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Found 20 results

  1. kidesh


    EXORDIUM GAMING NAMALSK Are you sick of playing servers with too much fire power that make the game unplayable ? Are you sick of being on server with no admins and players abusing others? Do you want to play on a server were the admins are always reachable and take control of the server that is well balanced and has went back to the roots of the old Namalsk and DayZ? Well look no further !! Our server Exordium gaming namalsk|dayz survival is has been built by myself (kidesh) and Frenkert. We have 3 years each of playing,developing and being admins on exile servers. We also used to build servers for clients for a gaming host and we have also have played and developed Arma2 DayZ servers. Now with this new server that we have built we have taking all of our experience and built probably one of the best servers out there . We have made the Namalsk server built around a Cold War era that Vehicles and Guns are only from the 1950s-1990s. What we have to offer: A smooth server with high FPS and stable connection. Active admins which are both access-able on the server by direct chat or RCON that is been monitored most of the day and as always we are on discord. We have custom PVP areas. Custom traders built by our-self's. Traders that have been made to resemble the Cold War era. Traders that also have Elite gear. Traders that have been priced to make a good economy throughout the server. DMS missions customised to Cold War era. Zombies for that DayZ feel. Grinding and hacking Base protection up to lvl 3. Heli crashes. Mozzie Helicopters. Bell/Pook Helicopters. Advanced repair. Arma2 movement to Arma3 ( makes you move the way from Arma2 ) Plus more stuff to come in due to the community Hope to see you soon and I with leave you with some screen shots of the server!!
  2. Tech_Support


    Hello, anyone interested in splitting payments with me to rent a server and start a new gaming community? PM me! Looking to get something up and running asap.
  3. Summary Website: WIP Teamspeak: Twitter: WASDGaming_UK Email: Size of Community: 1-10 Gameplay We play many different games, primarily ARMA 3 Exile. WASD Gaming has a 24/7 Exile Server under the name "WASD Gaming Exile Chernarus" and requires some CUP Mods to join. This is where most new members will be able to meet, party up and game on. So far, the community is made up of casual players, who have years of experience in PC gaming, as well as technical aspects to PCs and games in general. About Us Imagine sitting on your sofa with your friends, playing games, joking around and chilling out. We recreate that in the comfort of your own home. Our community is not a political endeavor, a business or a movement. It’s just a group of mates having a laugh. Hosted and created in the UK, based on a group of people with lots of different backgrounds and opinions, We hope to create such an environment which allows all players to get along with each other, without creating any complicated scenarios which revolves around the community. All members share a passion for gaming and with this, we ask that everyone's opinion is heard equally, regardless of status, role of playtime. WASD Gaming strives on hosting a community where everyone has a fair chance to express their opinion. Problems can and will be solved in Teamspeak, one-to-one. If you have a problem with someone, or something, you can voice it either directly to the person or in a meeting with our skilled moderation/administration team who have much community experience. They will help the issue be fairly discussed and resolved. Meetings and announcements are key at WASD Gaming. It helps keep the community flowing and keeps everyone in the loop. Once players are accepted into the community as a full member, they will have advanced permission on our Teamspeak server which will allow more diversity to be taken place within the community. That's it. See you on Teamspeak! WASD Gaming Administration Team
  4. DoDGaming

    Exile Remastered DoD Lythium

    Do or Die Gamers [DoD] operates two dedicated servers running two maps - Altis and Lythium. Both server feature high FPS, Enhanced Movement, RwG Mosquito XM8 spawning, DMS/CUP missions, roaming AI, Extended Base Mod plus a host of other mods. Check out our website to learn more about our servers and community.
  5. HerbertWitze

    Days-After Survival Horror GAME

    Days-After geht in die zweite Runde. Mit einer neuen Karte (Porquerolles), neuen Zombiesystem, verbesserter (Horror-)Atmosphäre und einer größeren Auswahl an Waffen und Ausrüstungsgegenständen, startet der neue Days-After 2.0 Server. Getreu dem Motto: "Noch blutiger gehts nicht mehr!" Tauche in eine Welt voller Gefahren ein und versuche zu "ÜBERLEBEN". Lade dir den Launcher herunter und werde zum "Survivor".
  6. ZZK-Gaming

    ZZK- Exile Esseker Server

    more coming soon
  7. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    PARA-UK Tanoa and Esseker

