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Found 2 results

  1. Hello ! So , me and my friend bought a hosted server on GamingDluxe for Exile ( KOHLRABI ), 30 player slots etc. But we seem to get stuck at the setup, we want to have Chernarus on our server but we wanted to first test Altis to see if the server works how it should. We ran into many problems, first we were getting ang BattleEye error, fixed it by re-installing BattleEye, 2nd problem is that when we join the server we get stuck in the ground, no HUD , nothing. We began from scratch and installed Exile mod but now we can't even join the server, we click on join, loading screen appears for 5 sec and then it gets us back to the server browser. (using normal arma 3 launcher.) If someone could please assist us via Skype (screensahre) and tell us what we did wrong , it would be very helpful. NOTE : This is our 1st try making an Arma III Exile server.
  2. Rasphelt

    Newbie Server Install - Please Help!

    HI guys, I have a few questions relating to my new Exile server with GamingDeluxe. Please go easy, I am new to game server hosting and just would really like some pointers on where to look for the answers! How do I get rid of the xmas stuff added to Exile - Santa Hats, pressies etc. Is it in the MPMissions/Exile pbo's? How do I change the player UI? it is currently the base one (info in each corner) and I would really like the full bar across the bottom. I would really like to amend the XMB/MAP to give server details etc - can you let me know where to go to do this? I would also like to amend the messages etc on logging on to the server - giving messages to the players etc. I want to setup a schedule to a) reboot the server every 4 hours b) remove any abandoned bases/cars etc and c) set limits/variables on what can be placed where - bases near military areas, over roads etc - how/where do I do this? How can I amend what is available to buy/the sale cost in the trader zones - some guns and vehicles I need to remove/increase in price for balance reasons How can I change the day night cycle? I want to keep it, but I want to set the time and frequency it runs for. How can I set what a player starts with? Guns/water/poptabs etc? I am running InfiSTAR FYI. Speaking of which I am getting a strange issue where people seem to get kicked for no reason, very frequently, with no message other than player disconnected. This happens to the admins too. Any and all help you can give would be very much appreciated as I am really hoping to run a nice little community and want to give the players the best experience possible! Thanks again, and apologies if this is not the right place to put this! Cheers Ben (Rasphelt