the TCA game message. My rpt log shows alot of "missing files" errors but I don't know why. Does anyone know what would be the cause of this? I am installing CUP instead now because I cant find a solution but I would rather use mas. I would appreciate any help anyone could give. Here is my rpt:
  4. Lysiander


    German,Swiss Server. Mods required (all on a3launcher) or Steam. RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation: oder über A3 Launcher RHS: United States Armed Forces: oder über A3 Launcher RHS: GREF oder über A3 Launcher HOLLOW'S VEHICLE PACK V2.1 oder über A3 Launcher (HVP) Extended Bases- Zombies and Demons Public Server Jeder Ist Willkommen , Spiele alleine in ruhe oder komm mit deinem Clan Registrieren im Forum (kein muss) und Belohnung kassieren Active Admins ExileZ (Zombies) Viele Fahrzeuge Armed & Armored Vehicles ALL RHS Mods Extended_Base_Mod Missionen DMS mission Enigma Revive master Repair, Re-Arm and Refuel Service Stations UN Organisation :-) zur Unterstützung neuer Spieler Langlebender Server, keine Angst wir bleiben :-) Besucht unser Forum für alle Infos. Es sind alle Willkommen ob Neulinge oder Profis. New players (or clans) are always welcome!
  5. ViperLune

    Joining Servers Problem

    Hi, I am having some really bad issues trying to join server on Arma 3 Multiplayer. When i try join a server on any mod e.g Exile or Altis Life i get kicked in the lobby or either i get into the game start running around and within a minute or so i get kicked from the game on every single server i have tried which has been 10-15 servers. I have tried every trick in the book from uninstalling arma 3, the mods, verifying game cache on steam... Everything that could possible be wrong! I really hope you guys can help me out as its very frustrating and i only bought the game recently and haven't been able to get much use out of the game at all! I please hope you guys can help me Thanks for reading!
  6. DzikiPyton

    [PL] Wild Stream - Hitbox & Twitch

    Hello, My name is Wild Python. I invite you to my two channels: and on my page on Facebook: Here is one of our battles in Exile: See you on the map Witajcie, Nazywam się Dziki Pyton. Zapraszam Was na moje dwa kanały: oraz na moją stronę Facebooku: Oto nasza ostatnia akcja w Exile: Do zobaczenia na mapie