    We are a awesome gaming community called PARA-UK and we welcome you to some of the best servers, not only that but one of the best gaming communities. That me and @kidesh own! Our servers are always being made better in our own time Active Staff Both the servers are loaded with some of the best scripts, and mods around *ALL INCLUDE* Custom status bar, *NEW* Missions and new capture points! Mods we use for the Tanoa server Ni-Arms, TRYK, CBA, Exile, Extended Base mod, Ryan Zombies, RZInfection Mods we use for the Esseker server CUP Weapons, CUP Vehicles, CUP Units, CBA, TRYK, Ryan Zombies, RZInfection, Extended base mod, Esseker, Exile, CUP Core, CUP Maps Both server are all adapted to the environment of the map! So the vehicles allowed, the prices, the spawns... We took it all into consideration! So we want you guys to come along our journey, making our gaming community one of the best it can be! Many regards [PARA] Flames - Tanoa server Owner - Head Dev [PARA] Kidesh - Owner - Esseker server Owner
  8. Just installed infistar and tried to load into chernarus and not working. Getting a script restriction and being kicked. Anyone able to help or enlighten me on what this means? - Scripts.txt Thanks
  9. Hello, Everyone Venom Squad Gaming is looking for members that play Arma 3 & Exile and just about anything else. We're based upon friendship and morals and look forward to growing our group of friends, we all proudly wear our tags and keep the community thriving. We are a multi gaming community and we do not limit ourselves to 1 game. So if you're a casual gamer or someone looking for some fun come join us today! Looking for Streamers too / Content Posters / Website Moderators / Graphic Designers / Web Developers / Gamers Our Site Our Exile Server Our Teamspeak Our Discord Our Facebook Our Twitter Our Twitch Our Youtube Sincerely, @[VNM] cobra4v320 @[VNM] ucjohn @Tmann (Venom Squad Gaming Founders) And our dedicated community members @ VSG
  10. My name is raider and i run a average sized gaming community and i am looking for 1 or two experienced server dev that can help get thing's started or even just help me out with the launch as i am trying to refresh myself with arma server hosting. Thank you for taking the time to read my add and i hope to hear from you soon. p.s you will be compensated.
  11. cdc_divinity

    =VGB= Chernarus Wiped 5/24!

    This is a newly formed server looking for new players, the theme is you are part of a rebel force fighting for your land back that the russians have taken over. there is roaming ai in russian urals, rg33's, and uaz's. All ai are in russian uniforms, have russian weaponry, etc. loot boxes contain all types of guns from assault rifles, sniper rifles, and strelas and stingers on rare occasions. launchers are not sold at vendors but the ammo is. this is a pvp server with one rule. survive. there are invading russians everywhere, but theyre not the only thing you have to worry about, other rebels are in the are and they may not be as friendly as you think. either team up with them, or eliminate each other. no base building within 1km of any military installation, custom military bases will be added in at a later date and any changes to the map will be in the change log on our website. we welcome all players. check the server out, admins are active, and no admin abusing will be taken place at anytime.
  12. UCJOHN

    UploadGFX Open Now!

    Hello Everyone, I would like to announce the release of my new Free Image Hosting site for all gamers to utilize and enjoy! Sign up today and have full featured access or simply upload and get your link. Share them screenshots with the world and spread the word! Sincerely, John C QGS Hosting /
  13. UCJOHN

    *Headslam* Sript Restriction #0

    I've attempted using the 2 top pinned tools no dice.... Unless I'm missing something.. #1 "ench ] call ExileClient_object_trader_create; _trader setVariable ["ExileTraderType", "Exile_Trader_Hardware"]; _cashDesk = " #1 "ench ] call ExileClient_object_trader_create; _trader setVariable ["ExileTraderType", "Exile_Trader_Hardware"]; _cashDesk = " #0 "le "BIS_RscMissionScreen_video") displayctrl 1100) ctrladdeventhandler ["videoStopped","bis_fnc_playvideo_videoStopped = true; "" #0 "le "BIS_RscMissionScreen_video") displayctrl 1100) ctrladdeventhandler ["videoStopped","bis_fnc_playvideo_videoStopped = true; "" #0 "le "BIS_RscMissionScreen_video") displayctrl 1100) ctrladdeventhandler ["videoStopped","bis_fnc_playvideo_videoStopped = true; "" I removed my personal IP / User info that displayed infront.. would this be a user BE issue or serverside..
  14. Hello all, Join us by a remote ip : Join Teamspeak : Or by A3launcher with keyword "immersive". How to join : * Zombies spawn everywhere * Restriction on base building * Dms Mission * ZCP * Start with 5000 * God mode locked vehicles after restart * Restart every 3 hours * 2 hours day, 1 hour night with fog * CUP Weapons * CUP Vehicles * Custom Loadouts * Custom Traders * Revive system and Advanced repair system * Update Weekly * Active Admins
  15. Skelly

