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Found 13 results

  1. Masterking

    Specific Loot and gear with DMS

    Hello all! I need a big help from your guys, first of all sorry for my english, i want to modify the classic DMS radiation mission at Ghost Hotel on Altis, what i'd like to do is to make a specific loadout for the npcs and a specific loot crate, but only for this mission, i don't want to change others static mission, is it possible? Thanks Alex
  2. MapleMan

    Loss of Gear

    Whenever I switch clothing I loose items but only when switching the main 3 clothing piece (Uniform, Vest, Backpack). For example today, I switched my uniform for one that I thought looked better, But once I swapped them, I lost a magazine for my weapon that was inside of my vest. This ONLY happens in exile, And I have no idea why. This is NOT the relogging bug from 2015. This only happens when I switch clothing, I dont just loose magazines either. I loose any type of loot in my inventory, whether thats meds, Ammo, Water, Food, Misc Items. Anything.
  3. Gamepixel13

    Starting items?

    how to you add starting gear/items to Bambi players i know how to add items to the overalls but how to i make so the items i add are equipped?
  4. A3 Exile Occupation No Backpack Spawning Via Gear Crates So I have Occupation up and running on the server and everything else is spawning within the gear crates which are these things located on the map (shown in spoiler below) they're basically small missions with between 1-4 AI (1-3 AI is default I think) and just a crate of gear. But you see my problem is that everything else spawns within these crates from weapons to attachments, magazines, clothing/uniforms to vests etc. And most of the this stuff is modded too including HAP, Exile, TRYK and even vanilla ArmA 3 items, yet the only things that do not spawn within these crates no matter how many time I've tried are backpacks and for some reason for the life of me I cannot get these to work and I have no idea why. I've tried HAP, TRYK and even Vanilla backpacks I have TRYK uniforms spawning in here along with HAP weapons and vests/helmets. But backpacks on the other hand, well you may want to think about that one again. I'm just wondering if anyone else has gotten backpacks to spawn within these crates if not then I can finally move on and just add them via the AI around the crate (which could be the solution but I am stubborn) but I'd just like to know is all. Here are the crates I was talking about along with the section of classnames I have: Version of Occupation I use: Thank you for reading and trying to help. ~Blood
  5. aNNDREH

    Wolfsrudel Exile Al Rayak

    Wolfsrudel Arma 3 Exile Server Server Preview on Youtube Server Performance ● 8 Core CPU ● 64 GB Arbeitsspeicher ● 500 GB SSD Festplatte Server Slots ● vorerst 40 Restart Zeiten ● 0 Uhr ● 4 Uhr ● 8 Uhr ● 12 Uhr ● 16 Uhr ● 20 Uhr Map ● Al Rayak Mods ● Exile Mod 1.0.3 ● CBA_A3 ● Extended Base Mod ● CUP Vehicles ● CUP Weapons ● CUP Units ● Specialist Military Arms 2.7.1 ● Bundeswehr Mod ● G.O.S. Al Rayak ● CUP Terrains Core Features ● Reviven ● Fischen ● Virtuale Garage ● Kisten in Fahrzeugen laden ● Schiffswracks ● Gear Crates ● Schwarzmarkt ● Base Respawn ● Halo oder Ground Spawn ● Roaming Ai ● ZCP Missionen ● Login Bonus ● DMS Missionen ● Radioaktive Zone ● Airdrop ● Deploy Quad ● Suicide Animation ● Tiere schlachten & ausnehmen ● Statusbar veränderbar ● Claim Fahrzeuge Teamspeak ●
  6. Fl3tchi

    Improvised Items

    Hey everyone Does anyone know of a few nice Improvised Items that can be added to exile. I am looking for something like: Improvised suppressor = duct tape + empty plastic bottle (attach to any weapon) Improvised Knife = duct tape + scrap metal Improvised Backpack Improvised Bow And anything else that looks nice. Let me know please.
  7. ]TPG[ Spectre

    RHS Gear Disappearing on restart

    I have an issue where about 1/4 of the content from RHS USAF and AFAF are disappearing on restart, or death and revive. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of where to look for the cause or has had experience with this issue and has resolved. i've heard of this happening with CUP however the answers on that thread seemed to lean towards an issue with the developers. as i have not really seen complaints about RHS content i was wondering if anyone running RHS has theirs running correctly. for now i simply have the gear removed, a temporary solution as i am more determined to get this fixed
  8. Hi, Wondering if anyone can shed some light onto this subject for me. When you logout with glasses or face gear on and log back in, whether it be instantly or days on end, you spawn back in with no face gear on. So you can equip a balaclava and relog and then the balaclava will be gone. Is there any way to prevent this from happening as people are beginning to complain about this! Thanks
  9. xPooRLoCKerBoYx™

    Bambi Spawn gear???(HELP)

    So i've looked in the config.cpp for the BambiSettings like i keep reading on fourms and its not there. I tried adding it and that broke my server! I just want to make it so Bambi's spawn with Maps! For some reason they don't.
  10. Sporkyzz

    Spawning with gear

    Hey ppl are spawning with gear when they die.. and at the same place they die at..
  11. Skryp _ LotzoTheUltraBear

    Loss Uniform & Vest / Loot after Restart

    Hey Ho, Someone else loosing all his stuff randomly after reconnect/restart? I am talking about magazins, random stuff and mainly loss the uniform and/or the vest! Also sometimes on mate become naked (starteroverall)... Why is this happening? Thx Lotzo :-)
  12. Goblin

    Ranking System

    I suggest that level 4 have better camo gear than lvl 1-3 . Red shirt should be lvl 2 , right after orange coverall
  13. 1Hiit

    Player lost gear after restart!

    Hey guys. Many Players on my server, loosing his Gear after the Restart (50%?!). They Spawn new as Bambi. Anyone can help me?