    Skelly's Stream

    Hey guys, while I play Exile im probably going to be streaming and getting my recordings at the same time. Im going to try to stream at least once a day for a few hours or so, usually announcing when im starting on Twitch. I dont have a set schedule due to school and work wreaking havoc on my life. I will also be posting in this topic whenever I am going live. I will usually be playing with Hunter Gaming, search for him on YouTube if you want to check him out, hes a cool guy! Thanks for reading, you can visit my streak by clicking the link below. Twitch
  16. |eG| Hector


    If you’re looking for a good mature group of players for Arma 3 (and pretty much any other game you can think of) you came to the right place. Ethix Gaming is a 18+ gaming community, proud of the no hacking/toxic behaviour (towards inside and outside gamers). - 18+ - 50+ Nations - 1900+ members (About 40 that activly play arma) - Casual and Competitive Arma 3 Gamemodes: · Wasteland · King of the Hill · Breaking Point · Exile · Epoch · Battle Royale · Mil-sim (growing unit) · Arma 2: Epoch/Overpoch/DayZ Other Main Games: · CoD · H1Z1 · DayZ · LoL · Rocket League · Dirty Bomb · CS:GO · ARK: Survival Evolved In case you want to hop in and meet us and game with us hop in our Teamspeak! Any questions regarding anything including application and/or teamspeak guest passes PM me. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  17. Arma 3: Exile (Series 1) Hello fellow inmates, I have a small Youtube channel and I upload various gaming videos mainly Arma and survival games. I have started a brand new Arma 3: Exile Series on good old Chernarus, So I thought I would put it out there. Every time I upload a brand new Exile video I will update this post. If you have have any feedback or suggestions please let me know by contacting me using the links below: Youtube Twitter Facebook Steam Arma 3: Exile - Part 1 - Getting Started! Arma 3: Exile - Part 2 - Zelenogorsk Base Raid! Arma 3: Exile - Part 3 - Capture Point Bravo Mission!
  18. Aero || ATtaK

    Looking for people to play Exile with? Join us at Aerolith Gaming!

    Welcome to Aerolith Gaming! We are an online gaming community run by gamers, for gamers. Every last one of us here just want to do the same thing as you, to game with a group of friendly, accepting, respectful, mature people and that is what we do here at Aero. Website: Facebook: TeamSpeak: We understand the need for every gamer to find a fun, friendly group of people to play with, so we try and make Aerolith Gaming as close to a second family as possible. To make this possible, we have a bustling TeamSpeak server populated with gamers just like you, filled with channels for any and every one of the games our members play. Found a new game you like to play with your friends? Just ask our approachable staff to make a new channel for it! Other than being able to verbally communicate with us via TeamSpeak, we also have a user-friendly website to keep up-to-date with the latest gaming news, stay in the loop with community events and information, and even discuss an infinite number of topics with your fellow clanmates. Only to complete the Aerolith Gaming experience, we also run a selection of popular servers for your favourite games to play on with your friends. There's nothing like having everything in one place right? Although we are mainly an Australian based community, we have and always will encourage an international player base to visit our servers. Now we understand international ping is a BIG problem so we have decided to pay for overseas servers too! As mentioned above, all we need is your support for it to happen. Oh and we would of course want to see a number of people from that country wanting to use that server. On behalf of the team here at Aerolith Gaming, we thank you for your support and showing of interest. Happy Gaming! ~ Aero Staff
  19. Calpurnius

    Spearhead Gaming

    X Mod please delete this post
  20. RTG

    RTG needs CODERS

    In need of a coder for an Arma 3 server!! I currently have a TeamSpeak and website set up! http://RealTimeGaming.US I will supply the server/box. If your skilled and good at what you do, a high rank spot in the community is available. Would like to make wasteland/exile servers. Thanks, Real Time Gaming